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    Guide to hosting meeting events in Oslo

    Velkommen! Welcome to the enchanting world of meetings in Oslo, where modernity meets natural beauty. Hosting a meeting in this vibrant city is an exquisite blend of business and the stunning landscapes of Norway.

    Whether you're planning a corporate conference, a brainstorming session, or team-building event, our guide is your compass to creating an unforgettable meeting experience in the heart of Oslo. From elegant venues to culinary delights, we'll unveil the secrets to planning an event that captures the essence of Norwegian charm.

    Join us on this journey as we delve into the intricacies of hosting a meeting in this remarkable and picturesque destination.

    1) Discovering the Perfect Meeting Venue in Oslo

    In Oslo, style and sophistication are paramount. To assist you, here are our preferred meeting venue styles available for rent in this captivating city. All that's left is for you to select your favourite!

    • Scenic Retreats: Embrace Oslo's natural beauty with meeting venues that offer panoramic views of the city, fjords, or lush green landscapes. These venues provide a serene and inspiring backdrop for your meeting.
    • Modern Elegance: Oslo boasts contemporary meeting venues with sleek designs, cutting-edge technology, and innovative spaces. These venues are perfect for tech-driven presentations, conferences, and events that embrace Oslo's innovative spirit.
    • Cultural Marvels: Oslo's meeting venues often reflect the city's passion for culture. Galleries, museums, and cultural centres provide a creative backdrop that sparks inspiration, ideal for workshops, brainstorming sessions, and events that celebrate imagination.
    • Historic Charm: Some meeting venues are housed in historic buildings, offering a blend of traditional Norwegian architecture with modern amenities. These spaces combine historic charm with contemporary comfort, offering an authentic Norwegian experience.
    • Hidden Gems: Oslo is full of surprises, and hidden meeting venues capture this sense of wonder. Explore concealed courtyards, private gardens, and charming townhouses that offer an intimate and exclusive setting, perfect for executive meetings, VIP gatherings, and events that require an element of surprise.
    • Rooftop Retreats: Oslo's rooftop bars and terraces provide breathtaking views of the city. These venues often combine modern design with Norwegian hospitality, creating a captivating backdrop for your meeting.

    P.S. Check out our guide to the psychology of event design to take your venue to new heights!  

    2) How Much Does a Meeting Venue in Oslo Cost?

    Naturally, you may be curious about the cost of renting a meeting space in Oslo. Here's a general estimate to help you plan your budget:

    • Basic Meeting Rooms: Prices can start at around NOK 1,500 to NOK 3,000 per hour.
    • Mid-Range Venues: You might find options ranging from NOK 3,000 to NOK 7,000 per hour.
    • Premium Spaces: Costs can range from NOK 7,000 to NOK 15,000 per hour or more.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Catering
    • Audiovisual Equipment
    • Decor and Setup
    • Service Charges and Taxes
    • Transportation
    • Time and Day of the Week
    • Additional Services

    P.S. If you care about saving money, read our guide to inflation and event planning: strategies for success.  

    3) Choosing the Best Neighbourhood for Your Meeting in Oslo

    Selecting the right neighbourhood for your meeting space in Oslo is essential, as it sets the tone for your event. Here are some top options:

    • City Centre: Oslo's city centre offers a vibrant atmosphere and is home to numerous hotels and conference centres. It's a convenient choice for large conferences, corporate meetings, and events that require easy access to transportation and amenities.
    • Aker Brygge: Located along the waterfront, Aker Brygge is a trendy area known for its modern architecture, shops, and restaurants. It offers a unique backdrop for meetings and events, especially those looking to capture the essence of Oslo's waterfront beauty.
    • Grunerløkka: This bohemian neighbourhood exudes a creative and artistic vibe. It's suitable for intimate meetings, workshops, and events that value a hip and unconventional atmosphere.
    • Holmenkollen: For a truly Norwegian experience, consider hosting your meeting in Holmenkollen. This area is famous for its ski jump and offers venues with stunning views of the surrounding forests and fjords.
    • Tjuvholmen: A contemporary and upscale neighbourhood, Tjuvholmen is home to modern art galleries and high-end dining establishments. It's ideal for meetings and events that seek a luxurious and stylish ambiance.

    Bonus Advice: Read our ultimate guide to the best areas in Oslo for hosting events.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Meeting in Oslo

    Norway is celebrated for its culinary delights, so make sure your meeting space honours this tradition. Your team will appreciate it. Here are some top catering options for your event:

    • Traditional Norwegian Cuisine: Embrace the rich flavours of Norway with traditional dishes like rakfisk (fermented fish), fårikål (mutton and cabbage stew), and lutefisk (dried fish). Local caterers can create a diverse menu featuring authentic Norwegian specialities.
    • Nordic Fusion: For a modern twist on Nordic cuisine, opt for a fusion menu that combines local ingredients with international culinary trends. This approach adds a contemporary flair to traditional favourites.
    • Seafood Extravaganza: Norway's coastal regions are renowned for their seafood delicacies. Consider a seafood-focused menu featuring fresh fish, shrimp, and Norwegian salmon prepared in various styles.
    • Vegetarian and Vegan: Cater to dietary preferences with vegetarian and vegan options that highlight Norway's innovative plant-based dishes, using local produce and inventive recipes.

