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Book Workshop Spaces in Amsterdam
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    Guide to hosting workshop events in Amsterdam

    Hey there, workshop enthusiasts and Amsterdam adventurers! If you're gearing up to host a workshop in the enchanting city of Amsterdam, you're about to embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and inspiration.

    From historic canal-side venues to cutting-edge workshop spaces, this guide is your compass to making your workshop an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of this dynamic Dutch metropolis.

    So, grab your notebook and your creative spirit – because we're about to dive into "A Guide to Hosting a Workshop in Amsterdam" that will have you crafting, collaborating, and connecting like never before!

    1) Choosing the Right Workshop Room in Amsterdam for You

    Your first consideration when organising your workshop event in Amsterdam is the style of your venue. So, to save your precious time, we’ve outlined the top styles Amsterdam has to offer: 

    1. Classic Charm: First up, we have the classic architectural charm. Imagine stepping into a renovated canal house from the 17th century. The high ceilings, wooden beams, and antique details create an atmosphere that practically whispers history. These venues are like a time capsule that adds a touch of elegance to your workshop.
    2. Modern Marvels: Now, fast forward a few centuries. Amsterdam is known for its modern architecture too. Think sleek lines, minimalist designs, and lots of glass. These contemporary workshop spaces offer a chic setting for brainstorming and learning, all while basking in abundant natural light.
    3. Warehouse Wonders: But hold on, we're not stopping there. Amsterdam loves to repurpose old warehouses and industrial spaces. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings with metal beams, and an open layout make these venues the epitome of urban cool. It's like a canvas waiting for your workshop's creativity to take over.
    4. Artistic Havens: And then there's the artistic side of Amsterdam. Some workshop venues double as galleries or art studios. Think white walls, bright spaces, and the kind of atmosphere that encourages your inner Picasso to come out and play.
    5. Green Oases: Oh, and let's not forget about the eco-conscious venues. Amsterdam has a thing for sustainability, and some workshop spaces have living walls, energy-efficient designs, and a general vibe of being one with nature. It's like hosting your workshop in a little green paradise.

    2) How Much Will A Workshop Room for Hire in Amsterdam Cost?

    Your second concern when it comes to choosing a workshop venue in Amsterdam is the cost. Here’s what you can expect to fork out: 

    • Basic Workshop Room: For a simple room that accommodates a small group, you might find options starting around €50 to €150 per hour.
    • Mid-Range Workshop Space: Rooms with better amenities and a mid-sized capacity can range from around €150 to €400 per hour.
    • Premium Workshop Venue: High-end venues with advanced technology and exceptional services can cost €400 to €1000 or more per hour.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Catering: €15 to €40 per person for basic to moderate catering.
    • Audiovisual Equipment: Expect costs of around €100 to €300 depending on your requirements.
    • Materials and Supplies
    • Staff and Services: Approximately €50 to €150 per hour.
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Transportation and Accommodation
    • Insurance

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Workshop in Amsterdam

    The area you choose to host your workshop session in Amsterdam also matters. It reflects on your organisation's kudos; it impacts your attendee's mood as they commute to your venue. So, get familiar with the best areas to host a workshop event in Amsterdam: 

    1. Oud-West: A mix of residential and commercial spaces, Oud-West boasts a range of cafes, concept stores, and cultural venues. This neighbourhood offers a blend of modern and vintage atmospheres, making it an ideal canvas for diverse workshops.
    2. Westerpark: Westerpark is known for its green spaces, converted industrial buildings, and creative vibes. The mix of open areas and unique venues provides opportunities for outdoor workshops, team-building activities, and more.
    3. Amsterdam-Noord: Cross the IJ river to find Amsterdam-Noord, an area with an emerging creative scene. This industrial-chic neighbourhood offers unique venues such as former shipyards and warehouses, providing an edgy backdrop for workshops.
    4. Museum District: If you're seeking inspiration from the arts, the Museum District is home to renowned museums like the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. You can find venues with an intellectual and artistic ambience, perfect for thought-provoking workshops.
    5. Canal Ring: Amsterdam's iconic Canal Ring offers a mix of historic and contemporary venues. Whether it's a traditional canal house or a modern space with a canal view, this area provides a picturesque setting for a wide range of workshops.

    P.S. Learn even more about our recommended areas in Amsterdam for hosting events in this ultimate guide. 

    4) Best Catering for Your Workshop Space in Amsterdam

    Now then. You can choose the most amazing workshop space for hire the world has ever seen. But if there isn’t top catering waiting inside for your guests, then you might as well be hosting a virtual event. So, without further ado, our favourite event caterers for a workshop session in Amsterdam: 

    1. Brût Catering: Brût Catering is celebrated for its rustic and hearty cuisine. Their focus on providing comforting and flavorful food can add a cosy touch to your workshop.
    2. Green Delight Catering: If sustainability is a priority, Green Delight offers eco-friendly catering with a focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients. They provide options for various dietary preferences.
    3. Dish Catering: Dish Catering offers personalised menus tailored to your event's theme and preferences. They provide a mix of traditional and modern cuisine, and their attention to flavours and presentation is highly regarded.
    4. Catering Van Marle: With over 40 years of experience, Catering Van Marle offers flexibility in catering to various event sizes and types. They offer a diverse range of culinary options and a professional service team.
    5. Taiko Cuisine: If you're looking for an Asian-inspired culinary experience, Taiko Cuisine offers Japanese and other Asian fusion dishes. Their unique flavours and artistic presentation can add a memorable touch to your workshop.

