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Book Conference Venues in Amsterdam
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    Guide to hosting conference events in Amsterdam

    Welcome to the vibrant city of Amsterdam, where centuries of history blend seamlessly with cutting-edge innovation.

    If you're considering hosting a conference that marries knowledge with culture, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll navigate through the picturesque canals, historic neighbourhoods, and modern venues to help you orchestrate an unforgettable conference experience in the heart of this dynamic Dutch capital.

    Whether you're seeking unique venues, diverse catering options, or engaging breakout sessions, Amsterdam offers a canvas for your conference dreams to come to life. Let's embark on a journey to create a seamless and inspiring conference in one of Europe's most captivating cities.

    1) What's the Right Style of Conference Room in Amsterdam for You? 

    Our first step in building your dream conference is, of course, the style of the venue. Now, if you’re not familiar with this city, we’re delighted to tell you that the architecture here is sublime, and that is most definitely reflected in the conference spaces in Amsterdam. Here are the key styles you need to consider: 

    1. Historic Elegance: Imagine hosting your conference in a 17th-century canal house. With ornate details, tall windows, and classic interiors, these venues transport you back in time while providing a sense of grandeur that's hard to beat.
    2. Industrial Chic: Amsterdam loves repurposing old warehouses and factories into conference spaces. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings with metal beams, and a mix of vintage and modern décor give these venues an edgy and creative feel.
    3. Modern Minimalism: For a sleek and contemporary atmosphere, modern conference venues in Amsterdam are all about clean lines, minimalist designs, and open spaces. These venues let the content of your conference shine in a sophisticated setting.
    4. Cultural Fusion: Some conference venues seamlessly blend old and new. Imagine a cutting-edge auditorium in the heart of a historic building. This fusion of styles creates a captivating contrast that sparks conversation.
    5. Tech Innovation Hubs: Amsterdam is a tech-savvy city, and its conference venues reflect this. With state-of-the-art facilities, interactive screens, and advanced audiovisual setups, these venues are ideal for tech-focused events.
    6. Waterfront Wonders: Since Amsterdam is all about canals, some conference venues offer breathtaking waterfront views. Hosting your conference by the water not only provides a serene backdrop but also adds a touch of Amsterdam's charm.
    7. Cultural Landmarks: How about a conference in a former church or a renovated theatre? Amsterdam's cultural landmarks are often transformed into conference spaces that exude a sense of history and cultural significance.

    2) The Best Areas for Hosting a Conference in Amsterdam

    A conference room for hire in Amsterdam doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The area that you choose to host the event also matters. It reflects on you and defines the vibe of your conference. So here are the neighbourhoods we recommend for hosting a conference in Amsterdam: 

    1. Amsterdam-Zuid (South): This upscale district is home to Amsterdam's financial hub, known as the Zuidas. It offers modern conference facilities with high-end amenities. The area is well-connected to public transport, making it convenient for both local and international attendees.
    2. Westerpark: Westerpark is a creative and trendy district known for its converted industrial spaces. It offers unique venues, often characterised by high ceilings and open layouts, making it an ideal canvas for innovative conferences.
    3. Museum Quarter: Located near several of Amsterdam's most renowned museums, this area offers a mix of classic and modern conference venues. The cultural atmosphere adds an intellectual and artistic touch to your event.
    4. Amsterdam-Noord: This emerging creative hotspot across the IJ River offers unique venues like former shipyards and warehouses. It's an edgy choice for conferences seeking a combination of modernity and artistic flair.
    5. Oud-West: A blend of residential and commercial spaces, Oud-West offers a mix of historic and contemporary conference venues. It's a versatile area suitable for a wide range of conference styles.

    3) How Much Will A Conference Space in Amsterdam Cost? 

