7 Spanish Cooking Classes to Try With Your Team

08 December 2020
08 December 2020
7 Spanish Cooking Classes to Try With Your Team

If you fancy learning a new skill or you’re looking for something fun to do with your team, you might like one of these eight Spanish cooking classes in Madrid? 

1) Kitchen Club

Set table in modern kitchen for cooking classes
Kitchen Club via origenonline

Kitchen Club throws its net around the globe. Their courses cover Japanese, Indian, Peruvian, Mexican, Thai and Basque cuisine, to name a few. 

The Spanish cooking classes are their signature, though. We recommend the four-hour Grand Spanish Classics course. 

If you would prefer to focus on particular skills, they have courses in things like bread, pasta, lazy dishes, classic dishes and haute cuisine. They also have courses designed for beginners, so no stone has been left unturned. 

2) La Escuela De Cocina Telva 

La Escuela de Cocina Telva via escueladecocinatelva
La Escuela de Cocina Telva via Escueladecocinatelva

What makes La Escuela de Cocina Telva unique is their seasonal courses. For example, in December they host magical Christmas cooking classes that cover things like Christmas appetizers, intensive Christmas courses, and Christmas Buffets. 

So, you can do it for fun, or you can take it seriously. If you are serious about becoming a quality cook, they offer monthly cooking courses for all levels. And remember, you can pick and choose what you want to learn from their extensive catalog.

La Escuela de Cocina Telva will even come to your home to teach you how to cook! So you could do it with friends, and make a party of it. It’s also popular with corporate companies as a team building exercise.

3) Escuela Cocinea

Set up of ingredients for a spanish cooking class
Escuela Cocinea via facebook

Escuela Cocinea is the perfect marriage of fun and learning. They do a fantastic team cooking course where you compete Master Chef style. What could be a better way to bond with colleagues, by narrowly defeating them while sweating and covered in flour. 

Their Valencian Paella workshop is the star course at Talleres. They have true masters on their staff to train you, so you’ll go home and cook paella like a true Castillian! And not just that, you’ll be given a lovely aperitif, and given some impressive Vallencian wine pairings to taste, oh, and of course, you get to eat everything you’ve worked so hard on. 

As we said, their objective is that you have fun cooking. They break down this 250 year old cuisine as simply as possible, and in a beautiful well lit environment, so you’ll be able to replicate it anywhere. 

4) A Punto

Chef teaching a cooking workshop in Madrid
A Punto via tripadvisor

A Punto is the only gastronomic bookstore in Spain. Every single book is food-related. They also sell furniture that has been used during their cooking classes. 

Their most popular course is their three-hour 10 Tapas class. You’ll learn how to make ten tapas dishes from all over Spain, showcasing the countries best. 

Roberta from A Punto told us that Madrid doesn’t have a particular style of cuisine. So it seemed logical to celebrate Spanish dishes from the whole country, as they are based in the capital. 

Following their success, they intend to take the model to other parts of the country. Closer to home, they plan on bringing their cuisine closer to nature. They will operate a location in the countryside where they can grow their own ingredients. 

5) Alambique 

Cooking store in Madrid
Alambique via linkedin

Alambique is for a foodie, what a candy store is to a kid. It’s really cool. They have every piece of equipment any professional or home cook could need.  

Alambique specialises in cooking items for Spanish cuisines and a whole host of others. But they’re not just there for decoration. 

Every bit of kit is relevant to the cooking classes; the techniques and lessons involve the objects in the shop, and you’ll learn how to master them. They go out of their way to cater to all levels of cooks too.

6) El Gusto es Nuestro

Group of people enjoying a Spanish cooking class
El Gusto es Nuestro via facebook

El Gusto es Nuestro is a popular tapas bar in Valverde. It has an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for groups of friends, families or colleagues. It’s even well priced! 

Their cooking classes offer diversity, with stand out courses for beginners, advanced, Christmas dishes, and 21st-century tapas. 

Individual groups can book private sessions. Likewise, their private catering and event space are perfect for corporate groups or team-building exercises. 

7) Biocuisine Academy

Image of Gazpacho
Biocuisine Academy via facebook

Biocuisine Academy is your stop if you’re looking for a vegan Spanish cooking class. The cookery school embodies the idea of ‘cooking for life’ and is the dream of Vannessa Losada. 

The course applies Vanessa’s Transcreative Method, which is designed to “stimulate creative thinking and encourage discovery learning, through interrelationships between distant concepts and the development of mindful cooking & eating”.

As well as learning the raw skills to become a quality cook, you will learn important theory about the importance of a plant based diet for your body and the environment. 

The annual courses are held from October to June. You can choose one of three levels, beginning at no experience. 

Wrapping up

Why does a glass of wine or beer taste better when you’ve got your hands dirty? Can you imagine clinking a glass of Rioja with your colleagues with your colleagues after one of these Spanish cooking classes? Well, we can. 

Of course, some nights you deserve to be cooked for. So if you fancy that glass in a more relaxed manner, check out our guide to group-friendly restaurants in Madrid.

Featured image: A Punto via facebook

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