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    Guide to hosting private dining events in Malta

    Hello event planners, we hope you’ve eaten because this guide to private dining in Malta is guaranteed to make you hungry!

    Get set for a gastronomic adventure with this handy guide that covers everything you need to know about hosting a private dining event in Malta. From where to find the best private dining rooms in Malta to how to get there and what to include in your menu, you’ll find everything you need to know to make your event a success right here.

    So sit back, relax, and let’s get started on our guide to private dining events in Malta.

    1) The Style of Private Dining Rooms in Malta

    Malta may be a small island country, but when it comes to the style of private dining spaces in Malta, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you have some pretty extensive choices. Here are some of the types of private dining venues in Malta.

    1. Historic venues: Some private dining rooms are located in historic buildings, such as old palazzos or converted farmhouses. These spaces often retain their original architectural features, including stone walls, exposed wooden beams, and traditional Maltese tiles. You’ll also find that these venues feature antique furniture, chandeliers, and artwork that reflect Malta's rich history and heritage. These not only look great, but they also add a local flavour to your event.
    2. Contemporary chic spaces: In contrast, some private dining rooms in Malta, usually in modern hotels and restaurants, showcase a sleek and contemporary design. Minimalistic furniture, clean lines, and neutral colour palettes create a sophisticated atmosphere.
    3. Seaside venues: Given Malta's coastal location, you’ll find many private dining spaces close to the sea. In fact, Outdoor private dining spaces overlooking the Mediterranean are especially popular and are perfect for giving your guests a relaxed and unique private dining experience in Malta.
    4. Luxurious and opulent spaces: To add a touch of grandeur to your private dining event in Malta, you can check out one of the city’s many luxurious venues. These upscale private dining rooms in high-end hotels and restaurants in Malta exude luxury. Crystal chandeliers, plush furnishings, and rich, sumptuous colours like deep reds and golds are used to create a lavish setting. These spaces may also include private wine cellars or libraries, adding to the sense of exclusivity and sophistication.

    2) The Best Areas for Private Dining Rooms in Malta

    Food in Malta is probably one of the best things about the location. The only thing that can make this food any better is the neighbourhood where you have it. And when you decide to host a private dining event in Malta, you’ll get pretty lucky there as well!

    The island has some pristine beaches and charming towns. We’ve picked the best ones to elevate your private dining room in Malta to the next level.

    1. Paceville: If you’ve wondered why Paceville has often been christened as ‘the party destination of Europe’ or ‘Malta’s Sin City’, a walk down its busy streets would answer your doubts. 

    This nightlife hub is home to some of Malta’s best nightclubs and is the place to be if you’re looking for a night of serious partying. However, that’s not the only thing Paceville is known for.

    The food here is also pretty glorious, and between the nightclubs, you’ll find some amazing restaurants and cafes serving everything from pizzas to curry to dim sum and even Lebanese food.

    You’ll have plenty to choose from here for your private dining event in Malta and if you’re looking for a spot of entertainment after your meal, gather your attendees and try your luck at one of the casinos here.

    2. Valletta: It’s unsurprising that Malta’s capital, Valletta, has made it to our list of the best areas in Malta to host a private dining event.  The city has some of the best restaurants in Malta and over here, you’ll not only find a variety of cuisines to choose from, but you’ll also have your pick of venues. 

    Pro-tips: You can check out our list of The Best Restaurants in Valletta for a Company Dinner for ideas on where you can host your event.

    • If you do choose Valletta for your private dining venue in Malta, you can stay at one of these Top Hotels in Valletta.

    3. St.Paul’s Bay, Bugibba and Qwara: These three adjoining villages along the bay in the north of Malta are perhaps an undiscovered gem for private dining rooms in Malta.

    Although the area is popular with tourists, it’s often not the first choice for events with the more popular areas, like Valletta being the preferred destination. This is a pity because this area not only has some stellar restaurants and even a vintage bar, but most of these venues also have an enviable panoramic view of the seafront promenade. 

    4. Mellieha: Located in the northern region of Malta, Mellieha provides the perfect setting for a private dining experience with a touch of tranquillity and romance. 

    Not only do event venues for hire here often have amazing views of Mellieha Bay and the rolling countryside, but this area provides a breathtaking backdrop for your dining occasion.

    The serene and relaxed ambience of Mellieha makes it particularly well-suited for intimate gatherings. The gentle sea breeze, the soft rustling of the countryside, and the stunning sunsets over the bay create an atmosphere that encourages quiet moments, celebration, and connection. 

    Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to savour Mediterranean cuisine while gazing at the sea, Mellieha's private dining options offer a unique blend of natural beauty and intimate dining that captures the essence of Malta's charm.

