Where to Host Business Meetings in Malta

21 December 2020
21 December 2020
Where to Host Business Meetings in Malta

Malta is a fascinating little place hiding between the boot of Italy and the North of Africa. It is the epitome of cultural and historical diversity.

The country appreciates rest and doing things right. So when they prepare for a business meeting, Malta does it right!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. This guide to hosting business meetings in Malta might show that you have been doing it half-heartedly all this time!

230 Works

Meeting room with a glass ceiling230 Works via 230works

230 Works is in the darling town of Mosta, which is half an hour from Valletta.

There is a range of spaces available for events. Host your meetings in either semi-private or private meeting rooms. The meeting rooms have a relaxed atmosphere; they’re delicately designed with light pastel purples accentuated with dark features.

230 Works ensure your meeting will have reliable and super-fast WiFi, as well as complimentary – and quality – tea and coffee, nutritious snacks, and freshwater. They also have printing, scanning and copying services.

Eeetwell takes care of 230’s catering. Colourful drinks and smoothies define their menu, and their well-made soups, sandwiches, salads and bowls will keep your team perky. And as we’re in the Mediterranean, you’ll see that cruise profile come through strongly.

After a big work meeting, you need to go and visit the town’s pride, the Rotunda Basilica. Famous for its beauty, it is one of the largest unsupported dome structures. The Basilica was hit by an undetonated bomb in WWII and has since been reconstructed by volunteers.

Soho Malta
Futuristic entrance of a co-working space in Malta
Soho Malta via coworker

Soho Malta is in St. Julian’s, Malta’s most developed and renowned events and business area. They count many business centres, entertainment facilities and shopping complexes as their neighbours. They’re also a 3min walk away from St Georges Bay, where you’ll find a host of lovely bars, restaurants and cafes by the seafront.

The services they offer are impressive. Take advantage of a gym, office essentials, community events, private chef, a kitchen, members lounge, indoor parking, yoga classes, high security, free tea, coffee, and fruit, and more!

The design of Soho is business-focused with minimal distractions. The clean, elegant look is appreciated by folk who want to get the job done. The subtle wooden features and natural light are the perfect touches to put you in a productive frame of mind.

Business Labs Malta

Sleek and modern meeting room in MaltaBusiness Labs Malta via businesslabsmalta

Business Labs Malta began its life as a management consultant. Their specialism in management consultancy has made their coworking spaces unique. They’re authentic and love to get to know and grow with their clients.

Aside from hiring a space, you are also buying into a community of coworkers. Helping new businesses is their pride. They offer their advice, expertise, and the opportunity to network alongside cracking amenities.

Their meeting and event spaces boast versatility. There’s a large theatre that can host up to 80 people. The space neatly partitions into boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. So you can upscale and downscale your event accordingly! This versatility is one of the reasons it’s so popular for folk planning a Malta conference.

Evolve Coliving

Group of people sitting around a dining tableEvolve Coliving via evolvecoliving

Evolve Coliving is the passion project of Matthew and Olga. Their idea was born out of their extensive travelling experience. As they went around the world as digital nomads, they were tired of bad landlords and hostels.

What makes them unique is that they are a coworking group that encourages coliving, ideally, for at least one month. Coliving builds communal experience, builds connections, trust, and team spirit.

They decided on Malta because of the year-round good weather, kind people, English speaking population, parties, and food. Malta has its quiet parts for when you need to slow down, too. They certainly made a brilliant decision!

They also love that it’s easy to set up a business here, which they’d be happy to help you with when you visit!

Domus Zamittello 

Classic and majestic private dining room with beautiful chandelierDomus Zamittello via domuszamittello

Domus Zamittello is all history and grandeur. They have been looking after guests for over 385 years. And just as youth promises innovation, Domus Zamittello reminds us that experience matters. Because it just happens to be the number one hotel in Malta.

They have two stately meeting rooms, Sala del Conte, and Sala Nobile. The Sala Nobile is the largest of the two, with 67 sqm and a capacity of up to 60 guests. We think it’s the place for a gala dinner after your meeting.

The Sala del Conte is more intimate, with 40sqm and a capacity of 30 guests. These rooms have authentic Baroque decor, natural daylight, and the finest silver service at your disposal. It makes for one of the most upmarket spaces for Malta events.

We can testify that you’re going to get remarkable views from their windows and terraces. Look out over Vallettian icons such as the Royal Malta Opera House and the green and brown of Malta’s hills.

Above the eye candy inside and out, though, you’re going to come away appreciating their premier service.

Phoenicia Malta

Classic business meeting room with floor-to-ceiling windowsPhoenicia Malta via phoeniciamalta

Phoenicia Malta is a venue that is very proud of its history. And you would too if your establishment hosted the Queen of England!

These are not your typical meeting rooms. You won’t find grey walls, plastic chairs and plastic tables – these are rooms fit for royalty, literally. One of the key features is the natural daylight. And with the sunlight in Malta, this rarely fails.

They can accommodate any meeting you need, from small and intimate, to grand in the extreme. Your guests will love their 7.5 acres of landscaped gardens to stroll through as the day unfolds.

They can also arrange any catering you may want. The Phoenix Restaurant is excellent for any fine dining you want to offer your guests. The Club Bar or the café are super for a more chilled out atmosphere.

Palais Le Brun

Meeting room with exposed brick wallsParis Le Brun via palaislebrun

Palais Le Brun has a phrase that encapsulates the historical grandeur of their hotel, “live like a knight of St. John.” It’s a reference to Malta’s golden age under the Sicilian rule. There’s only one thing; we think they’re doing a disservice to themselves!

The poor knights couldn’t have dreamed of hot tubs, luxury bathrooms, duplex suites, flat-screen TV’s, a pool deck, and fitness centre. But, we do appreciate Palais Le Brun’s modesty though.

A word of warning, you’re going to want to wear something sharp in their meeting rooms. They’re so atmospheric. There’s historical art on the walls, and the walls themselves are, well, historic. They’re old, thick and noble original Malta stone. Enjoy being whisked away in time to your meeting, because it can’t last forever.

Wrapping up

If there’s something you’d like to have seen that we haven’t covered, then we’ll be shocked, honestly. Regardless, you have to admit that when it comes to business meetings, Malta is spectacular.

Malta is a small island paradise where you can still host large and successful corporate events. It’s almost too good to be true. Almost…

After a hard day’s work, we think you deserve to go and rest your head somewhere special. So, we’ve put together another guide for you. Discover a top Valletta hotel for your stay in Malta.

Featured image: Soho Malta via coworker

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