Book Corporate Event Venues in Amsterdam

Book Corporate Event Venues in Amsterdam
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    Guide to hosting corporate event events in Amsterdam

    Located in the heart of Europe, Amsterdam is a magnet for corporate events where the city's rich historical charm blends effortlessly with a modern, dynamic atmosphere.  The city is famous for its iconic canals and picturesque landscapes. It has become a popular choice for companies seeking a unique and inspiring meeting setting.

    Amsterdam's popularity as a corporate event destination is not surprising. The city boasts exceptional infrastructure, world-class venues and a thriving business ecosystem. The seamlessly integrated public transport system, ultra-modern conference facilities, and a wide range of accommodation options make event planning in Amsterdam a logistical breeze, ensuring that the focus remains on the content and success of the corporate event.

    What sets Amsterdam apart, however, is its practical amenities and its unique and quintessentially Dutch experiences. Attendees can experience the city's vibrant cultural scene, exploring historic museums such as the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum. The canalside cafes' charming ambience and picturesque views also provide the perfect setting for networking and informal discussions.

    Injecting a unique zest into its vibrant tapestry, Amsterdam's legendary cycling culture is the city's heartbeat. This two-wheeled tradition offers event-goers an unparalleled way to weave through the city's scenic byways, turning every journey into an unforgettable exploration of Amsterdam's hidden gems.

    Its ability to host high-profile corporate events reinforces Amsterdam's international appeal. The city has played host to a wide range of notable gatherings, including global conferences, industry summits and product launches.

    Sold on the idea that Amsterdam is your go-to for an epic corporate bash? Let's plunge into the details and craft an event that's nothing short of legendary!

    1) The Types of Corporate Event Spaces in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam boasts a diverse range of corporate event venues, each offering a unique ambience to suit different business needs. From historic venues steeped in cultural charm to modern, sleek spaces, the city offers an eclectic selection for hosting successful corporate events.

    • Contemporary conference centres: Amsterdam's modern conference centres are not only versatile but they also cater for large events and are fitted with the latest technology. These venues ensure a seamless experience for conferences, conventions and exhibitions.
    • Historic museums and galleries: Give your attendees a taste of Amsterdam's rich cultural heritage by hosting events in historic museums or galleries. These corporate event venues offer a unique setting that combines business with culture.
    • Creative co-working spaces: Foster innovation and collaboration in Amsterdam's vibrant co-working spaces. These creative environments provide a dynamic setting for workshops, brainstorming sessions and team-building activities.
    • Outdoor venues Amsterdam: Take advantage of the natural beauty of the Dutch capital by choosing outdoor venues. Perfect for team retreats, workshops, or casual meetings surrounded by greenery.
    • Canalside cafes and restaurants: For intimate gatherings or executive meetings, choose canalside cafes and restaurants. These venues offer a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, combining business discussions with the charm of Amsterdam's waterfront.

    Bonus reading: Now that you know the types of corporate event venues you’ll find in Amsterdam, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect event venue in Amsterdam.

    2) The Best Areas for Hosting a Corporate Event in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern sophistication. Several distinct areas are ideal for corporate events. Each neighbourhood has its own character and advantages, allowing event planners to choose a location that fits their specific event requirements perfectly. Here are some of the best areas in Amsterdam to host a corporate event.

    • Zuid (South) District: Known as the city's business district, Zuid is home to modern office spaces, conference centres, and upscale hotels. This area offers a professional and cosmopolitan atmosphere, ideal for corporate meetings, conferences and large events.
    • Jordaan: Home to picturesque canals and trendy boutiques, Jordaan provides a charming backdrop for smaller corporate gatherings. The area's cafes and galleries offer unique venues for networking events, workshops and intimate meetings.
    • Oud-West (Old West): A versatile environment for corporate events, Oud-West combines historic architecture with a modern flair. The area offers cultural venues, theatres and stylish bars, making it suitable for business events.
    • De Pijp: With its bohemian atmosphere and diverse culinary scene, De Pijp is a lively choice for corporate events. The area is ideal for team-building activities, product launches, and casual gatherings in its trendy cafes and event spaces.
    • City Centre (Centrum): Amsterdam's historic city centre is perfect for prestigious events and conferences. With iconic landmarks, historic buildings and luxury hotels, the city centre is an elegant setting for gala dinners, award ceremonies, and high-profile meetings.

    3) How Much Do Event Venues in Amsterdam Cost?

    Understanding the cost range for Amsterdam venues is crucial for event planners looking for the perfect setting for their next corporate event. Here's a breakdown of the cost categories for event venues in Amsterdam.