    5. Mdina: Last but not least, let’s talk about the enchanting medieval walled city of Malta. If you’d like a historic setting for your event venue, all you need to do is step into the streets of Mdina and you'll find yourself in a historic and atmospheric location. 

    The intimate cobbled streets, softly illuminated by flickering candlelight, lead to secluded courtyards that exude an undeniable sense of romance and mystery. 

    Whether it's a celebration or an immersive historical dining experience, Mdina's private dining options offer a magical and unforgettable journey into Malta's rich heritage.

    3) How Much Will a Private Dining Venue in Malta Cost?

    Now let’s get to the question that’s definitely burning on everyone’s mind, just exactly how much will a private dining location in Malta cost you? Well, this can vary widely depending on factors like location, size, amenities, and the exclusivity of the space. Here's a rough breakdown of what you can expect:

    • Basic private dining rooms: If you're looking for a budget-friendly private dining space in Malta, you can typically find basic private dining rooms starting at around €40 to €80 per hour. These venues may provide essential facilities and a pleasant setting for smaller gatherings or simpler events.
    • Mid-range venues: For a more spacious and well-equipped private dining space with additional amenities, you can anticipate a cost range of approximately €80 to €160 per hour. These mid-range options often offer a comfortable and versatile environment suitable for various types of events.
    • Premium private dining spaces: For those seeking a luxurious and exclusive setting in Malta, premium private dining spaces can cost €160 per hour or more. These venues are often found in upscale hotels, historic locations, or high-end restaurants and provide top-notch service, gourmet dining options, and a sophisticated ambience, ideal for special occasions and corporate events.

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Food and Beverage Costs: The cost of food and beverages will vary depending on the venue, menu selection, and the number of guests. Malta offers a wide range of culinary options, from traditional Maltese cuisine to international dishes. This will approximately be about €20 to €100 or more per person. Wine and other beverage costs will depend on the selections made, with options for a la carte ordering or package deals.
    • Service charge or gratuity: Many venues in Malta include a service charge in the final bill, which typically ranges from 10% to 15% of the total cost. This covers the service staff's wages and tips.
    • Beverage packages: Some venues offer beverage packages that can simplify the planning process and potentially save costs. These packages often include a selection of wines, spirits, and soft drinks for a fixed price per person, which can range from €20 to €60 or more.
    • Additional services: Depending on your event's needs, you may incur additional costs for services such as floral arrangements, decorations, audiovisual equipment, or special lighting. The prices for these services can vary widely based on your preferences and the venue's capabilities.
    • Transportation: If your guests need transportation to and from the venue, you should budget for transportation costs. This might include shuttle services, private drivers, or taxi services.
    • Personalisation and entertainment: Personal touches like custom decorations, entertainment (e.g., live music or DJs), and event planning services can add to your expenses. The cost of personalisation and entertainment can vary significantly depending on your choices and the level of customisation you desire.

    4) What Cuisine to Include for Your Private Dining in Malta

    Private dining in Malta can be an exquisite experience. It combines the best flavours of Italian, French, Spanish, and British cuisine and ties it up with Mediterranean flair. Here are some of the cuisines that Malta does best!

    1. Maltese cuisine: When hosting a private dining event in Malta, the local cuisine is a must-have! Highlight the local flavours by including traditional Maltese dishes in your event catering menu. 

    This might feature rabbit stew (Fenkata), fisherman's stew (Aljotta), and pastizzi (savoury pastries). Don’t forget to include Maltese bread, olive oil, sun-ripened tomatoes, capers, and local cheese varieties like Ġbejna. These are integral components of Maltese cuisine and your guests will definitely enjoy it.

    2. Mediterranean seafood: Malta’s prime location in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, offers an exceptional array of dishes that celebrate the bounty of the deep blue waters. 

    From the simplicity of grilled or baked fish to the sophistication of seafood risotto and the flavorful allure of calamari and octopus cooked in garlic and olive oil, Mediterranean seafood cuisine encapsulates the essence of freshness and flavour. 

    The combination of local catch, aromatic herbs, and the region's renowned olive oil results in dishes that are not just delicious but can be pretty healthy too!

    3. Italian cuisine: Malta's history under Italian rule has certainly made its mark on the local food scene. Italian classics such as pasta, risotto, and wood-fired oven pizzas have a  special Maltese twist here that will bring a bit of fusion flair to the table. 

    From creamy risotto infused with local seafood to wood-fired pizzas loaded with regional ingredients, these dishes offer a delicious cross-cultural mashup that's unique to the island country. 

    So, when planning your private dining event in Malta, why not add a dash of Italian influence to the menu and let your guests savour the tasty connection between Malta's history and its vibrant culinary present?

