Best Restaurants In Valletta For A Company Dinner

07 January 2021
07 January 2021
Best Restaurants In Valletta For A Company Dinner

Malta has a cuisine that you really have to go to the Island to experience.

What makes Maltese cuisine special is its many influences. As a busy port in the middle of the Mediterranean, they’ve come into contact with lots of different ingredients and techniques.

What’s more, their culinary scene has been growing and coming into its own, with increased inclusion into the Michelin guide this year. Our guide to restaurants in Valletta is going to put you in good stead to knock the socks off your guests during your trip!

Hammett’s Maċina

Close-up of Maltese dishHammett’s Maċina via hamettsmacina

Hammett’s Maċina celebrates the island’s history. The menu takes on the challenge of incorporating and embracing the different powers that ruled the island. The scope then, goes from the modern tradition, back to Phoenician times. Daunting.

But as daunting as the concept is, it has been a success – Hammett’s Maċina won a Michelin Plate in 2020. The menu is local and seasonal, forged by an outstanding and award-winning team led by Chef Jorge Lugo.

The restaurant doesn’t just teach you history via your pallet. It’s situated in a 16th-century fortification. The very walls are candidates for UNESCO World Heritage status. What’s more, you can enjoy your experience al fresco in the summer, and in their cosy cellar in the winter!

Hammett’s Mestizo

Close-up of quality taco's in VallettaHammett’s Mestizo via facebook

Hammett’s Mestizo is a fusion restaurant that is primarily a Mesoamerican and South American venture. It takes notes from Central America, through to the countries of the Caribbean, the Andes and Patagonia.

This is another project led by Chris Hammett from last paragraphs fame. Alongside Chris, is head Chef Jorge Lugo from Venezuela. It’s a menu put together by an award-winning team; you won’t find anything else like it on the island.

There are no mains at Hammett’s Mestizo. It’s a sharing concept, under a refined casual dining experience.

The wine list has been put together by a dedicated sommelier, which takes the mission of showing off the best of South American wine. Rubbing shoulders with that is a lovely selection of Latin American liqueurs, spirits, and cocktails.

Although not in Valletta, it’s in the nearby and lively St Julian’s.


Star dish with salmon in MaltaRampila via facebook

Rampila’s venue gets a big tick for uniqueness. It’s tucked away in the bastions of Valletta, built over 500 years ago by the Knights of Malta. What’s more extraordinary is that it was once a battery and ammunition depot, as well as a strategic outpost of the city’s gate.

Their wine list is long and covers a lot of ground; local to continents far and wide; by the glass and affordable; extravagant bottles your guests will talk about forever.

Rampila has made its way onto the Michelin guide to Malta. The Menu has, of course, played a big part in that. They really love their beef. But of course, it wouldn’t be a Maltese restaurant without rabbit, sea bass, and octopus options.

The vault is unbeatable for a private dining experience. The terrace is the go-to choice for dining like a local. Regardless, it’s certainly a winner.

Guzé Bistro

Seafood dish in restaurant in VallettaGuzé Bistro via facebook

Guzé Bistro has nominated Mother Nature herself as their Chef de Cuisine. A bold statement. But their beliefs are so strong that we admire the tenacity of vision here. Propriétaires Joseph Cauchi and Mark Dimech have thereby assigned themselves as her under chefs.

It’s a laid back place, with no pretensions. There’s no dress code at Guzé, so come as you are. The lights are low, and the brick walls are authentic.

And their vision must be working, as they were given a Michelin Plate Symbol in 2020. And more than that, they are always trying to get better and better, so it’s one of the restaurants in Valletta to watch out for.

The menu is small but packs a punch. It features traditional Maltese staples, like rabbit and seafood. You can order individual mains, or book a trip on their six-course menus.

Giannini Restaurant

Restaurant in Valletta with beautiful view of the cityGiannini Restaurant via giannini

Giannini Restaurant is a cornerstone in the Valletta fine dining scene. It’s been open for just over 30 years. You’ll find it in a quiet corner of the city, ideal for business lunches where you have space, panoramic views, and don’t have to shout over your guests.

The chef and owner, Aaron DeGiorgio, is a double-headed force of experience and innovation. Despite opening in 1988, Giannini is at the front of culinary development. The concept is Mediterranean cuisine, and daily specials dictated by fresh produce at hand.

It’s a family team, which makes the experience all the more authentic and charming. Aaron’s wife Ruth leads the front of house, where the service is perfect. An exploration of eating out in Malta is incomplete without a trip to Giannini

Razzett L-Antik

Maltese restaurant with a traditional interiorRazzett L-Antik via myguidemalta

Razzett L-Antik is in Casal Curmi il-Fornaro, a medieval bakers village. The building itself is a 400 years old milling factory that ground flour for bread. Their mission is to preserve and celebrate 1000 years of Malta’s culinary heritage.

Rabbit is featured most prominently on the menu. It is, after all, one of the biggest staples of Maltese cuisine. Why not try some off-kilter offerings such as octopus and snails? Firm favourites like vegetable soups and classic pasta are options too.

