The 6 Best Team Activities in Prague

03 December 2021
03 December 2021
The 6 Best Team Activities in Prague

Well done you! You’ve stumbled onto this guide to the best team activities in Prague. Whether it’s to develop skills, relationships, or just for fun, we’ve got something for everyone here.

Team building might be a cynical term to some, for a good reason. A lot of the time, they are uninspiring sessions that lead to nowhere.

But something better is out there. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite team-building activities in Prague that are guaranteed to satisfy any team building outcome you have your heart set on. So get reading and enjoy!

1. Prague Beer Tours

Prague Beer Tours via Viator

We’re kicking off our guide to team building activities in Prague with a classic. One which celebrates what the city and the country are most famous for. Beer. There are many beer tours in this city. Our favourite, however, is Prague Beer Tours.

Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the tours are run by experts. So you’re going to be learning from people that not only know what they’re talking about but are passionate too. Plus, the nuance of this tour is that they don’t take you to any crowded touristic places. Each venue is carefully selected and where real locals go to drink.

And best of all, you can customise your experience to how you like it, depending on your taste of beer, how long you want to be out drinking, and if you wish to throw in a beer brewing workshop in there while you’re at it.

2. Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing via Dragonboat

Do your team like nature? The outdoors? Getting out there and doing it? Then how about Dragon Boat Racing? A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft originating from the Pearl River Delta region of China’s southern Guangdong Province.

Your experience with the Czech Dragon Boat Racing is a comprehensive one. Whether it’s racing or just gentle jaunts down the river, you can customise the experience as you like it. Your day out in the nature of the river includes mentoring and oversight by professional instructors and superb refreshment and catering options.

Plus, the boats are works of art in themselves—long, sturdy, slender wooden bows, headed by distinct handcrafted and hand-painted dragons.

3. Escape Rooms Prague

Escape Rooms Prague via Facebook

Up next, we have drama and problem solving with Escape Rooms Prague. It’s an engaging team-building activity in Prague for teams that want to be challenged and have a taste for captivating storytelling.

They have three intense and fantastically designed stories with superb sets: The Devils Bible, Communist Czechoslovakia, and The Semtext Code (including Semtex Code Duel). Alternatively, if you don’t want to escape from a room at all, why not play their outdoor game, The Holy Grail.

Here your team will be tested for their problem solving and communication skills. What’s more, they’ll have fun along the way!

They also have an arcade, meeting spaces and offer tailor-made team-building experiences. And as an extra incentive for your most competitive team members, there’s a leaderboard. So you’re not just competing and collaborating with your team. You’re competing against everyone!

4. K*tar Karaoke

K*Star Karaoke via Tripadvisor

The great thing about karaoke is that you don’t have to be a good singer to enjoy it. In fact, it’s an unwritten rule that it’s better to be bad! It’s pure, unadulterated fun, with one aim: to build stronger relationships for your team.

The best karaoke bar in Prague just happens to be K*star Karaoke. It’s right in the heart of the city, and it’s open till late every night!

There are two ways to do it: book one of their rooms for a private night of partying and singing with your team. Alternatively, just turn up and hang out in the main bar area.

You’ll be happy to know the drinks menu is comprehensive. They’re known for their dazzling cocktails, which even include some niche Czech cocktails you might not have tried like Beton or Bavorak.

And best of all, for your international team members, they have songs in a host of languages, including English, Spanish, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Indonesian.

5. Prague Food Tour

They say the best way to get to know a place and a people is through their food. And how convenient is that? Because we all love to eat, and it’s even better when you do it together as a team.

That’s why we recommend the Prague Food Tour for you and your team to learn about the city and her food. You’ll get to eat some excellent cuisine and foster some good old fashioned team spirit!

The tour lasts 3.5 hours and takes you to locally loved and approved foot spots, where they serve authentic Czech food, from bistros to bakeries and even butchers. You’ll visit historical places and contemporary spaces and try classic Czech fare such as the famous beer and fabled open sandwiches.

6. Kart Planet

Kart Planet via Facebook

Our last team-building activity in Prague for you is for the thrill-seekers. Go-karting is a day out for big kids who like competition. So if you have a sales team who compete over everything, or just some colleagues that want to blow off steam, take them to Kart Planet!

Their state of the art karts can reach speeds of up to 70km/h, with a team of mechanics who constantly keep them tuned and in balance.

The track is 600 metres long, with 19 turns, 5 metres of elevation, and ten variations of track layout to keep with interesting. What’s more, it’s an all-weather track, with floodlights for night racing too!

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap! The best team activities in Prague, all in one place. We hope you’ve seen the perfect idea for your team. And the best thing is, you can do more than one! Why not all of them?

If you’re looking for a location to hold a team-building event, then make sure to check out our workshop rooms in Prague. Exciting corporate event spaces is our thing, so be prepared to see some remarkable spaces!

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