    N.B. If you care about sustainability, check out our guide to the best vegan event catering in Amsterdam

    5) Cool Ways to Invigorate Your Workshop Venue in Amsterdam

    Okay, and finally, here are some cool ways to invigorate your workshop room in Amsterdam. These events can soak up a lot of brain power, so here are some Amsterdam-specific ideas to boost your engines! 

    1. Canal-Side Brainstorming: Take your brainstorming sessions to the next level by hosting them on a private boat cruising through Amsterdam's iconic canals. The tranquil waters and picturesque views will surely inspire fresh ideas.
    2. Bike Tour Workshop: Embrace Amsterdam's cycling culture by combining a workshop with a bike tour. Explore the city's charming streets while engaging in discussions and creative activities at various stops along the way.
    3. Innovative Hackathon: Encourage out-of-the-box thinking with a hackathon-style workshop. Gather participants to solve real-world challenges, fostering innovation and teamwork.
    4. Music and Mindfulness: Integrate music and mindfulness into your workshop. Incorporate live music performances, sound healing sessions, or even a group drumming circle to enhance focus and relaxation.
    5. Collaborative Graffiti Workshop: Get creative and edgy with a graffiti workshop. Work together to create a mural or individual pieces that reflect the themes of your workshop.
    6. Virtual Reality Exploration: Incorporate virtual reality experiences to transport attendees to different environments, enhancing learning and engagement.
    7. Culinary Fusion Workshop: Merge workshops with culinary experiences by hosting a fusion cooking class. Participants can experiment with mixing ingredients from different cuisines.

    Further Reading: Check out even more team outing ideas in Amsterdam in our ultimate guide right here.  

    Wrapping up 

    Well done, friend. You’ve flown through our guide to hosting a workshop in Amsterdam. How fun was that!? 

    Your next quest is to use our Ask Expert function. You drop a line explaining your dream - and our local event planning expert will get back to you with the sole purpose of helping make it a reality!

    A Guide to Hosting a Workshop in Amsterdam

    FAQ about Amsterdam Workshop Spaces

    How much should I expect to budget for when hosting a workshop event in Amsterdam?

    When budgeting for a workshop in Amsterdam, factor in costs such as venue rental (€500-€1500/day), accommodation (€100-€250/night), transportation (€8-€10/day for public transport), meals (€15-€50/meal), workshop materials (€10-€30/person), marketing (€100-€500), and allocate about 10% for contingencies.

    Consider advance booking for venues and accommodations, explore group discounts, and be mindful of potential VAT (21%). These figures are approximate and can vary; tailor your budget to your workshop's specific needs and the current economic conditions.

    What are some unique after-work ideas to celebrate our workshop session in Amsterdam?

    Amsterdam offers a range of creative options for post-workshop celebrations. Consider a canal cruise networking event, a cultural evening at a brown café, or even an outdoor yoga session followed by a picnic in a park. You could also explore Amsterdam's history with a pub tour or infuse creativity with an artistic escape. 

    For those interested in technology, host an innovative tech showcase. The possibilities are diverse and tailored to Amsterdam's vibrant atmosphere. Remember, the after-work celebration is a chance to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories in a dynamic and inspiring setting.

    Alternatively, how about a classic? Perhaps taking your team to one - or more - of the best bars in Amsterdam

    How can my attendees get to my workshop venue in Amsterdam?

    Amsterdam offers an efficient and extensive public transportation system, making it easy for attendees to get around. The GVB travel card provides unlimited access to trams, buses, and metros. This cost-effective option is highly recommended for hassle-free mobility.

    Additionally, cycling is a quintessential Amsterdam experience. Many venues offer bike parking, allowing participants to rent bicycles for an authentic and convenient mode of transport. While taxis are available, they can be expensive. For a budget-friendly option, consider using ride-sharing apps like Uber or ViaVAN, or encourage attendees to utilise public transport.

    Should I consider language for my workshop in Amsterdam?

    English is widely spoken and understood in Amsterdam, making communication with locals and fellow attendees relatively seamless. Most signs, menus, and instructions are available in English, so participants should feel comfortable navigating the city without a language barrier. While Dutch is the official language, incorporating a few Dutch phrases can show cultural appreciation and enhance the overall experience.

    How can I secure sponsorship for my workshop event in Amsterdam?

    Consider reaching out to local businesses, startups, or organisations aligned with your workshop's theme. Highlight the mutual advantages of collaboration, such as increased exposure, networking opportunities, and a chance to support the local community. 

    Tailor your pitch to resonate with the specific industries that thrive in Amsterdam, which include technology, sustainable innovation, creative industries, and finance. Demonstrating how the sponsorship can contribute to their goals and align with their values will enhance your chances of success.

    You can learn more on how to write an event sponsorship proposal in our easy how-to guide right here. 

    And, to learn more about the local business scene and potential grants, our local experts are always on hand to help you get the cash you deserve!

    How can I organise registration and ticketing for my workshop session in Amsterdam?

    Utilising online platforms such as Eventbrite, Meetup, or local Dutch platforms can simplify the registration and payment processes for both you and your attendees. These platforms offer features like customisable event pages, secure payment gateways, and attendee communication tools. 

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