    You might be thinking, however, that we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves. You might be wondering how much a conference venue in Amsterdam will cost you. Well, that depends, naturally, on how much you want to spend… 

    • Basic Conference Room: For a standard conference room that accommodates a small to medium-sized group, prices can range from approximately €150 to €500 per hour.
    • Mid-Range Conference Space: Conference spaces with better amenities and a larger capacity might fall in the range of €500 to €1500 per hour.
    • Premium Conference Venue: High-end venues equipped with advanced technology, luxurious settings, and exceptional services could cost €1500 to €5000 or more per hour.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Audiovisual Equipment: Anticipate costs of around €100 to €500 or more.
    • Catering: Budget approximately €20 to €50 per person for basic to moderate catering options.
    • Materials and Supplies
    • Staff and Services: Plan for costs ranging from €50 to €200 per hour.
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Transportation and Accommodation
    • Insurance

    Further Reading: Here’s our guide on what to look for when renting a conference venue for the first time

    4) The Best Catering for Your Conference Space in Amsterdam

    Now then, let’s talk food. Because attendees get hungry. And from our experience, these are the top caterers for a conference in Amsterdam: 

    1. Culinaire Verwennerij: This catering company focuses on creating visually appealing dishes with creative flair. They offer diverse menu options and can customise their offerings to suit your conference theme.
    2. Kitsch Concept: Kitsch Concept brings innovation to the table with contemporary and visually stunning catering options. Their creative presentations can add a touch of excitement to your conference meals.
    3. Catering Van Marle: With over 40 years of experience, Catering Van Marle offers a versatile range of catering services suitable for conferences of different sizes. They emphasise personalised service and attention to detail.
    4. The Food Line-up: This catering company is known for its focus on sustainability and ethical practices. They collaborate with local food entrepreneurs to offer diverse and unique catering options.
    5. Meneer Nieges: Situated by the water, Meneer Nieges offers a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces with a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere. Their catering services complement their inviting ambience.

    P.S. Here’s a tip to surprise your guests, why not book one of our favourite food trucks in Amsterdam in lieu of a traditional event caterer? 

    5) Amazing Breakout Ideas for Your Conference Venue in Amsterdam

    Your conference room for hire in Amsterdam needs depth (and so does your event schedule). So you absolutely have to build in some awesome breakout sessions. Here are some top ideas specific to Amsterdam: 

    • Interactive Art Stations: Set up interactive art stations within the conference venue. Provide art supplies and prompts that attendees can engage with during breaks, fostering creativity and discussion.
    • Historical Room Workshops: Transform different rooms within the venue into themed breakout spaces. Each room can represent a different historical era, inspiring discussions related to that period's influences on modern concepts.
    • Coffee Tasting and Networking: Create a coffee-tasting station within the venue. Attendees can sample different local coffee blends, sparking conversations and networking while exploring the city's flavours.
    • Culinary Exploration Stations: Arrange culinary stations where participants can explore local ingredients and create small dishes. This hands-on experience encourages mingling and conversation.
    • Virtual Reality Demonstrations: Set up VR stations for interactive demonstrations. Attendees can experience virtual scenarios related to conference topics, sparking discussions about technological advancements.
    • Green Think Tank Zones: Create green spaces with potted plants and natural elements. These zones can serve as quiet retreats for contemplative discussions on sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
    • Puzzle and Strategy Corners: Set up puzzle-solving and strategy games in dedicated corners. These interactive activities can promote problem-solving and stimulate discussions on tactics.

    6) Afterwork Ideas for Conference in Amsterdam

    So, the conference space for hire you went for served its purpose, but your attendees still want more! So where do you take them? Somewhere amazing, of course, like one of these out-of-the-box after-work ideas, perchance? 

