Work and Play: Melbourne’s Best After-Event Entertainment Options

by Akshayaa RaniM,  07 June 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 07 June 2024
Work and Play: Melbourne’s Best After-Event Entertainment Options

Melbourne. A city that throbs with energy, its laneways humming with hidden bars, and its stages alight with world-class talent. But what happens when the work or conference ends? Does the fun have to stop? Absolutely not!

Melbourne's after-dark scene is as diverse and dynamic as its daytime persona. Whether you're a group of colleagues seeking a shared adventure or a solo traveller wanting to unwind and explore, the city offers a smorgasbord of options to keep the good times rolling.

Imagine strolling down a bustling CBD lane, fairy lights twinkling overhead, leading you to a hidden jazz bar where smoky vocals mingle with the clinking of glasses. Or perhaps you crave a taste of global Melbourne? Head to Fitzroy, where a grungy dive bar might be your gateway to an Ethiopian dance party or a hidden gem serving mouthwatering Korean street food until the wee hours.

The true magic of Melbourne's after-work scene lies in its laneways—those labyrinthine alleyways bursting with personality. Here, graffiti-clad walls become canvases for local artists, and converted warehouses transform into speakeasies with secret entrances and eclectic music. Don't be surprised to stumble upon a rooftop bar hidden above a bustling restaurant, offering breathtaking city views and handcrafted cocktails as the sun dips below the horizon.

With that, this guide is your key to unlocking the best after-event entertainment Melbourne has to offer. So, loosen your tie, ditch the laptop, and get ready to discover a whole new side to this vibrant metropolis. Let's turn that after-work wind down into an unforgettable after-event experience!

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Exploring Like A Social Butterfly

Melbourne's laneways and hidden gems come alive after dark, offering the perfect playground for social butterflies. Here are some unique activities to keep you buzzing after work:

  1. Themed Bar Crawl With a Twist: Melbourne's laneway scene is legendary, and themed bar crawls offer a fun way to explore it with your fellow social butterflies. Choose a theme that suits your group's interests, like speakeasies, rooftop bars, or hidden bars with unique cocktails. Many companies offer guided crawls with historical anecdotes and hidden gems, or you can create your adventure using online guides and maps. Be sure to pace yourselves and try something new at each stop—a signature drink, a playful bar game, or a delicious appetiser to share.
  2. Interactive Art or Performance Evening: Melbourne's creative energy extends beyond the day. Look for pop-up art installations, open mic nights at comedy clubs, or interactive theatre performances. These events often involve audience participation or encourage mingling with other attendees. Imagine belting out karaoke tunes with colleagues at a glow-in-the-dark art exhibit or cheering on your friends during an improv comedy show. These experiences entertain and spark conversation and laughter, perfect for bonding with your work crew.
  3. Board Game Extravaganza: Board game cafes are a haven for social butterflies in Melbourne. Gather your team and dive into a world of strategy, creativity, and friendly competition. Many cafes have extensive board game libraries, and friendly staff can recommend something based on your group's size and interests. Pair your game night with delicious snacks and drinks, and watch the hours fly by as you strategise, negotiate, and unwind with colleagues.
  4. Karaoke Capers: Melbourne boasts a thriving karaoke scene, catering to every musical taste. Unleash your inner rockstar at a classic joint with a long history or a more modern venue known for its themed rooms and cutting-edge technology. Many karaoke bars offer private rooms perfect for group bonding, allowing you to belt out your favourite tunes without judgement. Whether you're a seasoned singer or a shower crooner, this is a chance to let loose, have fun, and create some unforgettable memories with your colleagues.
  5. Rooftop Revelry: Melbourne's skyline comes alive at night, and rooftop bars offer stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere. Many rooftop bars feature live music, DJs, or themed nights, perfect for mingling with colleagues. Dress up for a sophisticated evening overlooking the city lights, or gather your crew for a casual after-work drink and conversation. Enjoy delicious cocktails, share plates, and soak in the electrifying energy of Melbourne's night scene.
  6. Rooftop Mini Golf: Forget stuffy offices; take your colleagues to new heights with a round of rooftop mini-golf. Imagine putting your way past cityscapes bathed in the golden glow of twilight or twinkling city lights after dark. Many venues boast fantastical courses around pop culture, movies, or local landmarks. Challenge your colleagues to a friendly rivalry as you navigate whimsical obstacles, waterfalls (minus the getting wet part!), and quirky design elements. Most rooftop mini-golf venues offer delicious food and drink packages, from classic pizzas and burgers to share plates and creative cocktails. Make it a social outing for the whole team and enjoy a panoramic city view with every putt.
  7. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling: Channel your inner rockstar (or at least your inner champion bowler) at one of Melbourne's trendy glow-in-the-dark bowling alleys. Imagine the thrill of launching a neon bowling ball down a lane illuminated with black lights, with funky music pumping and pins glowing against the darkness. It's an electrifying way to unleash your competitive spirit with friends and colleagues. Most alleys offer private lanes, perfect for team bonding or friendly rivalries. Many venues also offer themed nights with special effects and costumes, adding another layer of fun to your after-work adventure.
Indulging Like a Food Lover

Melbourne's after-dark scene caters to more than just your social cravings. It’s time for foodies to rejoice! Here are a few unique nighttime culinary adventures to tantalise your taste buds:

