The 5 Coolest Food Trucks in Medellín

21 October 2022
21 October 2022
The 5 Coolest Food Trucks in Medellín

We love talking about our favourite food trucks in Medellín. Because food trucks are great, and Medellín is too! Moreover, the mobile catering scene here is really hitting its stride.

So today we’re sharing the coolest ones the city has to offer. After all, event catering is an essential part of making your attendees happy.

From Venezuelan arepas to tacos and New York-style burgers, we’ve got some surprises for you. So have a browse through the food truck for hire in Medellín below, and your guests will thank you later!

1. A que te KB una arepa
A que te KB una arepa Street food in Medellín via Facebook

The first bit of street food in Medellín we’d like to share with you isn’t even Colombian at all. It’s a little slice of Venezuelan heaven.

A Que te KB Una Arepa is known for its authentic Venezuelan food, good prices, and homemade corn.

In fact, they make what is considered one of the best arepas in the city! And while you’re there, you need to try their cachapas and tequeños.

So if you’re looking to throw your guests a curveball when it comes to your event catering in Medellín, this is the place for you!

2. Criminal Taquería
Criminal Taquería Food truck for hire in Medellín via Facebook

Criminal Taquería is the next food truck in Medellín to need to check. These guys are taco experts.They make all your favourites, such as tacos de polo, al pastor, chicharron, nachos, and much more!

Criminal Taquería is one of the coolest food trucks in Medellín that you’ll see. Their social media is full of memes, luring you in. Plus, as you’ll see above, their visual branding has an edgy aesthetic, with imagery of the devil and tattoos and models showcasing their food.

What also makes Criminal Taquería such great event catering in Medellín is that they also do super vegetarian and vegan options, so no matter who turns up, nobody will leave hungry!

3. Aurora Food Truck
Aurora Food Truck Event Catering in Medellín via Facebook

If you’re not interested in Mexican or Venezuelan food, then don’t fret. This food truck for hire in Medellín specialises in everything Italian!

At Aurora, they make homely Italian cuisine with generous portions, covering all of your favourites. We especially love their pasta, pizzas, and paninis.

And if you’re still hungry for more after that, they make great bread and desserts for you to snack on.

4. Medellín Burger Company
Medellín Burger Company Food Truck in Medellín via Facebook

Since 2014 this food truck in Medellín has been bringing the real taste of America to Colombia. Their expertise is burgers, and they have modelled their concept on what they call the ‘New York Style’.

At Medellín Burger Company, your guests will have a huge selection of delicious burgers to choose from. You have classics like the MBC and bacon and cheese. Then you have more bespoke offerings like Bob’s burger, the chipotle burger, Saint Patrick’s, the Caribbean, and the Tex-Mex.

After that, you have a stunning selection of sides, with the favourites being the Buffalo wings and their extravagant nachos – served in cast iron skillets.

And to wash it down – in true Colombian style – they have a great selection of fruit drinks. Or, if you think your guests might prefer something stronger, then they do all the classic cocktails you love, like Gin & Tonics, Moscow Mules, and Mojitos.

5. Picnic Urbano Medellín
Picnic Urbano Street Food in Medellín via Facebook

So our last recommendation for mobile event catering in Medellín is Picnic Urbano. It’s like a play area for grown-ups.

It has playful decor, glowing in colour, with quirky childlike elements. It’s great for larger events, where you want to set up areas for attendees to network, make friends, and chill out.

It doesn’t just look cool. The food is delicious too. So if you’re looking for street food in Medellín that isn’t complicated, you’ll love this place. It is fast food that’s well made and serviced at good prices.

They make great burgers and fried chicken, with a well-rounded drinks menu. Plus, everything is served in nostalgic takeaway trays and vintage glasses. In short, it’s a happy place to be!

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap on our guide to the best food trucks in Medellín. We hope you’re more excited than ever to host your event in Colombia now. And with one of these food trucks for hire in Medellín as part of the experience, we know your guests will be excited too!

The next step in your event planning journey is to check out our fantastic venus in Medellín. We are event space experts, after all, we’ll do you right!

And before you go, you’ll want to read our ultimate Colombian food guide. Arrive talking like a local, and more importantly, you won’t miss out on the best food while you’re in town!

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