    • Dine in a Greenhouse: Collaborate with local farms or restaurants that offer dining experiences in greenhouses. Enjoy a farm-to-table meal while surrounded by lush greenery, creating a truly unique and intimate atmosphere.
    • Escape Room Networking: Turn networking into an interactive adventure by hosting an escape room session. Participants can work in teams to solve puzzles and challenges, fostering teamwork and fun interaction.
    • Silent Disco Soiree: Organize a silent disco after-work party, where attendees wear headphones and dance to their choice of music channels. It's a lively and unconventional way to unwind and connect.
    • Street Art Graffiti Workshop: Tap into Amsterdam's creative side by arranging a street art graffiti workshop. Attendees can learn from local artists and even create a collaborative art piece as a conference memento.
    • Vintage Tram Ride and Dinner: Charter a vintage tram for an exclusive dining experience. Attendees can enjoy a gourmet meal while cruising through the city's charming streets.
    • Cocktail Mixology Challenge: Host a mixology challenge where attendees can craft their own cocktails under the guidance of expert mixologists. It's a fun and interactive way to encourage networking.
    • Comedy Club Takeover: Provide a dose of laughter by taking over a local comedy club. A stand-up comedy night can be a fantastic way to unwind and share some lighthearted moments.
    • Sustainability Workshop: Showcase Amsterdam's commitment to sustainability by hosting a hands-on eco-friendly workshop. Participants can engage in activities like urban gardening or upcycling.

    N.B. Why not whisk your guests away to one of these unique cocktail party venues in Amsterdam after your conference wraps up? 

    Wrapping up 

    And with that, you’ve completed our guide to hosting a conference in Amsterdam. We’re all busy so let’s take off to the next stop. 

    And to turn all this new knowledge into a real come-to-life conference, make use of our Ask Expert function - put a local expert to work for you and make your event planning dreams come to reality! 

    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Amsterdam

    FAQ about Amsterdam Conference Venues

    What is the best time of year to book a conference space in Amsterdam?

    Spring (April to June) and early autumn (September) offer pleasant weather and fewer tourists. These seasons are ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the city. However, it's worth noting that Amsterdam's venues are equipped for year-round events with climate control systems, ensuring comfort regardless of the season.

    Is there support to help achieve sustainability at my conference in Amsterdam?

    Absolutely! Amsterdam is a leading city when it comes to sustainability. To help you get up to speed, we’ve prepared some event planning guides for just this topic: 

    What's the average cost to host a conference in Amsterdam?

    Costs can vary significantly based on factors like the size of the conference, venue location, duration, and included amenities. A mid-sized conference venue in Amsterdam can range from approximately €5,000 to €15,000 per day. This typically covers the venue rental, basic AV equipment, and essential facilities. Additionally, you should budget for catering, marketing, guest speakers (if applicable), and other event-specific expenses to create a comprehensive financial plan.

    How can I secure local sponsors for my conference in Amsterdam?

    To secure local sponsors in Amsterdam, leverage the city's robust business ecosystem. Identify potential sponsors among local corporations, startups, and industry associations relevant to your conference theme. 

    Develop tailored sponsorship packages outlining the benefits they'll receive, such as branding exposure, networking opportunities, and access to your attendee base. Establish personal connections through networking events and business forums to pitch your conference's value proposition and discuss potential partnerships.

    Ask one of our local experts to discover potential sponsors that will complement your brand!

    What are the popular platforms for conference ticketing in Amsterdam?

    For streamlined conference registration and ticketing, consider using platforms like Eventbrite, Bizzabo, or local options like TicketSwap. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces for attendees to register, purchase tickets, and receive digital confirmations. Additionally, they often provide event management tools, integration options for marketing efforts, and insights into attendee engagement.

    How can my attendees get to my conference venue in Amsterdam?

    Attendees can choose from public transportation, cycling, or taxi/ride-sharing services to access conference venues in Amsterdam.

    • Public Transportation: Amsterdam offers trains, trams, buses, and the metro, with the GVB website and apps providing route planning and ticketing.
    • Cycling: Cycling is popular; attendees can rent bicycles or use bike-sharing programs like Rent-a-Bike Van Dam, often with dedicated lanes.
    • Taxi/Ride-Sharing: Taxi and apps like Uber are convenient options for quick access to venues.
    What language considerations should I make for my conference in Amsterdam?

    English is widely spoken and understood in Amsterdam. The Dutch are known for their proficiency in English, which makes communication with both local and international attendees smooth and efficient.

    You can confidently use English for all conference communications, presentations, and materials without any language barriers. This enables seamless interactions and ensures that attendees from diverse backgrounds can fully participate and engage in your conference activities.

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