    N.B. You can read more about the coolest event caterers in Oslo right here!

    5) Afterwork Ideas for Your Meeting in Oslo

    After a productive day in your meeting space in Oslo, it's time to unwind and celebrate. Choose one of these unique afterwork ideas and let the festivities begin!

    • Fjord Cruise: Treat your attendees to a relaxing fjord cruise with breathtaking views of Oslo's coastline. Enjoy the scenic beauty while savouring delicious Norwegian cuisine on board.
    • Viking Feast: Immerse your team in Norwegian history with a Viking-themed feast. Attendees can dress up as Vikings, dine on traditional Viking fare, and participate in fun Viking games and challenges.
    • Museum Soirée: Host a private soirée at one of Oslo's renowned museums, such as the Munch Museum or the Viking Ship Museum. Explore the exhibits, enjoy live entertainment, and savour Nordic-inspired appetisers.
    • Beer and Aquavit Tasting: Showcase Norwegian beer and aquavit, a traditional Scandinavian spirit, with a tasting experience. An expert sommelier can guide your guests through the flavours and history of these beverages.
    • Forest Retreat: Escape to the tranquil Norwegian forests for a rejuvenating retreat. Attendees can enjoy activities like hiking, foraging, and forest yoga, followed by a cosy bonfire and forest-inspired dining.

    Bonus Advice: Read our ultimate guide to hosting a tailored after-work experience for a niche audience! 

    6) Energising Your Meeting Breaks in Oslo

    To keep your team energised during breaks at your meeting space in Oslo, consider these fun power-up ideas:

    • Cross-Country Skiing: Take advantage of Norway's snowy winters with a cross-country skiing break. Attendees can enjoy a quick skiing adventure, even if they're beginners, to recharge and invigorate.
    • Northern Lights Simulation: Bring the magic of the Northern Lights to your meeting with a simulation experience. Attendees can relax under a mesmerising display of shimmering lights, creating a calming and inspiring break.
    • Nordic Games: Host a series of friendly Nordic-inspired games during breaks. Activities like snowball throwing, ice skating, or traditional Norwegian board games can add a fun and competitive element to your event.
    • Edible Forest: Create an "Edible Forest" break station with a variety of forest-themed snacks and treats, such as mushroom-shaped chocolates, pine-flavoured biscuits, and berry-infused beverages.
    • Mid-Meeting Yoga: Offer short yoga or mindfulness sessions during breaks to help attendees relax, stretch, and re-energise. These sessions can be a refreshing way to stay focused and centred during your meeting.

    Bonus Advice: You can find even more exciting team-building activities in Oslo in this ultimate guide!

    Wrapping Up

    And there you have it! You're now equipped with all the knowledge needed to plan a successful meeting in Oslo. Don't hesitate to use our Ask Expert feature to enlist the help of our local event planners. Lykke til (good luck) with your memorable meeting!

    A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Oslo

    FAQ about Oslo Meeting Rooms

    How can my attendees get to the meeting venue in Oslo?

    Oslo offers excellent public transportation options, including trams, buses, and a comprehensive metro system. Encourage attendees to use public transport, as it's efficient and eco-friendly. You can also consider providing transportation information and maps to help attendees navigate the city.

    What safety precautions should I consider when hosting a meeting in Oslo?

    Oslo is generally a safe city, but it's essential to take standard urban precautions. Encourage attendees to safeguard their belongings, be mindful of their surroundings, and avoid displaying valuables. Norway has a low crime rate, but it's always wise to stay aware.

    Consider providing attendees with emergency contact information and directions to the nearest embassy or consulate for added peace of mind.

    What is the best time to schedule a meeting in Oslo?

    The best time to schedule a meeting in Oslo largely depends on your preferences and the nature of your event. Summer, from June to August, is the peak tourist season when the weather is mild and outdoor activities are popular. However, it's also a busy time for tourists.

    If you prefer a quieter period with lower hotel rates, consider scheduling your meeting during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) or early autumn (September to October). Winter (December to February) offers unique opportunities for winter-themed events and Northern Lights experiences but can be quite cold.

    Is language a concern at my meeting venue in Oslo?

    In Oslo, Norwegian is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood. Most Norwegians are fluent in English, especially in business and tourism. You'll find that communication in English is manageable, and most official signage and information are available in both languages.

    However, incorporating basic Norwegian phrases or offering translation services can be appreciated and enhance your attendees' experience.

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