    4. Vegan and vegetarian options: When planning your private dining event in Malta, don't forget to cater to guests with dietary preferences or restrictions.

    Malta's culinary scene has some fantastic vegetarian and vegan-friendly options that everyone can enjoy. We love dishes like stuffed bell peppers (known as Bzar) bursting with flavourful goodness and hearty vegetable couscous that's a treat for the taste buds.

    In fact, you can even include vegan versions of traditional Maltese pastries. By including these tasty options, you're not only ensuring that everyone at your dinner has something delicious to eat but you’ll also be celebrating the inclusive spirit of Maltese cuisine.

    5. Local wine and beverages: Where there’s good food to eat, good drinks are also a must and lucky for us, Malta has an excellent wine industry, and local wines make a wonderful addition to your private dining event in Malta. Oh, and don’t forget to include local liqueurs like herbal liqueur (Bajtra) or anise-flavoured liqueur (Fenkata) in your beverage offerings.

    • Pro-tip: And that’s not all, Malta is also not shy when it comes to cool places to drink. In fact, if you would like to start your private dining event in Malta with a few cocktails before heading to your venue there are several Top Bars in Valletta for Afterwork Drinks.

    Wrapping Up

    Maltese cuisine and private dining rooms in Malta are extensive topics, and just in case we’ve missed something you need to know in our guide, simply use our Ask Expert function, and our local crew will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

    Bonus reading: For a spot of fun before your private dining event in Malta, why not check out these cool team-building activities in Malta to help break the ice?

    A Guide to Hosting Private Dining Events in Malta

    FAQ about Malta Private Dining Rooms

    How can I manage my budget effectively for a private dining event in Malta?

    To manage your budget effectively for a private dining event in Malta, start by setting a realistic budget that encompasses rental for your event venue for hire, food, beverages, decorations, and any additional services.

    To reduce your costs, you can opt for budget-friendly venues, which can range from €500 to €2,000 or more, depending on location and size. You can also limit your guest list to reduce catering costs, budgeting approximately €20 to €100 per person for food. Consider buffet-style or set menu options to save on catering expenses (€25 to €50 per person).

    Another tip to plan a private dining event on a budget is to explore beverage packages (€20 to €60 per person) for better value and be selective with decorations and entertainment, budgeting an additional €100 to €500.

    Don’t forget to allocate funds for transportation if needed (€300 to €1,000 or more), and remember to account for miscellaneous expenses, gratuities, and service charges.

    Lastly, keep a contingency fund (about 10% of your total budget) to cover unexpected costs.

    Can I arrange entertainment for my private dining event in Malta?

    Absolutely! You can certainly arrange entertainment for your private dining event in Malta to add an extra layer of enjoyment and ambience.

    Malta offers a variety of entertainment options to suit different preferences and occasions. You could consider hiring a local musician or band to provide live music, creating a pleasant and immersive atmosphere. If you're hosting a larger event, a DJ can keep the party going with a mix of tunes.

    Additionally, you might explore the possibility of booking dancers or performers to add a touch of cultural flair or entertainment that aligns with your event's theme.

    Malta's rich history and vibrant arts scene mean there are plenty of opportunities to infuse your private dining event with entertainment that suits your style and creates lasting memories for you and your guests. Just be sure to plan and book your entertainment well in advance to ensure their availability for your special occasion.

    How does seasonality impact the planning of a private dining event in Malta?

    Seasonality plays a significant role in planning a private dining event in Malta, and understanding its impact can help you make the most of your special occasion.

    Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means distinct seasons with varying weather and tourist levels. During the peak tourist season, which typically runs from late spring to early autumn, venues and accommodations can be in high demand, leading to potentially higher costs and competition for bookings.

    On the flip side, this period offers the advantage of pleasant weather, making outdoor events more enjoyable. In contrast, the off-peak season, especially in the winter months, offers more budget-friendly options but may limit outdoor possibilities due to cooler temperatures and fewer tourists. 

    Is English widely spoken in Malta for international guests?

    Yes, English is widely spoken in Malta and is one of the country's official languages, alongside Maltese. English proficiency is exceptionally high in Malta, making it a very welcoming destination for international guests.

    English is commonly used in business, government, education, and the tourism industry. Most Maltese people are fluent in English, and you'll find that signs, menus, and official documents are often in both Maltese and English.

    Should I arrange transportation for my guests to the private dining venue in Malta?

    There are several good things about transportation in Malta. Firstly, the island is pretty small so it’s easy to get around. Secondly, public buses are the only source of public transportation here and they’re pretty cheap and reliable.

    If you don’t quite fancy travelling by public buses, you can always hire a cab or rent a car or a scooter to get to your private dining event in Malta. Either way, your guests will have plenty of options for getting to your private dining location in Malta.

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