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    A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Amsterdam

    Hey there, meeting planners and adventurers! If you're gearing up to host a meeting in the charming city of Amsterdam, you're in for a treat.

    Whether you're all about historic elegance or modern innovation, this guide has got you covered. From picturesque canal-side venues to out-of-the-box team-building ideas, we're diving into everything you need to know to make your meeting not only successful but also unforgettable in the Dutch capital.

    So, grab your clogs and a cup of stroopwafel – it's time to explore "A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Amsterdam"!

    1) What's the Right Meeting Room in Amsterdam for You? 

    Now then, here we go. Let’s start with the style of your meeting space in Amsterdam. And thankfully, in this magnificent city, you’re spoilt for choice. For example, here’s just a smattering of our favourites: 

    1. Historic Elegance: 17th-century canal-side mansions boasting ornate details and classic Dutch gables. Elegantly decorated rooms furnished with antique furniture and adorned with stunning chandeliers, create an atmosphere of grandeur and leave a lasting impression.
    2. Modern Innovation: Sleek and contemporary spaces featuring minimalist design, clean lines, and abundant natural light. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and interactive displays that make presentations engaging and impactful.
    3. Industrial Chic: Repurposed old spaces like warehouses transformed into unique meeting venues. Characterised by exposed brick walls and industrial beams, it offers an open layout that balances a casual yet professional atmosphere, harmonising history with creative energy.
    4. Architectural Mixtape: Showcasing a blend of architectural styles, from Dutch Renaissance buildings with distinctive stepped gables to Dutch Golden Age canal houses. Providing a historic backdrop that exudes charm and uniqueness, making each venue a memorable setting for corporate meetings.
    5. Sustainable Modernism: Incorporating sustainable design elements such as living roofs covered in flourishing plants. Featuring energy-efficient designs that reflect Amsterdam's commitment to environmental responsibility, creating a positive impact on both business proceedings and the ecosystem.

    2) How Much Does a Meeting Venue in Amsterdam Cost? 

    So, looks are important. But we bet you’re wondering, how much will a meeting venue in Amsterdam cost you? Well, likely, as follows: 

    • Basic Meeting Rooms: If you're looking for a simple, no-frills meeting room that accommodates a small group, you can find options starting at around €50 to €150 per hour.
    • Mid-Range Options: For mid-sized meeting rooms with better amenities and technology, you might be looking at around €150 to €400 per hour.
    • High-End Venues: Top-notch meeting rooms in prime locations, often with cutting-edge technology and exceptional services, can range from €400 to €1000 or more per hour.

    Keep in mind that prices can vary widely depending on factors like the location, venue type, amenities, and the size of the meeting you're planning. Here's a general overview:

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Catering: If your meeting requires catering services, prices can range from €15 to €50 per person for a basic meal, and can go higher for more elaborate options.
    • Audiovisual Equipment: Renting audiovisual equipment might cost around €100 to €300, depending on the complexity of your needs.
    • Staff and Services: Additional services like technical support or event coordination might incur costs of approximately €50 to €150 per hour.
    • Location: Meeting rooms in central and upscale areas can range from €150 to €500 or more per hour.
    • Season and Demand: Prices might be higher during peak seasons, with potential increases of around 20% to 40% compared to off-peak times.

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Meeting in Amsterdam

    The next thing you need to consider for your meeting room for hire in Amsterdam isn’t about style or price. It’s about the where. Yes, the area where you host your meeting sets the tone. So here are the different districts and tones they set for your consideration: 

