The Best Areas in Milan for Hosting Events

19 March 2021
19 March 2021
The Best Areas in Milan for Hosting Events

It’s loud, busy, and totally mad. And you know what? It’s totally glorious. There’s no place like Milan, is there?

It’s the fashion capital of the world, and a big player in international corporate events. And of course, the food is supreme, and the level of culture is exemplary.

We’ve put together a guide to the best areas in Milan for hosting corporate events. As an added treat, we’ve thrown in a couple of recommended venues so that you know for sure that Milan means Business. Let’s go!


New York City would not be what it is today without the Italian immigrants that moved there and added to its makeup. NoLo is proof that the influence is a two-way street.

It’s name is inspired by the New York Area of SoHo (South of Houston Street). In that same vein North of Loreto was shorted to NoLo

It’s known as one of the more multicultural and creative districts in Milan; it’s friendly and on the rise too. Although still proudly working class, this is an area that’s finding its voice.

The cuisine in NoLo is eclectic with lots of Asian restaurants, gay-friendly places, a medley of Mediterranean spots, and of course, Italian.

Where to Host an Event in NoLo 

Contemporary Space for Productive Meetings
Contemporary Space for Productive Meetings via Eventflare

Kicking us off is this contemporary space for productive meetings. It’s bolstered by refined modern furniture and is right next to Milan’s main train station.

Your amenities will include a flatscreen TV, presentation tools, and strong WiFi. Plus, there are top rate catering options on hand if you’re feeling peckish.

The space can host up to 20 people for a cocktail reception or 16 for a seated event.


Our second neighbourhood in Milan is Navilgi. It’s a laidback area suited to informal events. It’s in the southwest of Milan and has two canals: the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese.

They were once two vital trading canals. Today they are vital hangouts for social-seeking locals. Join them at one (or many) of the great bars and restaurants.

You’ll love the rustic yellow and pinks of the buildings and the narrow side streets. Uncover a wealth of diversity among them, from leafy courtyards to graffiti covered-walls.

If you can, try to be there for the first Sunday of the month. The banks of the Naviglio Grande transform into a thriving antique market for the day.

Where to Host an Event in Navigli

Former Wallpaper Factory for Corporate Events
Former Wallpaper Factory for Corporate Events via Eventflare

This former wallpaper factory was built in 1920 and is, quite simply, beautiful. It’s handsomely symmetrical, packaged as an uncluttered blank canvas venue. The large windows on its slanted roof make the white walls shine all the brighter.

There is a high quality LED lighting system, air conditioning, and strong WiFi. Plus, when you consider its catering options, we’d have to say it’s a very versatile venue indeed.

It can hold an impressive total of 575 guests over 1100m2 of space.



If you want to see areas of Milan where cultural clout is on full display, you have to go to Brera. It hits you hard, with icons like the Pinacoteca di Brera art museum, as well as its celebrated shopping and cafe scene.

The streets of Brera are a treasure trove of artisanal craftsmen and boutique shops. We guarantee that you’ll find everything from bespoke wine to stunning art and authentic souvenirs you’ll buy for other people and secretly keep for yourself.

Anyone with an appreciation of fine architecture will be happy in Brera. The area can claim the Accademia di Belle Arti, the Museo Astronomico, and many more amongst its collection.

You can always drop by the Botanical Gardens for something more relaxing if you feel like being seduced by nature. A fun fact to share with your colleagues? It was created back in 1775!

Where to Host an Event in Brera

Beautiful Venue with a Minimal Industrial Style via Eventflare

We’re luring you to Brera with this beautiful minimal-industrial style venue. Sporting an all-white blank canvas look, its two floors are completely customisable.

You’ll be happy to know that it comes with both heating and air conditioning, a built-in adjustable lighting system, and WiFi.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 500 people over 1,000m2.

Isola and Porta Nuova 

Isola and Porta Nuova are up in the north and are somewhat secluded. These districts of Milan tell a charming tale of improved fortunes.

Starting with Isola, a previously forgotten and dangerous part of Milan. Its crime problem – especially with knives – was out of hand. Thankfully, it has slowly but surely become a safe place to be.

Today, Isola has trendy boutiques, cuisine, and a nightlife scene to compete with any part of the city.

Porta Nuova is contemporary Milan, sporting skyscrapers and trendy plazas. The contrast with the older buildings in the area is lovely.

Where to Host an Event in Isola and Porta Nuova

Multipurpose Space with an Urban Look via Eventflare

Our top venue in Isola and Porta Nuova is this urban contemporary multipurpose space.

It’s undeniably cool – and huge! It has 724m2 of space and capacity for up to 1,200 people.

Its size and dramatic lighting rig have made it popular for fashion shows. Make a statement of your own with a unique exhibition, perhaps?

The backstage VIP area and bar space make it a truly luxurious venue to host an event.

Porta Romana 

Porta Romana is arguably the most expensive and fabulous neighbourhood in Milan.

The contradiction at play is its rustic characteristics.

Alight here for luxurious restaurants, fancy bars, and high profile designer shops. Plastic, Milan’s most famous nightclub, is in Porta Romana too.

If you’re looking for an edgier night out, the area’s industrial grounds is home to the trendy Magazzini Generali area.

Where to Host an Event in Porta Romana

Neoclassical and Contemporary Venue in Milan via Eventflare

To prove Porta Romana’s luxurious credentials, we’ve got this neoclassical and contemporary venue for you.

It’s a healthy balance of Italy’s grandiose past and Milan’s contemporary style. Plus, it’s got a beautiful private garden too!

At 400m2, it can host up to 100 guests for an exhibition. You’ve also got access to a kitchen and staffing, so all you need to focus on is sharing ideas and small talk.

Centro Storico and the Fashion District 

Last but not least, we leave you with the most central area in Milan. Centro Storico and the Fashion District. The very centre of Milan. It’s best encapsulated by the Duomo, the city’s cathedral. A small bit of trivia for you – it’s the largest church in Italy and the 5th largest in the world.

This part of town is jam-packed with attractions. Take the Galleria Vittorio, Italy’s oldest shopping mall. Or how about The Royal Palace, the Museo del Novecento art gallery, or the 15th century Castello Sforzesco?

When you’ve exhausted the main attractions, you’ve got the fashion district: Quadrilatero Della Moda.

Where to Host an Event in Centro Storico and the Fashion District

Charming Historical Space in a Monastery via Eventflare

Our final venue recommendation is a charmer. How do you like the sound of a historical monastery?

It dates back to the fourteen hundreds, with original cloisters fashioning the beautiful Bramante style. Its central green is up for grabs and looks almost too good to be true.

Over the whole venue, you’ve got up to 700m2 and a maximum capacity of 300 people.

Wrapping up 

So you have an idea of the different areas in Milan. Now you’re ready to book your perfect venue in Milan!

While you’re there, you ought to stay in one of Milan’s fabulous designer hotels. Because, why not? Luckily for you, we’ve written a guide to 11 of the best designer hotels in Milan.

Featured image: Former Wallpaper Factory for Corporate Events via Eventflare

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