Where to Host a Talk or Hackathon Event at ETHPrague 2022

17 February 2022
17 February 2022
Where to Host a Talk or Hackathon Event at ETHPrague 2022

If you’re curious about hosting an event at ETHPrague, then you’re in the right place. Because we’re not only going to show you where to host your ETH event in Prague, we’re going to give you advice on how to host an Ethereum event in general along the way.

The crucial details are as follows: it will take place between the 10-12th of June 2022, and the main centre of events will take place at Paralelní Polis. So get reading. We hope you enjoy it, and good luck!

Why Host an ETH Event in Prague

The mission statement of ETHPrague asks, “You decide whether we end up living in a dark authoritarian dystopia or a bright Solarpunk utopia.”

In short, it’s a bold event. It’s for true believers in Ethereum who want to be part of the movement and make a real difference.

ETHPrague – like the Ethereum community as a whole – is about freedom and decentralization. If you want to host an event that celebrates and contributes to that, you need to host an ETH event in Prague.

You’ll meet entrepreneurs, developers, students, builders, investors, and more. They’re coming together to create an occasion with an underground feel. So if your business or project could benefit from bringing these kinds of people together, then what are you waiting for?

What Kind of Events Can You Host at ETHPrague

So the emphasis on ETHPrague is hackathons and talks. They don’t want to set concrete boundaries. However, they prefer events that tackle sustainability, local economies & urban issues.

This is in line with the Solarpunk premise, with the organisers also favouring experiments over overt commercial projects. See below for examples of projects they have shortlisted:

Societal challenges:

  • Solutions through smart contracts
  • Solarpunk visions
  • Economies & Communities / DAOs

Ethereum stack:

  • Ethereum network operation (nodes & infra)
  • L2, Rollups & Interoperability
  • Utility contracts/dapps
  • Cryptography & Privacy perseverance tools

Hands-on workshops

  • Coding exercises (Solidity, Fe, Cairo, Circom, ZoKrates,…)
  • Technical walk-through (live demos)
  • HW hacking
  • DAO operations

Ethereum community:

  • EIP process
  • By & For Community initiatives
  • Impact visions

Talks that likely won’t make the cut:

  • commercial app showcases & updates
  • sales pitches
  • fundraising talks
Our Favourite Venues For an Ethereum Hackathon in Prague

Paralelní Polis is a non-profit project that combines art, social sciences and modern technology. It is based on freedom, independence and the innovative development of society. They’re the title organisers, and their coworking space is the central hub for ETHPrague.

On the outside, it’s an ultra-cool black facade. On the inside, it’s a bright and trendy coworking space. This, friends are your competition. But don’t worry, down below, we’ve earmarked some of our favourite venues in Prague for an Ethereum Hackathon in Prague.

1. Industrial and Cosy Venue Ethereum Hackathon in Prague

Industrial and cozy event hub
Industrial and Cosy Venue Ethereum Hackathon in Prague via Eventflare 

So first up, we have this industrial and cosy event hub. It’s like a hipsters dream, rough around the edges but refined and highly styled at its core. It has a friendly atmosphere, paired with a nostalgic sensibility, so what’s not to like?

Your guests won’t fail to love the old-fashioned lattice framed windows that expand across the whole of the exterior wall. It’s made all the more atmospheric by the tall, brutalist pillars.

The style is finished with some fabulous contemporary renovations such as the wooden fixtures, furniture and cosy lighting installations.

As well as having a private bar, it comes with versatile furniture arrangements, free parking, sound equipment, excellent WiFi, and finally, you’ll have 150m2, allowing for up to 200 guests.

2. Trendy New York Style Venue for an ETHPrague Hackathon

Trendy New York Style Venue for an ETHPrague Hackathon via Eventflare 

Our next venue for your Ethereum hackathon in Prague is this trendy New York style loft. It’s excellent for a hackathon with an intimate and social feel.

It’s bursting with natural light thanks to the tall windows. You’ll see an array of seductive fixtures, such as the vintage exposed brickwork: the classical wall mouldings, elegant wooden flooring, and industrial steel pillars.

This loft is filled with excellent furnishings, too, such as the antique mirror, studio-style lamps, neo-Turkish rug, trendy mishmash furniture, and deep leather swing chairs.

What’s more, you’ll have 147m2 of space, a total capacity of 130 people, free parking, and high-speed WiFi.

3. Fun and Social Location For an Ethereum Hackathon in Prague

Fun and social location for corporate meetings
Fun and Social Location For an Ethereum Hackathon in Prague via Eventflare 

Our final selection for your ETHPrague hackathon is this fun and social location located in Prague 2.

This is great for hackathons as it has spacious open plan lounge areas for chill breakout sessions or as relaxing areas to open your laptop and code away in style.

There’s lots of colour here, as well as a beautiful display of vintage furniture and decoration. It’s a location that shows its age with beauty. Just looks at the tall wooden roof pillars, beams, large windows, and marble and wooden flooring.

What’s more, you even have a private bar and a garden. So you can network and hang out as the event unfolds. Plus, there’s a stage, a piano, a sound system, projectors, and WiFi. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of up to 45 people.

Our Favourite Venues for an ETHPrague Talk

1. Chic and Modern Venue For an ETHPrague Talk

Chic modern venue with elegant architecture
Chic and Modern Venue For an ETHPrague Talk via Eventflare

The first of our venues for your ETHPrague talk is this chic and modern venue. This location is a real charmer for those with a soft spot for elegant architecture.

There’s a sense of grandeur here thanks to the towering windows that spread right across the length of the hall and taller ceilings too. This space is given further depth by the spacious mezzanine that acts as an elegant viewing gallery or just an excellent place for a breakout session. The decor is playful in colour and versatile in style.

Capacity-wise, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 150 people over its 160m2 of floor space. Plus, you’ll have superb catering options, versatile furniture, projectors, professional light rigging, sound equipment, and excellent WiFi.

2. Industrial Event Space For an ETH Event in Prague

Industrial Event Space For an ETH Event in Prague via Eventflare

How about this industrial event space for your ETHPrague talk. It’s dramatic and imposing, perfect for deep and fascinating discussions on the future of Ethereum.

Here we have a fabulous example of Brutalist architecture in a decidedly minimalist display. The space’s most distinctive features are the thick grey columns and the nostalgic industrial windows, giving the place a subtle glow.

It’s a natural blank canvas venue, meaning you can transform it into anything you want for your ETHPrageu talk.

You’ll have an impressive 400m2 to work with here, with a total capacity of 600 people. Plus, the venue offers free parking, a first-class sound system, and high-speed WiFi.

3. Hip Industrial Conference Hub for an ETHPrague Talk

Hip industrial conference hub with breakout areas
Hip Industrial Conference Hub for an ETHPrague Talk via Eventflare

Here we are, our final venue for your ETH event in Prague. Say hello to this marvellous and hip industrial space.

We love this location for its wholesome and cheerful aesthetic. There are funk light fixtures, shiny wooden flooring, tropical plants, and colourful chairs.

If you’re planning an ETHPrague talk that has a social and vibrant atmosphere, then this is the one for you because it comes with a private bar, a terrace, a lounge, and three breakout rooms.

Wrapping up

So that’s a wrap on where to host a talk or hackathon event at ETHPrague 2022. To see even more of our Venues in Prague, just follow this link.

For further advice on How to host a blockchain conference, read up on this ultimate guide we made earlier.

And before you go, make sure to join the Official ETHPrague Telegram channel to stay up to date with all the latest news on the event. Goodbye, and we hope to see you in Prague!

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