    • Museum District (Museumplein): This area is not only rich in cultural attractions but also offers some upscale venues suitable for corporate meetings. It's near iconic museums like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, providing a cultured and sophisticated environment.
    • Canal Ring (Grachtengordel): Known for its picturesque canals and historic buildings, the Canal Ring area offers a charming backdrop for meetings. The canal-side venues exude an old-world charm that can add a touch of elegance to your event.
    • Zuidas: Amsterdam's financial district is a hub of modern architecture and business activity. It's home to numerous contemporary office buildings and hotels, making it a prime location for corporate meetings, conferences, and events.
    • Jordaan: This trendy neighbourhood combines historic charm with a vibrant atmosphere. It offers a mix of cosy cafes, art galleries, and stylish meeting spaces, making it suitable for more creative and informal gatherings.
    • Amsterdam-Noord: This up-and-coming area across the IJ River offers a mix of modern venues, cultural spaces, and creative hubs. It's known for its innovative and sustainable architecture, making it suitable for forward-thinking events.

    N.B. To learn more about our recommended areas in Amsterdam for hosting an event, read our ultimate guide right here. 

    4) The Best Catering for Your Meeting Space in Amsterdam

    We’ve established what makes a good meeting room in Amsterdam. But without some high-quality grub, how good can it really be? Not very, is the concise answer to that. So, consider these best event caterers for a meeting in Amsterdam, friends: 

    1. Culinaire Verwennerij: This catering company specialises in creating culinary experiences that are both visually stunning and delicious. They offer a diverse menu with options ranging from finger foods to multi-course meals.
    2. Maison van den Boer: With a reputation for excellence, Maison van den Boer offers high-end catering services for both corporate and private events. Their attention to detail and creative presentation make them a popular choice for upscale gatherings.
    3. Kitsch Concept: If you're looking for innovative and contemporary catering, Kitsch Concept is a great option. They focus on creating visually appealing dishes with a modern twist, often incorporating international flavours.
    4. Mister Kitchen: Known for their fresh and sustainable approach, Mister Kitchen offers a wide range of catering options, from office lunches to elaborate events. They emphasise locally sourced ingredients and creative presentation.
    5. Dish Catering: Dish Catering provides personalised menus tailored to your event's theme and preferences. They offer a mix of traditional and modern cuisine, and their attention to flavours and presentation is highly regarded.

    Bonus tip: And if you fancy turning your lunch break into an extended sojourn why not take your team to one of your favourite food trucks in Amsterdam

    5) Afterwork Ideas for Meeting in Amsterdam

    Okay, after the hard work at your meeting is done, how do you celebrate? More importantly - in a city as unique as Amsterdam - how do you make your after-work activities completely out-of-the-box? Well, with one of these ideas, of course: 

    • Canal Cruise Brainstorming: Take your brainstorming session to the serene waters of Amsterdam's canals. Rent a private boat equipped with comfortable seating and brainstorm in a relaxed atmosphere while gliding past the city's iconic sights.
    • Escape Room Challenge: Engage your team's problem-solving skills with an escape room challenge. Choose from various themes and scenarios, and work together to solve puzzles and riddles within a time limit.
    • Cooking Class and Dinner: Turn your team into culinary maestros with a cooking class. Learn to prepare traditional Dutch dishes or international cuisine under the guidance of professional chefs, followed by a delicious dinner.
    • Historical Pub Tour: Combine history with camaraderie on a historical pub tour. Explore Amsterdam's charming old pubs and taverns while enjoying local beers, and learn about the city's rich history along the way.
    • Outdoor Adventure at Amsterdamse Bos: Head to Amsterdamse Bos, a large park just outside the city, for outdoor activities like canoeing, climbing, or even a team-building obstacle course.
    • Stand-Up Comedy Workshop: Boost team confidence and communication with a stand-up comedy workshop. Learn the art of timing, storytelling, and improvisation in a fun and supportive environment.
    • Amsterdam Light Festival Tour: If your meeting is during the winter months, consider a nighttime tour of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Marvel at the illuminated artworks that transform the city's canals into a captivating art gallery.

    P.S. See even more awesome team outing ideas in Amsterdam right here. 

