Unique Venues In Stockholm for Corporate Events

13 January 2021
13 January 2021
Unique Venues In Stockholm for Corporate Events

People often say it’s not where you are but who you’re with. Okay, sure, that’s true. But, if the place you’re at can be cool too, then that’s better, right?

Good, glad you agree. Because we’ve put together a guide to the most unique event venues in Stockholm. We can’t help decide who you bring though, that’s all up to you.

The Castle
friendly enviroment for events
The Castle via Facebook

The Castle is a co-working space and event venue in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town. It is a 1,500m2 palace that refuses to assume the role of a traditional workspace.

Be under no illusion; this isn’t a stuffy and dusty old castle. They’ve kept the chandeliers, glorious mirrors, ornate fixings, and renovated it to be a ray of sunshine that never sets.

You can host events from 5 to 150 guests at The Castle. And your event can be anything from a meeting, conference, a party, dinners – whatever your brain can imagine. They have different rooms for different levels of sophistication, from their lowkey Cafe, to their regal Mirror Room.

There’s also a yoga studio and gym, for an endorphin releasing team building session. Or just skip all that and head straight for the sauna.

Rosersbergs Slott
classic and welcoming venue
Rosersbergs Slott via roserbergsslott

Rosersbergs Slott is one of the most unique venues in Stockholm for one or two reasons. Firstly, it’s a Royal Palace. And secondly, it’s a bastion for peace and quiet.

The extensive Palace park is there for you to take a stroll, soak in Sweden’s nature, and contemplate a busy work week. Enjoy all that with lake Mälaren in the background.

They have two locations for your meetings: in the castle wings, or the castle stables. Or throw a party in their parlour rooms, or on the terrace if you fancy a summer bash.

Take the edge off with one of their very own beers, brewed in the cellar belly of the castle itself. Or if you want a more formal cultural experience, you could check out the Castle Museum?

And, if you fall in love, you can always check into one of their hotel rooms.

venue in nature
Artipelag via Facebook

Artipelag is a funny combination of the words art, activities and Archipelago. It’s a hard place to understand nevermind explain. It is totally amazing in size, visually, and scope.

What is most remarkable about Artipelag is that it is the vision and will of a single person. Babybjorn built it.

There is a brow-raising 32,000 square feet art hall, Artbox, huge concert hall, conference rooms, two restaurants, event space, artists studios, and Instagram worthy sea views.

Moderna Museet
modern museum
Moderna Museet via modernamuseet

Venues in Stockholm don’t come more cultured than Moderna Museet. It’s been a cultural cathedral in the city since 1958. It’s current and very event friendly home was designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo in 1998.

They have an extensive range of rooms for you to choose from. Your event can hold anywhere between 30 and 1,500 guests spread through one or more of their lounges, bars, restaurant, cinema, auditorium, or workshops.

It’s a space built for, and by artists. That means if you’re wanting to host a Stockholm conference here, it’s going to be cool. So you’ll be cool by extension by booking Moderna Museet. Because that’s how these things work. We think…

The nature of your event is entirely open-ended. It can be fully staffed and fully catered, or you can be left to your own devices. Or, you could have team building workshops arranged. A painting class – or competition – could be fun?

costume party
Cirkus via Facebook

Cirkus welcomes everyone and anyone. It’s a venue that only asks you to be yourself. It’s the escape from reality you and your guests never knew you needed.

Their bistro is charged with a mandate to give you the unexpected, just like the great circuses of old.

They put on a storming calendar of diverse events. Previous acts include Katherine Ryan, circus tributes, music like The Jesus & Mary Chain, a tribute to Bjorn & Benny of ABBA, and full-throttle shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race tour.

With auditoriums, party floors, and private rooms, this is your chance to go bold in Stockholm. Do it loud and do it proud. Just leave the office talk back in your hotel room, none of that in the party venues please.

Julius Hus
Julius Hus via juliushus

Have you ever wanted to live like someone on The Crown or Downton Abbey? It’s okay, most of us have. Julius Hus is a private city manor that can help you feel like a character in a period drama.

You’re dealing with a piece of history and genuine grandeur. It has been the residence of five generations of the Westerdahlare & Hedbergare family.

There is a dining room from the 1880s and a music room from the 1920s available for hire. When you book here, you have two full floors at your disposal. More than enough room for your unique event, and for your guests to meander and explore the rooms upstairs as well.

As your guests work up an appetite, the catering options are entirely up to you. You can use the kitchen with yourself, or the in-house caterers can take care of you.

 Ateriet Via Materiet
Materiet via materiet

The Materiet event room has a very eye-catching checkered floor. There are seating areas on different floors for having heart-to-heart conversations, a breath of fresh air, explore, or just to witness the party from afar.

The food is for occasions, and their menu takes inspiration from all over the world. They have a range of menus and concepts for you to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

After a lovely dinner, they are well-practised at turning the place into a disco. You can choose from a DJ, band, or maybe just put on a trusty and floor-shaking Spotify playlist?

They can sort out events for up to 150 seated guests and 300 standing guests. And you can keep the party going here until 1 AM. One of the party venues we can all get behind!

Åkeshofs Slott
Åkeshofs Slott via akeshofsslott

Åkeshofs Slott is a garden castle steps away from a subway station. The garden is like strolling through a version of Alice in Wonderland. It’s 7 minutes from the airport, and 15 minutes from the city. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface with this place.

The various parlours where you can host meetings, parties, brainstorming sessions and dinners are like museums. Except you’re encouraged to touch things and make yourself at home here.

Their kitchen is led by Head Chef Petra Hed and is inspired by mother nature and Scandinavia. And how about an authentic cellar accompanied by good cheese, fine wine and mellow wax candles? It’s a winning combination folks.

So what could be more magical, to rent a room in stockholm… in a castle!

modern venue
Space via musicbusinessworldwide

Space gives the online world a real-life… well, space. It’s a venue for a generation of people reared by the internet to meet in the real world.

Their gaming centre will have over 500 fully equipped gaming stations and an e-sport arena. But don’t be put off if you’re not an expert level gamer – it’s an open and sharing environment. And it’s going to be one of the biggest permanent gaming venues in the world.

Their music arena will be immersive like you’ve never experienced. There’ll be pop-up gigs, studio sessions, production workshops, and audio engineering classes. Like with the gaming, the uninitiated don’t need to be scared. It’s inclusive to all skill sets.

It will be a hub for content creators in all forms of digital media, from music to podcasts, to video makers.

The size and scope of this place has to be admired, it could be the quirky stockholm conference venue you never know you needed.

Wrapping up

It’s a cold hard truth, but not every venue can be unique. But generic places have their place too: they make the unique venues seem more special.

And as you now know, there are plenty of unique venues in Stockholm waiting to host your event.

Featured image: Artipelag via artipelag

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