Top Restaurants in Prague for Dining With Your Team

11 January 2021
11 January 2021
Top Restaurants in Prague for Dining With Your Team

Finding the perfect restaurant in a city is a true pleasure. Isn’t it great to share a hidden gem with your friends and colleagues? But finding these food Valhallas can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know your way around the city.Well, this article has done the hard work for you. We’ve found the best restaurants in Prague so you can pretend to be an expert in the city’s dining scene.

So, meet the local chefs and let them take you and your colleagues on a culinary adventure.

Food Lab
Quirky restaurant with ceiling of plants
Food Lab Restaurant via Food Lab

Food Lab’s kitchen is managed by Executive Chef Nenad Jovanović. Nenad has previously worked at Michelin Star restaurants around Europe, such as The Geranium in Copenhagen.

The young chef is a firm advocate of Modern Cuisine. He combines an innovative touch with unusual flavour combinations from across the world. Make sure to check out the chef’s pan-seared scallops served with parsnip purée, baked topinambur and edamame.

Food Lab draws on the energy of Prague’s historic centre. Scientists and hermetics tried to find the elixirs of eternal life and never-ending love at this place. The magic and mystery have stayed, and make for a unique dining experience in this beautiful restaurant.

Close-up of a dish with rice and meat
Sansho’s dish via Sansho

Do you love Asian food? Sansho is managed by chef-owner Paul Day, a former butcher from the UK. Over a decade ago, he left butchery behind him and dedicated his life to Asian Cuisine. Since, Paul has honed his skills at world-renowned Asian restaurants in London, New York, Tokyo, Istanbul, India, Spain and Italy.

Sansho takes pride in making use of every piece of meat in their kitchen, from tail to nose.

Be sure to try the Dinner Tasting Menu consisting of six courses plus an optional dessert. You will surely want to come back for more during your next visit to Prague.

Modern restaurant with special cilinder lighting
Aromi Restaurant via Aromi

You will love Aromi if you want authentic Italian cuisine specialising in fish and seafood. Riccardo Lucque is the chef and founder. He aims to create wonderful experiences inside his gastronomical paradise.

The restaurant’s menu portrays a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood. Paired with some wine and the setting will be complete.

You can close your eyes during dinner and truly trick your mind into thinking that you’re on the Italian coast. Make sure to take a seat in the restaurant’s beautiful garden during the summer and bask in Prague’s sun.

Mlýnec Restaurant
Freshly smoked veal tartare dish
Mlýnec Restaurant’s Freshly Smoked Veal Tartare via Mlýnec Restaurant

Mlýnec’s open kitchen creates a whole experience. Chef Vladimír Vaníček and his team are sure to inspire your home-cooking after seeing their work firsthand.

Warning: when you start reading Mlýnec’s menu, you will be tempted to sprint straight to the restaurant. The Á La Carte, lunch and brunch options will intrigue you from the very beginning. We’re talking 40 days aged Veal Rib Eye, aged Striploin Steak, tartare and a Black Angus Ball Tip Steak.

It’s a fab choice for a carnivorous team!

Facade of boat restaurant Matylda in Prague
Ristorante Matylda via Matylda

Perfect for a sunny day, this family-run boat hotel is a real hidden gem in the Prague region. Find Matylda’s restaurant tucked away between Mánes Gallery and the eye-catching Dancing House.

This ship will amaze you with every corner of their concept – the Vltava has never been the same since Matylda dropped her anchor. Step onboard and feel transported to the Mediterranean sea.

The selection of seafood, meats, and pasta is something you will want to show off to your team members. Blow your guests away by recommending the irresistible Tiramisu. All together, Matylda’s menu provides its guests and visitors with an unforgettable dining experience in Prague.

Bellevue Restaurant
Veal Fillet dish
Bellevue’s Veal Fillet via Bellevue Restaurant

If you find yourself in the heart of Prague, you may accidentally wander inside a hidden courtyard. A magical atmosphere will welcome you at Bellevue Restaurant.

You will find Alexandre Martin at the head of Bellevue’s culinary food chain. The French Executive Chef has gained prestige in several world-famous restaurants. He will “dare to try what others have not yet tried”. With that mindset, he will surely make your culinary experience in Prague one to remember.

Make sure to try the Chef’s suggestion from French cuisine. The 3-course menu consists of Marinated Salmon, Guinea Fowl, and Soufflé. Impress your team by arriving at Bellevue with the knowledge you now have.

La Finestra
Restaurant with classic interior combined with exposed brick walls
La Finestra Restaurant via La Finestra

The ‘cucina’ of La Finestra specialises in the preparation of dry-aged meat cuts. Chef Tomáš Juřík imports his selection from organic farmers in Italy, Spain, and the USA.

Here in the Czech Republic, the chef prepares his masterpieces and presents them to you. Don’t worry if you prefer seafood or fish – La Finestra has a wide variety available.

The Klementinum, next to The Charles Bridge, is walking distance from the restaurant. Here, you have a culinary combination of history, architecture and hospitality at Restaurant La Finestra in Prague.

Field Restaurant
Signature dish from Field Restaurant in Prague
Restaurant Field’s dish via Field Restaurant

Food is beautiful. Vegetables, meat, fish, it all comes from somewhere. Chef Radek Kašpárek understands this concept and wants you to be his guest. It’s a true fine dining restaurant with fresh products.

Restaurant Field is the place in Prague where you are invited to dine in amazement. The seasonal menu does not hide its natural origins. You will be blown away by the presentation of the dishes. You will tend to forget that you are at a restaurant because the food looks like pieces of culinary art.

V Zátiší
Signature dish of V Zátiší in Prague
V Zátiší’s dish via V Zátiší

Pleasure is at the centre of food at V Zátiší. The modern restaurant fuses traditional Czech cuisine with Indian flavours and quality ingredients. You will be amazed and amused by the food, atmosphere and multiple menus.

Head Chef Igor Chramec is at your service and will ensure your culinary experience is successful. The restaurant offers an all-inclusive menu of eight or twelve specialities. Don’t let the opportunity slide through your fingers!

You can also pick something tasty off the regular menu if you prefer something else. Don’t forget to look at the wine list.

Wrapping Up

Food is life. So meal choice is pretty crucial. We understand that the restaurant scene of a new city can be overwhelming. But we dare any of the Prague restaurants mentioned in this article to disappoint.

Eastern Europe will never be the same again after you visit Prague. Tell a friend and bon appétit!

Featured image:Ristorante Matylda via Matylda

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