The Best Cafés in Paris for Working

23 November 2020
23 November 2020
The Best Cafés in Paris for Working

It’s a sad truth, but you can sometimes feel trapped working from home. Assignments can be tough enough, never mind being beaten by your surroundings. 

If this is the case for you, maybe your work could get a fresh lease of life in a café or coworking space? These places are designed with you in mind: WiFi, power outlets, coffee, and friendly surroundings. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best cafés in Paris for working. 


White and luminous coworkshop in Paris
Coworkshop via coworkshop

COWORKSHOP opened in June 2014. You can pay by the hour, or rent for months to make a saving. There’s a shared kitchen so that it will feel just like home. Or you can always bring food in, like your favourite takeaway.

The meeting room will give you space to talk, and the awesome vintage phone cabin is soundproof. 

If you need a break, you’re only a block away from Canal St. Martin. A quintessential Parisian stroll is guaranteed to clear your head. 

Coworkshop is not a typical internet café that Paris has seen before. There are in house social events organised by the venue, so you can get to know your fellow workspace friends. 

Le 10h10

Quirky spot with a vintage touch
Le 10h10 via abcsalles

Le 10h10 is really welcoming. Aimed at nomadic workers and entrepreneurs without a fixed office, Le 10h10 shows that when it comes to coworking, Paris has it all.

Le 10h10 has brought the best of the 70’s while providing all the modern amenities you could want in their cool coworking space. The colours will cheer you up as you struggle through a deadline. 

There’s even a record player to listen to some classic records. You won’t go hungry as snacks, tasty cakes and unlimited coffee are on hand. Meal plans are available on request too. 

KB Café Shop

Facade and terrace of a cafe shop in Paris
KB Café Shop via parisperfect

KB Café Shop is in Montmartre. The breakfasts are superb, and the cakes are criminally good. For your money, you’ll get a hip café away from the crowds. And if you have the weather, they have a perfect terrace to take your coffee on. 

KB Café is perfect for if you want to split your time between exploring the city and attending to some important emails. Located just off the street once called “a half-mile of magic”, you can get straight back to enjoying the city after finishing your work. 

Blackburn Paris

Facade of cosy café in Paris
Blackburn Paris via tripsisters

Blackburn Paris has a strong ethic of being authentic and unpretentious. Their motto? “We are not all adventurers, but for those who go off the beaten track”. If this seems like a bit of you, then maybe Blackburn is too.

It’s a trendy coffee shop that tries it’s best to be affordable by Paris standards. They serve a full lunch menu, including vegetarian and vegan options, and tons of delicious hot beverages. 

The Café-Cantine

Working café with green outdoor space
Le café-cantine de la RECYCLERIE via Voyagir

The Café-Cantine at La recyclerie does filter coffee for €1. Yes, a single euro. But that’s not all. 

It sits above a cute abandoned railway line. It can be busy, but it gives you that communal feeling. 

It also has a lovely outdoor space with regular events from yoga to gardening. This space can host you all day long – whether you’re working 10 hours or not.

They also offer a robust menu of ethically sourced and considered food with breakfast packages from just €3!

Hubsy café & coworking

Minimalist and rustic café for working
Hubsy Cafe & Coworking via neonomade

Hubsy café & coworking is built for purpose. Streamlined for work, this coffee shop in Paris takes out the stress of bland corporate offices. 

The flowers and large windows will keep your eyes from closing over. It even sits across from the Musée des Arts et Métiers. Now that’s a pretty sight. 

You pay by the hour, but the rate gets cheaper the longer you stay. Throughout your stay, you have access to unlimited hot drinks and snacks. The WiFi is strong, and there are more than enough power outlets. 

The service is a highlight too. The staff are very friendly and make a point of getting to know customers on a first-name basis. 


Quirky workcafé with colourful interior and luminous atmosphere
Anticafe via eventflare

Anticafé is a wonderful combination of both café and coworking space in Paris. As you might have guessed, the clue is in the name. 

Pay for access, and they will reward you with free coffee. You can take a break from work with snacks and board games. 

It’s a homely little place; the colourful art on the walls and lots of wooden fixtures will keep you sane. 

Café Craft

People working in a café
Cafe Craft via sprudge

Café Craft has been elegantly designed to create a friendly as well as industrious atmosphere. 

Craft is also on the Canal St. Martin, so it’s the perfect space for when you need to stretch your legs and take a breath. 

It has everything you could possibly want: good coffee, plugs, and WiFi. No more, no less. The ambience is a focal point — neither raucous nor a morgue. The hours will fly by here. 

Wrapping up

Sometimes your work can’t always be inspiring and exciting. We can’t help you with that, unfortunately. But the venues above can at least make it easier for you – and we know venues. 

We hope you take comfort in knowing that the best cafés in Paris are here to help if you’re looking for that optimum workspace. 

And if you’re looking for something to do when you’re off the clock, why not check out these art exhibitions in Paris?

Featured image: Café Work Space via snapmunk

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