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Book event venues in Tokyo
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Guide to hosting events in Tokyo

Tokyo, a sprawling metropolis where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with futuristic innovations, is a city that never fails to mesmerise. Renowned for its iconic skyline punctuated by the Tokyo Tower and Skytree, its bustling streets that echo with the energy of millions, and its rich tapestry of culture and history, Tokyo stands as a beacon of modernity and heritage. From the serene beauty of cherry blossoms in Ueno Park to the neon-lit vibrancy of Shibuya Crossing, the city offers a unique blend of experiences that cater to every visitor's palate.

Known for its cutting-edge technology, world-class cuisine, and unparalleled hospitality, Tokyo has firmly established itself as a global hub for both leisure and business. The city is home to a plethora of luxurious hotels, state-of-the-art convention centres, and exquisite dining venues, making it an ideal destination for hosting corporate events. Whether it’s a high-stakes business meeting, an international conference, or a lavish gala, Tokyo provides the perfect backdrop with its blend of efficiency, innovation, and cultural richness.

The city's efficient public transportation system, coupled with its extensive range of services and amenities, ensures that hosting an event in Tokyo is not just an event but an experience. Attendees can explore the intricate beauty of traditional tea ceremonies, marvel at the precision of sushi chefs, and immerse themselves in the cutting-edge technological marvels that the city proudly showcases. 

In Tokyo, every event transcends the ordinary, offering a unique fusion of tradition and modernity that leaves a lasting impression. This guide will navigate you through the essentials of hosting an unforgettable event in this dynamic city, ensuring your gathering is as extraordinary as Tokyo itself.

1) Discover the Unique Styles of Event Venues in Tokyo

Tokyo offers a diverse array of event venues that cater to every imaginable style and preference. Whether you're planning a corporate seminar, a product launch, or an extravagant gala, the city’s event spaces provide an unparalleled backdrop that enhances the overall experience. Here, we explore seven unique styles of event venues that exemplify the city's eclectic charm and sophistication.

  1. Modern Skyscrapers: Towering above the city, Tokyo's modern skyscrapers offer stunning panoramic views that captivate guests. These venues boast state-of-the-art facilities, sleek interiors, and expansive spaces perfect for conferences, product launches, and high-profile corporate events. The breathtaking vistas of the Tokyo skyline serve as an unforgettable setting, adding a touch of grandeur to any event.
  2. Historic Japanese Gardens: For those seeking tranquillity and a touch of traditional elegance, venues nestled within beautifully manicured Japanese gardens provide a serene environment. These venues are ideal for intimate gatherings, cultural events, and sophisticated dinner parties, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city while immersing guests in Japan’s rich heritage. 
  3. Art Galleries and Museums: Tokyo’s vibrant art scene offers unique event spaces within its renowned galleries and museums. These venues provide creative and inspiring settings that are perfect for cocktail receptions, networking events, and exclusive previews. Surrounded by contemporary art and cutting-edge installations, your guests are sure to leave with a memorable experience.
  4. Traditional Ryokan Inns: Experience the charm of old-world Japan with a touch of luxury at Tokyo’s traditional ryokan inns. These venues offer an authentic Japanese experience with tatami-matted rooms, communal hot springs, and exquisite kaiseki cuisine. Ryokans provide a unique blend of comfort and tradition, ideal for small corporate retreats, team-building sessions, and exclusive executive meetings.
  5. Cutting-Edge Technology Hubs: For tech enthusiasts, Tokyo offers venues within its technology hubs equipped with the latest in audiovisual technology, high-speed internet, and interactive displays. These spaces are perfect for tech conferences, product demos, and innovation workshops. The futuristic ambience and advanced facilities ensure a seamless and engaging event experience.
  6. Character Cafes and Themed Restaurants: Embrace Tokyo's love for all things quirky and host your event in a character cafe or themed restaurant. These venues, often adorned with cartoon characters or specific themes, offer a playful and interactive atmosphere. Perfect for team-building exercises or product launches targeting a younger demographic.
  7. Hidden Rooftop Gardens: Escape the urban jungle and find tranquillity in a hidden rooftop garden. Many buildings in Tokyo boast beautifully landscaped rooftops, offering a unique blend of nature and city views. These intimate spaces are ideal for smaller gatherings, cocktail receptions, or brainstorming sessions.