The service is a key part of this experience. It’s an entertaining presentation of Maltese traditions. What makes Razzett L-Antik even more endearing is the staff’s period costume, in what they call, rustic family-style.

It’s also home to two cooking schools and is available for private functions. You can host an event with up to 275 guests on the terrace, private room, and main mezzanine.

All of this is just a 10-minute drive from Valletta, which is nothing. It’s three pop songs. Two words – worth it.

Palazzo Preca

Luxurious Maltese private dining location with traditional featuresPalazzo Preca via palazzopreca

Palazzo Preca reminds us of that famous Annie Lennox lyric: sisters are doing it for themselves. Ramona and Roberta had worked in their family restaurant until their mid 20’s before deciding they had their own path to follow.

But the success of Palazzo Preca isn’t just a nice story. They have built something genuinely awesome and have a jaw-dropping list of awards to prove it! Making it one of the most celebrated restaurnt in Malta.

The menu is unmistakably Italian but not for a second does it feel like you’re trodding old ground. There are incredible meat and poultry sections, but the menu’s ode to seafood is the star here.

Start your visit off right with Gin & Tonic Oysters, while taking a good look at their cocktails. There are non-alcohol ones too. And if you can’t handle sweetness that early, their whisky selection is very nice indeed.


Traditional eat location with dark wood furniture and flooringTrabuxu via trabuxu

Trabuxu has built a welcoming space. There is a warmth to their colour motif, and the blunted lights create the perfect ambience. The art on the wall adds a sense of decorum. Trabuxu is popular with the city’s business community and tourists alike.

The menu is selective and seasonal. We are fans of restaurants that serve what they want and not the same stuff you can get anywhere. What you can expect is fresh fish, fresh meat, and fresh pasta.

They have a wine list longer than a phonebook, and the waiting staff know it like the back of their hands. So let them make the recommendations and enjoy! It’s one of the best restaurants Malta has for wine, that’s for sure.

You should book in advance because they are popular. They kindly ask you not to bring children under 12, so it’s ideal for grown-up afterwork parties. You won’t have to bite your tongue, let’s put it that way.


Snapshot of traditional Maltese rabbitNenu via tripadvisor

Nenu offers a private dining experience focused on traditional Maltese cuisine.

How do you like the sound of fried rabbit? It’s marinated in garlic and red wine, then fried in olive oil. They keep it simple, serving it in jus and thyme reduction. Ah, bellissimo!

The rest of the set up caters to how you want your experience to be. Just fashion their private rooms to meet your needs.


Snapshot of an entry in a luxurious restaurant in VallettaNoni via facebook

Noni has a simple but seductive philosophy: Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine with a French flourish. It’s brought to you by Chef Jonathan and is Michelin approved. They got their star at the beginning of 2020, so get there soon to celebrate with them.

The bright dishes – striking yellows coming through the food – makes this place visually special. The colour glows amongst the quietly lit restaurant in Valletta.

We advise you to book in advance, so be warned. And another, little bit of advice: the dress code is smart casual. So if you’ve packed your football shirt, save it for another day.

Is-Suq Tal-Belt

Beautiful foodmarket with elegant, historical, industrial featuresIs-Suq Tal-Belt via devotodesign

Is-Suq Tal-Belt is a great example of urban renovation. They transformed a derelict building into an energetic market and restaurant for locals and tourists. In both concept and scope, it’s a unique venue for the island.

The market has ingredients and treats that show off the best of the island, and beyond. You won’t go hungry with an array of meats, cheeses, vegetables, fish, drinks, oils, bread, snacks, and ice creams. It’s worth a visit just for a stroll.

On the stall floor, you’ll find vendors – both sitting and pop-up – with cuisines from all over the world. So take your pick, Japanese, Mexican, Maltese, American, Indian or Italian. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you’re looking for a singuliarly unique experience when eating out in Malta then Is-Suq Tal-Belt is the one.

The Harbour Club

Small restaurant with stone walls in the harbour of VallettaThe Harbour Club via facebook

The Harbour Club is named after a harbour, obviously. Specifically, The Grand Harbour. The Order of Saint John used it as an operating base from 1530 to 1789. Before that, the Phoenicians occupied it from 700BC to 500BC.

The Harbour Club calls it home now. They say that the historical residual feelings inform their holistic experience. It will interact with all of your senses, not just your palette.

The interior has been thoughtfully executed. The stand out feature is a recycled deck on an old decorative American ship. The result is cosy, cosy, cosy! The terrace has an effortless and vintage view of the Grand Harbour itself.

The style of food has two significant and distinctive features. Firstly, the ingredients are seasonal and local. And secondly, it nods towards the Mediterranean with a French influence.

Wrapping up

For such a small island, restaurants in Valletta are very well decorated in the prestigious awards department!

Of course, there is more to Valletta than delicious food. It’s a place that is hugely popular with tourists. So it’s safe to say the hotels here are a grade above too. Check out our guide to the top Valletta hotels for your stay in Malta to see for yourself.

Featured image: Hammett’s Maċina via facebook

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