The Best Wine Tasting Workshops in Paris

23 November 2020
23 November 2020
The Best Wine Tasting Workshops in Paris

Let’s get serious. When it comes to wine tasting, Paris is as real as it gets.

Of course, they’re making some fantastic wine all over the world now. But let’s not forget that France is still the leading exporter in the world.

A wine tasting experience is unique to its venue and its host; from beginner to expert; from the classiest champagnes to organic, natural wines. So to help you out we’ve put together a list of the best wine tasting workshops in Paris.

Ô Chateau
Wine tasting workshop in Paris
Ô Chateau © Terence Carter/grantourismo

Ô Chateau has over 50 wines by the glass and over 1,000 by the bottle. 

Wine tasting experiences begin at €59. An English speaking sommelier will give a fun and informative presentation to accompany the wine. You’ll get a bread basket to taste and enjoy too as well as a cheat sheet of what you’ve tasted to take away. 

They have four rooms for private hire as well. Each has its distinct charm: the bar, the vinothèque, the cave and the salon. 


Two white wines and a bottle in front of a wine shopL’Etiquette via localtraveller

L’Etiquette is so inviting with a baby blue shop front and the unpolished font of the signage. It lures you in, and the products inside keep you there.

The shop’s motif is natural and organic wines. There are over 300 wines here, all from France. At least 50 of them are under €10!

Their wine tasting focuses on your senses. There’s no snobby wine talk here. They like to chat and engage with you. Wines are blind tasted, and there’s always a bottle of conventional wine included so you can compare the difference with the organic offerings.

The session lasts around 1-1.5 hours and is suitable for everyone: from beginners to more advanced. This wine tasting experience costs €30 per person, and it’s cash in hand.

Safe venue

Les Caves du Louvre
Wine tasting cave in the centre of Paris
Les Caves du Louvre via travelshopping

Les Caves du Louvre is less than 5 minutes from its namesake, the iconic museum. It was built during the XVIII century under the reign of Louis XV. The cellars are free to visit too! 

The tasting begins from €32 and includes a comprehensive wine tasting session and guided tour of the cellars. What’s more, you can even make your own wine. For €75 you can create your own wine, design your own label, and take it home to show it off. 

Wine cave with exposed brick walls
Dilettantes via vineandbubble

Attention all bubbly fans! This is your stop. Dilettantes is entirely dedicated to champagne – their outrageous collection boasts over 130 vintages to choose from.  

As well as having a collection of absolutely super champagnes, they have a selection of affordable vintages too.

Private hire is available with tailor-made menus for cocktail parties, dinners and even more detailed workshops.

The wine tastings are hosted by one of 25 winemakers and take place in a gorgeous, 17th-century vaulted cellar.

Le Vin Qui Parle

Snapshot of store and workshop Le Vin Qui ParleLe Vin Qui Parle via privateaser

Le Vin Qui Parle emphasises authenticity. They’re all about showcasing the little producers.

Importantly, these wine tasting experiences aren’t lectures. More like conversations. Hence their name. Their gentle teaching style will leave you well trained to talk-the-talk about their wines.

For your €42 you get a brilliant wine and cheese tasting Paris can be proud of. And if you want to put on a team-building workshop for your colleagues, they can accommodate 10-40 guests starting from €450.

Wrapping up

If you have read this far and aren’t craving a large glass of wine, we’re impressed.

A wine tasting experience is always a good option for a corporate team-building event. And wine tasting in Paris is sure to be a great one. 

If you need to sleep it off afterwards, why not hit the hay in one of these boutique hotels in Paris?

Featured image: Wine Tasting Paris via masterclass

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