The 5 Coolest Exhibition Venues in Prague

31 August 2022
31 August 2022
The 5 Coolest Exhibition Venues in Prague

So, you’re trying to find the coolest exhibition venue in Prague? Well, you’re on the right path, as you’ve found a handy and concise investigation into just that. We are event space experts, after all.

This article will offer a little something for everyone. From intimate industrial lofts to gleaming blank canvas spaces, it’s all cool.

Just remember to join us in the conclusion. We’ll have some bonus expert advice there waiting for you!

1. Industrial Exhibition Space in Prague with Cool Vibes
Industrial loft with cool vibes
Industrial Exhibition Space in Prague with Cool Vibes via Eventflare 

So, to start us off, we have this industrial exhibition venue in Prague, clocking in at 170m2, with a total capacity of 150 people.

You’ll find this location in Prague 7. And with rustic walls to the concrete floors, nostalgic steel pillars, wooden roof trusses, and tall-industrial style windows, it’s a stylish space. Plus, it’s full of charming additions such as velvet furniture and vintage trinkets, including a VW van!

Aside from exhibitions, it’s also perfect for cocktail parties, private dinners, exhibitions and pop-ups, photoshoots, and more. Plus, it comes with versatile furniture arrangements, free parking, and high-speed WiFi.

2. Modern Exhibition Venue for Hire in Prague With a Blank Canvas Aesthetic
Modern blank canvas space with a timeless design
Modern Exhibition Venue for Hire in Prague With a Blank Canvas Aesthetic via Eventflare

Now for something completely different. Say hello to this modern exhibition space in Prague with a timeless blank canvas aesthetic.

It’s a large space, with up to 2,500m2 to work with, allowing for a standing capacity of 750 people.

You’ll find it in the heart of New Town, sporting a sleek, gleaming look. This all-white motif is a joy to look at, largely thanks to the glow from the panoramic windows and expansive skylights.

And perhaps best of all, it comes with a spacious terrace that offers great views and will be perfect for breakout sessions. Plus, you’ll also have versatile furniture arrangements, projectors, a first-class sound system, wheelchair access, and excellent WiFi.

3. Hip Industrial Exhibition Venue in Prague With Breakout Areas
Hip Industrial Conference Hub with Breakout Areas
Hip Industrial Exhibition Venue in Prague With Breakout Areas via Eventflare 

Up next, we have this hip industrial exhibition venue for hire in Prague, right in the heart of the city centre.

This intimate location is great for exhibitions with added depth, especially because of the adjoining breakout areas where you could side-events, workshops, and the like. You’ll even have a private bar too.

As for the decor, it has a beautiful wooden floor, and nostalgic industrial column and roof trusses. We also love the contemporary light fixtures and versatile furniture options.

Plus, you’ll have great catering options, flipcharts, projectors, a sound system, and high-speed WiFi. And finally, over its 250m2, you’ll be able to host an event for up to 150 people.

4. Industrial Exhibition Space in Prague For Celebrations
Industrial event hall for corporate celebrations
Industrial Exhibition Space in Prague For Celebrations via Eventflare

Continuing on our industrial theme, we have this minimal exhibition space in Prague that’s perfect for celebratory occasions too.

This blank canvas venue – perfect for customising to your own style – spreads out over 400m2 and can accommodate up to 600 people.

This sparse and grey location is edgy, sporting an endearing brutalist style, brought to life by the large industrial era windows. We love the domineering columns, a certainty to leave an impression on your guests.

You’ll also have a backstage area you can use as a breakout room. Plus, this venue comes with free parking and a first-class sound system.

5. Chic and Modern Exhibition Venue for Hire in Prague
Chic modern venue with elegant architecture
Chic and Modern Exhibition Venue for Hire in Prague via Eventflare 

And just like that, we’ve reached our final exhibition venue in Prague for today. But don’t worry, we’re leaving you with an absolute beauty!

Say hello to this chic and modern venue with its elegant architecture. Inside this historic building, you’ll see a curious blend of styles and colours. The signature fixtures, however, are the floor-to-ceiling windows that flank either side of the building. A true delight.

You’ll also have a spacious mezzanine space that can be used for breakout sessions, networking, workshops, or perhaps a vantage point to watch the main event unfold.

It has a total floor space of 160m2, and a total capacity of 150 guests. You’ll also have great catering options, versatile furniture arrangements, projectors, sound equipment, and excellent WiFi.

Wrapping up

Well, there you go, our guide to the coolest exhibition venues in Prague. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, perhaps you want more.

If so, don’t let us stop you. You can see the rest of our exhibition and photoshoot rooms in Prague right here.

And as some bonus expert advice, here are 10 creative ideas to promote your corporate event. Enjoy, folks!

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