The Best Training Rooms in Milan

20 April 2021
20 April 2021
The Best Training Rooms in Milan

You can host a training session on any subject you can think of. From how to identify rare birds to how to use your phone less; from all talk to hands-on, the possibilities are both endless and exciting.

After all, a workshop is essentially a gathering of people to discuss a specific subject or carry out activities focused on that subject.

And as it happens, our business is hunting down exciting corporate event spaces. So that being said, this article will outline the best training rooms in Milan. Plain and simple, now let’s get to it!

1. Impressive Historical Venue in Milan 

Impressive Historical Venue in Milan via Eventflare Impressive Historical Venue in Milan via Eventflare

And we’re off, with our first training room in Milan being this impressive historical venue.

The first trams built in Milan came from this factory believe it or not. And it has retained its industrial charm in the form of the tall wooden ceiling, arching brick walls, and the gorgeous and expansive skylight.

The refurbishment has brought wonderful additions such as the tall glass partition, and the raised floor where your training session will unfold. It’s even got a private bar and an optional catering service!

2. Modern Industrial Venue for Hire in Milan 

Modern Space in Milan with an Industrial TouchModern Industrial Venue for Hire in Milan via Eventflare

Like a classroom and elegant cafe combined, we have this modern and industrialvenue for hire in Milan.

We love the fantastical light shades, chirpy plant life, and the long contemporary table and chair settings. But the standout feature of this space is the tiered wooden platforms that work as great places to hang out or deliver sessions.

Moreover, the capacity of the space goes up to 60 people. Plus, it’s fitted with high-end AV technology including a projector, speakers and microphones. And don’t forget the great catering options!

3. White Venue in Milan with Uncluttered Design 

White  Venue in Milan with an Uncluttered Design
White Venue in Milan with Uncluttered Design via Eventflare

Up next we have this white venue in Milan with its beautiful uncluttered motif. It’s a stunning piece of design radiating sheer brightness and offering ample space. This is a training room that’s well suited to creative teams who like to do things in style.

Fitted with high-end technology, this space comes with a projector, an HD TV and a lighting system. You’ll have a fully fitted kitchen with an optional catering service too. Capacity-wise, this venue can accommodate groups from 30 to 100 people.

4. Elegant Training Room in Milan with Minimalist Design

Elegant Training Room in Milan with Minimalist Design
Elegant Training Room in Milan with Minimalist Design via Eventflare

Feast your eyes on this elegant training room in Milan with its charming minimalist design.

You’ll love the panoramic views of the city thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. Its subtlety decorated with metal and leather furniture as well as homely plants sparsely spread through the room.

Additionally, the venue provides you with a 55” flat-screen TV, flip charts and a strong WiFi connection. And finally, this space can accommodate up to 50 people.

5. Contemporary Training Room in Milan 

Contemporary Training Room in Milan via Eventflare

Our penultimate space is this contemporary and intimate venue.

With a contemporary look, this space boasts beautiful stone flooring, chic decoration and sophisticated wooden furniture. Moreover, the location radiates a modern and friendly atmosphere.

Furthermore, the space is equipped with an LCD screen and strong WiFi. You’ll also have complimentary drinks and a total capacity of 14 people.

6. Dynamic and Impressive Space in Milan 

Dynamic and Impressive Space Dynamic and Impressive Space in Milan via Eventflare

Our final space in Milan is this dynamic and impressive venue that is a groovy cafe presented in a magnificent conservatory.

The remarkable glass housing is set next to the iconic stone building that is Milan Centrale Station. Needless to say that the natural light is abundant. We also love the quaint antique tables and chairs as well as the chess-board chequered flooring.

Moreover, this space comes with a fully equipped bar, AV equipment, and high-speed WiFi. Regarding the capacity, this space can host up to 40 people.

Wrapping up 

And that’s a wrap, we hope you saw something that spoke to you and what you’re about. Plus, we have so much more workshop rooms in Milan on our platform, so feel free to explore!

If your heart is already set on one of the workshops above, how about discovering your next private dining venue in Milan?

Featured image: Dynamic and Impressive Training Room in Milan via Eventflare

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