Book event venues in Lisbon

Book event venues in Lisbon
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Guide to hosting events in Lisbon

Hey there, event enthusiasts and wanderers of wonder! Welcome to the captivating city of Lisbon, where the sun-kissed shores meet historic charm and contemporary vibes. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll be your tour guides through the diverse world of event venues in Lisbon. From majestic palaces steeped in history to trendy warehouses brimming with creativity, and everything in between, Lisbon has something for every event planner's dream.

So, buckle up and join us on this adventure as we uncover the hidden gems, architectural wonders, and vibrant energy that Lisbon brings to the table!

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FAQ about Lisbon venues and events

What are the popular months for hosting corporate events in Lisbon?

If you ask us, we’d say that ultimately the choice of the best months to host a corporate event in Lisbon depends entirely on your event objectives, the availability of the venues, and the preference of your attendees.

However, in general, Summer (June to August) is perfect for hosting corporate events in Lisbon, especially if you’re looking to combine business with leisure.

What is the average lead time required for booking a corporate event venue in Lisbon?

If you’re eyeing a sweet venue for your event in Lisbon, don’t snooze on it. We’re talking a solid 6 to 12 months in advance, especially if your event is on the bigger side. That way, you can secure the goods, lock in the date, and leave enough room for all the nitty-gritty logistics and smooth arrangements.

Are there any language considerations for hosting a corporate event in Lisbon?

Portuguese is the official language widely spoken in Lisbon. But don’t fret, you’ll find that most locals, especially those in the business and tourism sector, speak English. But we also recommend that you be mindful to accommodate your attendees’ linguistic needs. This will enhance surely enhance the overall experience of your corporate event in Lisbon.

What are the transportation options for attendees in Lisbon?

Lisbon’s got the transportation game on lock. With a slick metro system, buses, and taxis cruising around the city, getting to your venue for business events in Lisbon is a breeze.

But here’s a cool move- Sort out your attendee’s transportation arrangements or make sure to give them guidance to do the same. This will ensure that everyone’s on time and things move smoothly.

Are there any cultural etiquettes or customs to be mindful of when hosting a corporate event in Lisbon?

That’s a definite yes! When it comes to hosting a corporate event in Lisbon, there are certain etiquettes to keep in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is being punctual, Lisbon folks consider being punctual very important, so make sure to show up for your event on time. When meeting people, greet them with a friendly handshake, it goes a long way.

Other cultural etiquettes include respecting one’s personal space, certain dining manners like keeping one’s hands on the table (not your lap), and being cautious of the dress code. You can always dress formally in style.

Are there any visa requirements for international attendees?

Visa requirements can be a real mixed bag, depending on where your attendees are coming from. So, make sure to check those visa regulations for each country and give your attendees a heads-up in advance.

What is the VAT (Value Added Tax) rate for event services in Lisbon?

The VAT rate in Lisbon can be a bit of a moving target. As of now, it’s hanging out at 23%, but that could change down the road. Make sure to check with local event organisers or venues, they’ll clue you in on the latest VAT situation so you can stay on top of the game.

Where can I stay during my event in Lisbon?

Lisbon is the ultimate tourist hotspot, no doubt about it! You've got a plethora of fantastic hotels waiting to make your stay epic. Check out our ultimate guide on our favourite hotels in Lisbon for your next business trip. With endless options to match every taste, your stay in this vibrant city will be nothing short of extraordinary. Get ready to live it up, my friend.

Speaking of transportation in Lisbon, will my Uber app work there?

Good news, my friend! Lisbon's got you covered with Uber up and running, making city travel a breeze. But hold up, that's not all - if you're feeling those alternatives, no worries! With local apps like Free Now (formerly My Taxi), Taxify (Now Bolt), Gett, and Yandex. 

So, whether you're in the mood for Uber or ready to roll with a taxi, getting around Lisbon is a smooth ride with these cool ride-hailing options!

What is the best way to pay for services in Lisbon?

In Lisbon, using a credit or debit card is the easiest way to pay for services. Most businesses, including restaurants, hotels, shops, and taxis, accept cards, especially Visa and Mastercard. Some places also take American Express and other major cards. But it's a good idea to carry some cash for smaller purchases.

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