2) Explore the Different Types of Event Venues in Tokyo

Tokyo caters to a wide range of events, from intimate meetings to large-scale conferences. This variety extends to its event venues as well. Let's explore some of the most popular types you'll find in the city:

  1. Conferences: For large-scale conferences, exhibitions, or product launches, Tokyo boasts several world-class convention centres. These expansive facilities offer a multitude of fully equipped halls, breakout rooms, and exhibition spaces. Many centres provide in-house catering, audio/visual services, and event management support to ensure a seamless experience.
  2. Meeting Rooms: Many hotels and business centres offer fully-equipped meeting rooms, ideal for small gatherings, board meetings, or training sessions. These rooms come in various sizes and configurations, ensuring a space that perfectly fits your needs. Most provide technology like projectors and screens, and some offer catering services for added convenience.
  3. After-Work Spaces: For those looking to unwind and network in a more relaxed setting, Tokyo offers a variety of chic after-work event spaces. These venues include trendy bars, izakayas, stylish lounges, and rooftop terraces that provide the perfect atmosphere for cocktails, casual networking, and social gatherings. With stunning city views, innovative drink menus, and a vibrant ambience, these spaces are ideal for fostering connections and celebrating milestones.
  4. Outdoor Locations: Tokyo’s beautiful parks, rooftop gardens, and open-air venues offer a refreshing alternative for hosting events. These spaces are perfect for garden parties, outdoor receptions, team-building activities, and fitness events. With the backdrop of Tokyo's skyline or lush greenery, outdoor venues provide a scenic and relaxed atmosphere that enhances the overall event experience, allowing guests to enjoy the city's natural beauty.
  5. Cultural Venues: Tokyo's cultural venues, such as traditional Japanese houses, temples, and art galleries, offer a distinctive setting for events that aim to leave a lasting impression. These spaces are ideal for cultural events, themed parties, special ceremonies, and intimate gatherings. Their historical and cultural significance adds a unique charm, creating a memorable atmosphere that reflects Japan's rich heritage.
  6. Photoshoots: Tokyo is a photographer’s paradise, offering an array of stunning locations for photoshoots. Whether you’re looking for sleek urban settings, vibrant street scenes, or tranquil traditional backdrops, Tokyo has it all. Perfect for fashion shoots, product photography, and creative projects, these locations provide diverse and visually compelling environments that enhance any photoshoot.
  7. Private Dining Rooms: For those special occasions that require an extra touch of elegance, Tokyo’s private dining rooms in top-tier restaurants and luxury hotels are the perfect choice. These exclusive venues offer personalised service, bespoke menus crafted by renowned chefs, and sophisticated interiors. Ideal for business dinners, intimate celebrations, and private parties, these dining rooms provide a luxurious and intimate culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression.

3) Secure the Venue With the Right Capacity in Tokyo

Finding the perfect venue for your event in Tokyo hinges on a few key factors, with capacity being one of the most crucial. Tokyo offers diverse venues, from intimate rooms to sprawling convention centres. Here's a breakdown of venue capacities to help you determine the ideal space for your guest list:

  • Small Venues (Capacity: 10-50 people): Ideal for intimate gatherings, board meetings, training sessions, or private dinners, small venues offer a focused and personal setting. These venues can be found in hotels, business centres, or even unique locations like traditional tea houses or private art galleries.
  • Mid-Sized Venues (Capacity: 50-300 people): This range caters to a wider variety of events, including conferences, product launches, social gatherings, or wedding receptions. Mid-sized venues encompass hotel ballrooms, conference centres with breakout rooms, or character cafes with ample seating. They offer a balance between intimacy and the ability to accommodate a larger group.
  • Large Venues (Capacity: 300+ people): For large-scale events like exhibitions, concerts, or international conferences, Tokyo boasts impressive convention centres and event halls. These venues offer expansive spaces, multiple stages or exhibition areas, and advanced technology to accommodate grand productions. They are ideal for events seeking maximum impact and the ability to host a significant number of attendees.

4) Plan the Budget of Venues in Tokyo

When hosting an event, navigating the costs can be tricky. Here's a breakdown of estimated pricing to help you plan your event expenditure:

  1. Conference Centres (Starting from €1,500): Large convention centres offer a premium experience with high-tech facilities, spacious halls, and breakout rooms. Prices typically include basic equipment and may vary based on size and duration.
  2. Meeting Rooms (Starting from €100 per hour): Hotels and business centres provide functional meeting rooms perfect for small gatherings. Costs depend on duration and inclusions like catering or technology.
  3. Workshop Rooms (Starting from €200 per hour): Similar to meeting rooms, workshop rooms offer a focused environment with additional features like whiteboards or projectors. Prices can vary based on size and amenities.
  4. Brainstorming Spaces (Starting from €300 per hour): Unique venues like art galleries or co-working spaces can be transformed into creative brainstorming spaces. Expect these to offer comfortable seating and inspiring surroundings.
  5. Outdoor Venues (Starting from €500 per hour): Parks, gardens, or rooftop terraces can be ideal for team-building activities or casual gatherings. Costs depend on size, location, and any necessary permits.
  6. Private Dining Venues (Starting from €100 per person): Restaurants or ryokans offer private rooms for an intimate dining experience. Prices typically reflect the venue's reputation and catering options.
  7. After-Work Venues (Starting from €50 per person): Bars, pubs, or restaurants with dedicated areas can be ideal for casual after-work gatherings. Costs often depend on food and beverage packages.
  8. Photoshoot Venues (Starting from €200 per hour): Professional photo studios provide controlled environments with lighting and backdrops. Prices vary based on studio size, equipment, and duration.
  9. Rooftop Spaces (Starting from €300 per hour): Urban oases with stunning city views, rooftop spaces are ideal for receptions or cocktail events. Costs depend on size, amenities, and catering options.
  10. Restaurants (Starting from €30 per person): Tokyo's vast restaurant scene offers options for every budget. Costs typically reflect the cuisine and location.