    6) How to Power up Your Meeting Breaks in Amsterdam

    And, finally, your meeting space for hire can only be fully optimal with some carefully considered break sessions. Here are some of the coolest we’ve come across in the city to energise your team to the end of the session and beyond! 

    • Historical Scavenger Hunt: Design a scavenger hunt that leads participants to historical landmarks or lesser-known spots in the city. Teams can work together to solve clues and learn about Amsterdam's rich history.
    • Mobile Spa Services: Treat your attendees to a mini spa experience during the break. Set up massage chairs or foot baths for quick relaxation sessions that rejuvenate both body and mind.
    • Customized Mini Workshops: Host mini-workshops on a variety of topics, from creative writing to photography tips. Participants can choose a session that interests them, offering both education and enjoyment.
    • Sustainable Team Challenge: Organize an eco-friendly competition where teams compete to create the most innovative sustainable solutions for everyday challenges. This can spark creativity and environmental awareness.
    • Canal-Side Yoga Session: Arrange for a yoga instructor to lead a relaxing yoga session by the canals. The combination of fresh air and gentle exercise can help participants recharge for the remainder of the meeting.
    • Innovative Icebreaker Games: Incorporate unique icebreaker activities that encourage networking and creative thinking. Games like "Two Truths and a Lie" or collaborative storytelling can foster connections.
    • Amsterdam-inspired Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with Amsterdam-themed props and backdrops. Attendees can take fun photos to remember the event and share them on social media.
    • Live Entertainment Showcase: Arrange for local musicians, dancers, or performers to showcase their talents during the break. It's a wonderful way to infuse cultural experiences and entertainment into the meeting.

    Wrapping up 

    Well then, how did you enjoy our guide to hosting a meeting in Amsterdam? You’ve learned a hell of a lot of insider secrets today. Don’t be afraid to share them with your friends! 

    And, as for the next step of your journey, just ask an expert how you kick-start your experience right now! 

    A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Amsterdam

    FAQ about Amsterdam Meeting Rooms

    How can my attendees get to the meeting room in Amsterdam?

    Amsterdam offers a comprehensive transportation system for attendees. They can use trams, buses, metro lines, and even rent bicycles. The OV-chipkaart, a smart card, is essential for public transportation.

    Load it with credit and simply tap in and out when using different modes of transport. Biking is a popular choice due to the city's bike-friendly infrastructure. Taxis are readily available for individual or group travel, and ride-hailing apps like Uber, ViaVAn, and SneleenTaxi offer convenient options for transportation as well.

    What security considerations are there when hosting a meeting in Amsterdam?

    Amsterdam is generally a safe city for meetings. However, like in any urban environment, attendees should exercise basic safety precautions. Pickpocketing can be an issue in crowded areas, so it's advisable to keep personal belongings secure.

    When crossing streets, be aware of cyclists, as biking is a common mode of transportation. In case of emergencies, the Netherlands employs the 112 emergency numbers for police, fire, and medical assistance, and English-speaking operators are available.

    What's the best time to plan a meeting in Amsterdam?

    The optimal times to host a meeting in Amsterdam are during spring (April to May) and early fall (September to October). These seasons offer pleasant weather with mild temperatures and fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months.

    Spring showcases blooming flowers, while fall provides a charming ambience. However, it's worth noting that the city is a year-round destination, with various events and festivals held during different seasons.

    When booking your desired meeting space in Amsterdam, it’s good to book 6-12 months ahead. However, for popular venues in peak times, you may even want to book 12-18 months before.

    Should language be a consideration at my meeting venue in Amsterdam?

    Yes, English is widely spoken and understood throughout Amsterdam. Dutch citizens, especially in urban areas, are generally fluent in English, making communication comfortable for international visitors. Most official documents, signs, and services are available in English as well.

    While learning a few basic Dutch phrases like "Dank je wel" (Thank you) can be appreciated, attendees will find that conversing in English is sufficient for most interactions, including business meetings and getting around the city. 

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