  1. Progressive Degustation Down Under: Melbourne takes the classic degustation experience to a whole new level with progressive dinners. Instead of enjoying all courses at one restaurant, you embark on a culinary journey through different neighbourhoods. Start with delectable appetisers in a trendy CBD eatery, move on to mouthwatering main courses in a hidden gem in Fitzroy, and finish with decadent desserts at a renowned chocolatier in South Yarra. While on this food expedition, be sure to try Melbourne’s iconic flat white coffee, a 19th-century invention unique to Australia.
  2. Hidden Laneway Delights: Melbourne's laneways are not just home to trendy bars but also secret culinary havens. Venture off the beaten path and discover hidden cafes, restaurants, and pop-up eateries serving everything from gourmet burgers to authentic Korean BBQ. Many of these hidden gems offer late-night service, making them the perfect spot for a satisfying after-work meal or a late-night snack adventure.
  3. Global Tapas Trail: Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with a tapas crawl through Melbourne's diverse neighbourhoods. Start with delectable Spanish pintxos in a lively bar in Carlton, then hop over to a cosy Italian wine bar for a selection of antipasti. End your culinary adventure by sampling Japanese yakitori skewers or delectable Indian street food in a hidden gem in Richmond. This allows you to experience a variety of international flavours without committing to a single cuisine.
  4. Late-Night Food Truck Frenzy: Melbourne's love affair with food extends to its wheels! Explore the city's vibrant food truck scene after dark. Track down your favourite trucks using social media or food truck apps, and embark on a delicious adventure. Savour gourmet burgers from a trendy truck, indulge in loaded fries piled high with creative toppings or tantalise your taste buds with international flavours like Korean tacos or Vietnamese bánh mì. The portability and variety offered by food trucks make them perfect for a casual and social after-work meal on the go.
  5. Moonlit Picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens: Escape the urban bustle and embrace the tranquillity of Melbourne's iconic Royal Botanic Gardens after dark. Pre-order a gourmet hamper overflowing with delectable treats from a local providore. Think artisanal cheeses, cured meats, seasonal fruits, crusty bread, and perhaps even a bottle of boutique wine. As the city lights twinkle in the distance, sprawl out on a blanket under the moonlit sky and savour a romantic or social picnic experience unlike any other. Imagine the gentle sounds of nature replacing the city's daytime hum, the cool night air carrying the fragrance of exotic botanicals, and the delicious symphony of flavours on your tongue. It's a magical way to unwind and reconnect with nature after a long day.
  6. Behind-the-Scenes Chocolate Factory Tour: Satiate your sweet tooth and your curiosity with a behind-the-scenes tour of a local Melbourne chocolate factory. Immerse yourself in cocoa's rich aroma as you witness humble beans transforming into decadent treats. Learn about the fascinating journey of chocolate, from its origins to the meticulous crafting process. Most tours culminate in a delightful tasting session, allowing you to taste the fruits (or should we say beans?) of the chocolatier's labour. You can even witness the creation of unique Melbourne-inspired chocolates or even personalise your own sweet treat.

Bonus Tip: Discover other food options in Melbourne listed in our guide to Local Cuisine for Corporate Event Catering.

Discovering Like an Art Enthusiast

Melbourne's artistic soul thrives after dark, offering many experiences to ignite your creative spirit. Here are four unique activities to explore your inner artist after work:

  1. Nocturnal Museum Adventures: Melbourne's renowned museums offer exciting after-hours experiences for art enthusiasts. Look for events like "NGV Friday Nights" at the National Gallery of Victoria, featuring live music, DJ sets, themed talks, and pop-up bars alongside access to their permanent collections and special exhibitions. The Melbourne Museum also hosts "Nocturnal" events on the second Thursday of every month, offering after-dark access to exhibits with tours, talks, and interactive activities in a social and lively setting.
  2. Life Drawing With a Twist: Unleash your creativity and embrace a playful approach to art with a life drawing class with a twist. Explore studios that offer unique experiences where a glass of wine (or two) fuels your artistic expression. These classes often feature live models with unique poses or themes, creating a fun and social atmosphere for budding artists of all skill levels.
  3. Independent Art Gallery Hopping: Melbourne's vibrant art scene extends beyond the big institutions. Explore the hidden gems by embarking on an independent art gallery crawl. Many galleries in inner-city suburbs like Fitzroy, Collingwood, and Richmond stay open late on Thursdays, offering a chance to discover emerging artists and unique exhibitions. Gallery openings often feature artist talks, refreshments, and a chance to mingle with the local creative community.
  4. Interactive Art Installations: Melbourne embraces innovation and creativity. Look for pop-up art installations scattered around the city, often transforming laneways, parks, and public spaces into interactive experiences. These installations can be anything from large-scale light displays to immersive sound experiences, offering a unique way to engage with art and spark your imagination.
  5. Live Music at Iconic Pubs: Melbourne's pubs are legendary for their vibrant music scene, offering a stage to established and up-and-coming artists across every genre. Imagine stepping into a historic pub, its walls adorned with faded gig posters and memorabilia. As a local band launches into their set, their music filling the room with raw energy, the air crackles with anticipation. Mingle with fellow music lovers, sip on a local craft beer, and discover the next big thing in Melbourne's thriving music scene. Open mic nights offer an intimate space to catch singer-songwriters, spoken-word artists, and local comedians showcasing their talents. It's a genuinely authentic Melbourne experience where history meets the raw energy of live performance.

Pro Tip: If you’re in Melbourne during the summer, be sure to experience open-air rooftop cinemas or a local AFL game or a cricket match at the iconic MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) for an overall local experience.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! From belting out tunes in hidden karaoke bars to indulging in a progressive culinary adventure, Melbourne's after-event scene offers something for everyone.

So next time your work event or conference concludes, ditch the post-work slump and embrace the city's infectious energy. Remember, Melbourne never sleeps, and neither should your after-event fun! Get out there, explore, and discover a whole new side of this captivating city.

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