Gorgeous Exhibition Spaces in Milan

15 January 2021
15 January 2021
Gorgeous Exhibition Spaces in Milan

Friends, let’s talk about pedigree. No, not the dog food. No, not the English beer. We’re talking about a distinguished history kind of pedigree. Milan has it when it comes to hosting exhibition spaces. If you don’t believe us, just ask the fashion industry or the motor trade. There’s a gorgeous exhibition space here that is just right for you, we’re sure of it. And you never know, this could be the event that makes you!


white exposition space Tonaha via eventflare

Tenoha used to be a wallpaper factory. The space was built in 1920 and is in the area of Porta Genova.

It’s quite a remarkable space to look at; symmetry, uncluttered qualities and bright whites are very satisfying. The large roof windows contribute an additional gorgeous shine.

There is a quality ceiling lighting system with dimmable LED floodlights, air conditioning, and WiFi. It also has catering options, so as far as events go, it’s extremely versatile.

Tenoha can hold a whopping 575 guests! Which makes sense, considering the 1100m2 of open space you can play with.

exhibition venues
Ospitare via eventflare

Ospitare is situated in a historical family between Cittá Studi and Ortica. It has a unique atmosphere that will give your event a sense of allure.

It is dimly lit, with spotlights adding an air of mystery to proceedings. The high ceilings and black frames bring life into the old building.

It has a capacity of 60, so it is perfect for more intimate and exclusive exhibitions. There is lots of technical equipment to add depth, like TVs, projectors and WiFi.

Coffee, tea, and light refreshments are available for your guests.

Target Spazio
exposition venue with natural light
Target Spazio via eventflare

Target Spazi has built something that feels like the future. Everything about it is modern in a film-set-depicting-the-future kind of way.

This venue has lots of depth in corners, floors, walls and pillars that give you seclusion, viewpoints, and things to explore.

The floor is so white your white t-shirt will feel washed out. It’s polished to something beyond perfection.

You can let your imagination run free with this place. And with high-end technological fittings, like projectors, HD TV’s, impressive lighting systems, and a fully equipped kitchen with optional catering, we’re positive you’ll find something extraordinary to do with this place.

Target Spazio can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 100 of your guests. Think how proud you’ll be looking over what you’ve created from the top level of Target Spazio. We want that for you.

Pelota via eventflare

If you’re looking for something urban, central, and undeniably contemporary, Pelota could be for you.

You need to know that Pelota is a gargantuan place. It has 724m2 of space and capacity for up to 1,200 people.

It’s long and narrow, making the lighting rigs all the more impressive; they hang above guests and cover the length of this powerful space.

There is a sizable backstage area that you could use as an operational hub or a VIP section. Or maybe it could be another place for your guests to mingle and relax?

The cherry on the Pelota cake is the bar. Because every good event should have a bar, right?

Volume 33
Volume 33 via eventflare

Do you fancy feeling sophisticated for a day? Well, you’ll feel that way if you book the fancy Volume 33.

The venue is in the upmarket and indulgently historic Porta Romana. Its neoclassical core is nostalgic of Italy’s grandeur, and its contemporary fittings remind guests that Milan is one of the world’s coolest cities.

We’d be fools not to mention the beautiful private garden that can be used for an event in the sun, or as a charming addition for your guests to explore while your exhibition rages on.

At 400m2, it can host up to 100 guests for your exhibition. There is a kitchen and staff on hand, so all you need to focus on is sharing ideas and small talk.

Spazio Parco Milano
Spazo Parco Milano via eventflare

A barn? An indoor park? We’re not quite sure, but we do know that we love it. Spazio Parco Milano satisfies our basic desire to indulge a rustic, idyllic life.

The big barn-style wooden beams are darling, and the large plants and indoor trees obscure parts of the building. Together, they create an environment with real novelty, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

But it’s not all about invoking a sense of nostalgia and farmyard fun. They are serious about putting on great corporate events. Their technological amenities and catering options are a testament to that!

The building itself is 400m2 and can host up to 300 people. Oh, and did we mention there’s a further 22,000m2 of park to get to know too?

It’s a memorable event space, and although it’s on the outskirts of the city, it’s perfectly accessible by train, and certainly worth the ride.

Spazio Brera
Spazio Brera via eventflare

Big isn’t always better. Just look at Spazio Brera. It’s a small and humble galleria that has an unassailable dignity that will seduce any visitor.

Brera is in a historic 16th-century building. The ancient wood beams form a unique juxtaposition with the contemporary walls and flooring.

The exhibition formulating in your mind will be spread out over 40m2. You have up to 40 invitations you can send out to the lucky few.

Arsenale via eventflare

No matter how hard your high school teacher tried to make it boring, history is actually pretty cool. You know what else sounds cool? Arsenale: a theatre from the 12th century refashioned as a contemporary exhibition space.

Inside, you’ll find a curious space called Milans Black Box. We won’t reveal too much, but it’s quite a thrill for the senses and a fascinating way to engage visitors’ attention.

Like a robust stage, it’s also quickly turned into any scene you like via in-house props, scenery and high tech lighting.

From screenings to contemporary art exhibitions, it’s a versatile place to throw a bash. Treat your products to this immersive art space.

Ex Saponificio
Ex Saponificio via eventflare

It’s big, and it’s a model in how to pull off industrial-chic. Ex Saponificio has three different spaces that function as living monuments to Milan’s industrial heritage and contemporary exhibition spaces.

The design of the venue is minimalistic-chic, with an emphasis on clean sophistication.

The internal courtyard is a great place to have a glass of something strong and a good chinwag.

The spaces can be hired individually or all together. The venue is split over two floors of up to 700m2 and a super capacity of 1000 people.

You’ll find it right next to the Metro line Porto di Mare, making it convenient for you and your guests.

Wrapping up

We hope you’re as inspired reading this as we were putting it together. It’s a shame that exhibition events are so few and far between. But, that’s probably what makes them so special right?

Regardless, we can’t wait to hear your amazing ideas for your next exhibition!

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Featured image:Target Spazio via eventflare

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