    • Basic budget event venues: Approximately €500-€2000 per day. Cosy and affordable basic-budget event venues in Amsterdam often offer essential amenities and are perfect for intimate crowds.
    • Medium budget event venues: Approximately €5000-€15,000 per day. Moderately priced conference rooms with basic facilities are suitable for medium-sized corporate events. Rates vary according to venue capacity and facilities.
    • Expensive budget event venues: Approximately €15,000-€30,000 per day.  Ideal for high-profile events, expensive budget venues in Amsterdam offer opulent settings and top-notch services.

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Audio-visual equipment
    • Catering
    • Event planning services
    • Accommodation
    • Transportation
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Translation services
    • Insurance
    • Permits and licenses
    • Speaker fees
    • Decoration

    4) The Best Catering for Corporate Parties in Amsterdam

    Food can make or break an event, so it's good news that the catering options in Amsterdam are as varied as the venues themselves. With so many fantastic catering companies on offer, it took a lot of work to choose just a few. Here are some of Amsterdam's best corporate party catering options, catering to different tastes and preferences.

    • Ducros Catering: Synonymous with versatility, Ducros Catering offers a range of catering options for small business meetings and large corporate events. Their commitment to quality ingredients and impeccable service ensures a worry-free dining experience for attendees.
    • Vork en Mes: Focusing on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, Vork en Mes provides a catering option for eco-conscious corporate events. Their commitment to freshness and seasonality ensures a harmonious culinary experience with modern values.
    • Vanilla Venture: Specialising in high-end catering, Vanilla Venture brings a touch of sophistication to corporate events. From exquisite canapés to gourmet buffets, their culinary creations are crafted with precision and creativity, ensuring a memorable dining experience that will impress any corporate event location in Amsterdam.
    • Food Department: For a more casual and varied catering experience, Food Department specialises in street food-inspired menus. Perfect for informal corporate gatherings or team-building events, their creative and flavourful dishes add a fun and relaxed dining experience.
    • Bread & Delicious: Specialising in catering for small and large events, Bread & Delicious offers a selection of fresh and tasty dishes. Their menu includes a variety of options, from gourmet sandwiches to sophisticated canapés.

    Pro-tip: For a fun spin on event catering, check out these top food trucks in Amsterdam.

    5) Breakout Ideas for Corporate Events in Amsterdam

    Spice up your corporate event in Amsterdam with these fantastic breakout ideas that capture the city's vibrant atmosphere and cultural magic.

    • Bike Tour Scavenger Hunt: Introduce your team to Amsterdam's cycling culture through an exhilarating bike tour scavenger hunt. Teams navigate the city's charming streets, solving puzzles and discovering unexpected sights.
    • Historical walking tour: Explore Amsterdam's rich history with a walking tour of key landmarks. Encourage teams to explore historical perspectives, encouraging critical thinking and lively discussion.
    • Culinary exploration in historic venues: Take your team on a hands-on culinary adventure within the walls of a historic venue. From making traditional Dutch delicacies to exploring global cuisines, let the flavours of Amsterdam enhance teamwork and shared experiences.
    • Art and innovation gallery tour: Elevate your event with a curated tour of Amsterdam's art galleries that smoothly blends creative inspiration with discussions on innovation. Stimulate out-of-the-box thinking in the city's artistic ambience.
    • Live music networking night: Energise your networking event by holding it in one of Amsterdam's iconic music venues. Enhance connections with live music and create a vibrant atmosphere for meaningful interactions.

    6) After-Work Ideas for a Corporate Party in Amsterdam

    Finally, get ready to sprinkle a little extra magic on top of your Amsterdam corporate gathering. Dive into these after-work ideas that combine the city's energetic spirit and cultural richness to create a memorable after-party.

    • Dinner cruise on the Amstel: Enjoy a relaxing dinner cruise on the Amstel River. Combine breathtaking views of Amsterdam's illuminated skyline with a delicious dining experience on the water.
    • DIY Dutch Pancake Station: Add a touch of fun with a DIY Dutch pancake station. Allow guests to customise their pancakes with a variety of toppings for a delicious and interactive dining experience.
    • Foodie walking tour in De Pijp: Discover the culinary delights of Amsterdam's De Pijp district on a foodie walking tour. As you explore this eclectic neighbourhood, sample local delicacies, from stroopwafels to Dutch cheese.
    • Cultural evening at the Rijksmuseum: Organise a private evening tour at the Rijksmuseum. Explore Dutch art and history in a sophisticated setting, followed by a reception with drinks and canapés.
    • Canal-side happy hour: Enjoy Amsterdam's iconic canals with a canal-side happy hour. Choose a trendy waterside bar or opt for a private boat cruise for a relaxed evening of drinks, conversation and stunning views.

