5 Unique Party Venues in Stockholm

31 August 2022
31 August 2022
5 Unique Party Venues in Stockholm

Hello there, today we’re going to share some unique party venues in Stockholm with you.

This selection is for those who want to throw an after-party their guests will never forget.

We’ve got some surprised in here, that’s for sure. From historical loungers to concept atriums, there’s something to satisfy all tastes.

So read on, fellow event planners, and enjoy!

1. Bright Party Space in Stockholm With Trendy Interiors

Bright lounge area with trendy interiorsBright Party Space in Stockholm With Trendy Interiors via Eventflare

And kicking us off, we have this bright party space in Stockholm with trendy interiors. You’ll find this spot is perfect for any kind of social occasion you desire, from after-work parties to receptions and private dining experiences.

It’s got a totally unique layout, with road-paint carpeted flooring, brightly coloured furniture, and gaming-inspired overhead light fixtures. Plus, it has a natural and charming brightness thanks to the floor-to-ceiling walls.

And best of all, it has a private bar and superb catering options. And finally, capacity-wise, it can accommodate up to 150 people over its 210m2 of floor space.

2. Breathtaking Party Venue for Hire in Stockholm With Tons of Daylight

Breathtaking space with tons of daylight featuring high ceiling, herringbone floors and vast arched windows.Breathtaking Party Venue for Hire in Stockholm With Tons of Daylight via Eventflare

Up next, we have this breathtaking party venue in Stockholm. It’s perfect for those who have a soft spot for period dramas.

You’ll find it in the area of Näsbyviken, basked in glorious natural light thanks to the tall windows.

There are so many majestic fixtures to gaze your eyes upon here. For example, look at the Herringbone floors, chandeliers, rugs, wall mouldings, ceiling frescos, and more.

Service-wise, there is brilliant catering, flipcharts, versatile furniture arrangement, projectors, sound equipment, a whiteboard, and high-speed WiFi. And finally, over the 78m2 you see here, you’ll be able to host a party of 50 people.

3. Multifunctional Glass Party Venue in Stockholm

Multifunctional glass venue for eventsMultifunctional Glass Party Venue in Stockholm via Eventflare

Our next party venue for hire in Stockholm is a magnificent glass house in the city centre.

This intimate location has 42m2 to work with, offering a standing capacity of 70 people and a seated capacity of 40.

It’s full of stylish elements, such as the chevron-layout flooring, the pretty flower arrangements, the drop-down lightbulbs, and the white linen table. There has clearly gone a lot of creative thought into the interior design of this venue.

The layout of the furniture is versatile to your designs as well. And what’s more, you’ll have two private balconies, and a dazzling full restaurant menu is available too.

4. Bright Multipurpose Party Space in Stockholm With an Industrial Look

Multipurpose bright venue with an industrial lookBright Multipurpose Party Space in Stockholm With an Industrial Look via Eventflare

In the popular area of Vasastan, we have this bright multipurpose venue overlooking a railway yard.

It is the perfect party venue in Stockholm for those who enjoy minimal and sophisticated experiences for their after-work events.

The most prominent feature of this space is the curving floor-to-ceiling glass walls that cover three of its sides. It creates a dynamic and stylish glow to events here.

And best of all for you event planners, it’s a blank canvas venue, meaning you can customise it however you want. Plus, it comes with a projector, sound equipment, high-speed WiFi, and a total capacity of 60 people.

5. Relaxed Party Venue for Hire in Stockholm

Relaxed lounge space for receptionsRelaxed Party Venue for Hire in Stockholm via Eventflare

Our last location is a relaxed lounge space for classy receptions. You’ll find it in the heart of the city centre, boasting a unique design your guests will love.

It is a towering atrium with a striking all-white facade. At its centre, you’ll find four open-plan lounges showcasing different interior design styles. In short, this is a party venue in Stockholm that is peerless in its aesthetic.

The floor spans over 140m2, with the height of the atrium reaching 28 metres. All this allows for a maximum capacity of 100 people.

Wrapping up

We hope you liked our article on unique party venues in Stockholm. It’s been short and sweet.

If you’ve now been hooked on our fabulous after-work rooms in Stockholm, then treat yourself a browse of the rest of our selection!

And before you go, here’s one last bit of expert advice. It’s 11 useful interactive tools for hybrid events.

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