    Pro-tip: For a classic after-work cocktail hour, check out these fabulous bars in Amsterdam.

    Wrapping Up

    And that concludes our guide to curating an incredible corporate event in Amsterdam. But guess what? The journey to planning the perfect event experience has just started. Explore the many venues for corporate events in Amsterdam. 

    If you need any help booking or any other assistance to ensure your event is a hit, drop us a line. We're here to make your event dreams come true!

    A Guide to Hosting Corporate Events in Amsterdam

    FAQ about Amsterdam Corporate Event Venues

    What makes Amsterdam a unique destination for corporate events?

    Firstly, its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and vibrant culture provide an enchanting backdrop for meetings and conferences.

    Secondly, Amsterdam is a hub of innovation and creativity, with a thriving start-up scene and world-class museums and galleries that inspire out-of-the-box thinking. In addition, the city's excellent transport infrastructure and compact layout make it easy for attendees to navigate between venues and explore the city's attractions.

    Lastly, Amsterdam offers a wide range of unique venues, from historic canal houses to modern event spaces, ensuring that corporate events are both memorable and impactful.

    Can Eventflare offer corporate event venues near key landmarks like Amsterdam Centraal or the Royal Palace, or Dam Square?

    Absolutely! Eventflare has some fantastic venue options all over the city. Simply get in touch with our local experts, and they’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

    How far in advance should I book a venue in Amsterdam for a corporate event?

    It's wise to book your corporate event venue in Amsterdam about 6 to 12 months in advance. This will ensure you have a good choice of options and allow plenty of time for planning and coordination. Popular venues can fill up quickly, so early booking is the key to a smooth and successful event!

    What local Dutch specialities should guests try during their stay for a corporate event?

    There's plenty to eat in Amsterdam, but if we had to choose, we'd go for the stroopwafels - thin waffles filled with sweet caramel syrup. Don't miss out on Dutch cheese; Gouda and Edam are classics. And, of course, indulge in bitterballen - delicious deep-fried meatballs, perfect for snacking during your stay!

    For more suggestions on food you can’t miss, check out the ultimate Amsterdam food guide.

    What are some relaxing activities for guests after a busy day at a corporate event in Amsterdam?

    After a hectic day at the corporate event in Amsterdam, unwind by strolling along the picturesque canals. Consider a tranquil boat tour to soak in the city's charm. Relax in a cosy canal-side cafe, and perhaps indulge in a Dutch beer. Finally, a leisurely visit to a local museum or a gentle bike ride can provide a perfect wind-down.

    Are language barriers a concern when hosting an event in Amsterdam?

    Not really! English is widely spoken in Amsterdam and the locals are generally fluent. Most business interactions and public signs are in English, so language barriers are minimal. You and your guests should feel quite comfortable communicating during your event.

    How far in advance should I book a venue in Amsterdam for a corporate event?

    It's wise to book your corporate event venue in Amsterdam about 6 to 12 months in advance. This will ensure you have a good choice of options and allow plenty of time for planning and coordination. Popular venues can fill up quickly, so early booking is the key to a smooth and successful event!

    Can Eventflare offer eco-friendly venue options in Amsterdam for corporate events?

    Absolutely! Amsterdam prides itself on sustainability. You'll find many eco-friendly venues for corporate events, from green-certified hotels to venues with eco-conscious practices. These venues not only contribute to the environment but also add a touch of responsibility to your event.

    If you’re interested in throwing an eco-friendly corporate event in Amsterdam, here are some eco-friendly event venues to check out as well as some top tips for host an epic eco-friendly event in Amsterdam.

    What technological facilities can I expect at Amsterdam corporate event venues?

    Amsterdam's corporate event venues are well-equipped with modern technology. Expect high-speed Wi-Fi, audiovisual facilities and advanced presentation tools. Many venues offer technical support to ensure your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Is public transportation in Amsterdam suitable for event attendees?

    Definitely! Amsterdam's public transport system, such as trams and trains, is excellent for event visitors. It's efficient, well-connected, and convenient for guests to get around the city. In addition, Amsterdam's iconic canals provide a charming backdrop to any journey.

    Are there opportunities for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities as part of corporate events in Amsterdam?

    Of course! Amsterdam offers great opportunities for CSR activities during corporate events. From canal clean-up initiatives to community engagement projects, you can easily incorporate meaningful and socially responsible activities that positively contribute to the local community.

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