5) Check Out the Best Areas in Tokyo for Events

Tokyo offers a variety of prime locations for hosting corporate events. Whether you’re looking for a bustling business district or a serene cultural enclave, the city has an area that perfectly suits your needs. Here, we highlight five of the best areas in Tokyo for hosting corporate events, each offering unique advantages and attractions.

  1. Roppongi: Known for its vibrant nightlife and international flair, Roppongi is a hotspot for corporate events. The area boasts numerous high-end hotels, sophisticated conference centres, and stylish after-work venues. Roppongi's central location and excellent transportation links make it convenient for attendees. Additionally, the area is rich in cultural attractions like the Roppongi Hills Mori Art Museum, providing ample opportunities for post-event entertainment and networking.
  2. Shibuya: Shibuya is synonymous with Tokyo's youthful energy and cutting-edge trends. This dynamic district offers a variety of venues, from modern skyscrapers with panoramic views to trendy co-working spaces. Shibuya’s iconic crossing and vibrant streets are perfect for creating a buzz around your event. The area's numerous restaurants, bars, and shopping centres make it an attractive choice for both daytime conferences and evening networking events.
  3. Marunouchi: Located near Tokyo Station, Marunouchi is the city’s financial and business hub. It’s home to many multinational corporations and offers a range of upscale hotels and conference facilities. Marunouchi's sleek, modern architecture and proximity to important landmarks like the Imperial Palace add a touch of prestige to any corporate event. The convenient location of the area ensures easy access for local and international attendees.
  4. Odaiba: For a unique and memorable event, Odaiba offers a blend of futuristic appeal and scenic waterfront views. This man-made island features spacious convention centres, hotels, and entertainment complexes. Odaiba's attractions, such as the iconic Rainbow Bridge and teamLab Borderless digital art museum, provide engaging experiences for attendees. The area’s relaxed atmosphere and ample open space make it ideal for large-scale events and exhibitions.
  5. Akihabara: Known as the mecca of electronics and pop culture, Akihabara provides a distinctive setting for corporate events, especially those related to technology and innovation. The area is filled with high-tech venues, modern conference spaces, and themed hotels. Akihabara's energetic vibe and cutting-edge ambience are perfect for tech-savvy attendees. The district's numerous gadget shops and anime stores offer unique post-event exploration opportunities.

Bonus Reading: Bring Your Event in Tokyo to New Heights

When it comes to planning an unforgettable event in Tokyo, selecting the perfect venue is just the beginning. Crafting an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests requires creativity and innovation. Whether you're hosting a corporate gathering or a social affair, these exciting tips will help your event truly shine in Tokyo:

Wrapping Up

We trust this guide to hosting an event in Tokyo has proven valuable to you. Should you require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Our local team boasts expertise in this vibrant city, and whatever your needs, they stand ready to assist. Simply ask, and they'll collaborate with you to bring your dream event to life!

A Guide to Hosting Events in Tokyo

FAQ about Tokyo venues and events

Is Tokyo an English-speaking city?

While Tokyo is not primarily an English-speaking city, it is quite accommodating to English-speaking visitors. Many hotels, restaurants, and major tourist attractions offer English menus and signage. Public transportation systems also provide English announcements and signs, making it relatively easy to navigate the city.

What are the best times of year to host an event in Tokyo?

The best times of year to host an event in Tokyo are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). During these seasons, the weather is mild and pleasant, with cherry blossoms in spring and vibrant foliage in autumn adding a picturesque backdrop to any event. Additionally, these periods avoid summer's extreme heat and humidity and the cold of winter, ensuring a comfortable experience for all attendees.

What are the visa requirements for international attendees travelling to Tokyo?

Visa requirements for international attendees travelling to Tokyo vary depending on their nationality. Citizens from many countries, including the United States, Canada, and most European nations, can enter Japan for short stays (typically up to 90 days) without a visa for tourism or business purposes. However, attendees should check the specific requirements for their country well in advance, as some nationalities may need to apply for a visa before arrival. It's also advisable to ensure that passports are valid for the duration of the stay and to have a return ticket and proof of sufficient funds. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, attendees should consult the Japanese embassy or consulate in their home country.

What cultural etiquette should I be aware of when hosting an event in Tokyo?

When hosting an event in Tokyo, it's important to be mindful of Japanese cultural etiquette. Punctuality is highly valued, so ensure that the event starts on time. Business cards, or "meishi," are exchanged with both hands and a slight bow, and should be treated with respect. Politeness and formality are crucial in interactions, so address people by their titles and surnames. Additionally, removing shoes when entering certain venues or homes is customary, so be prepared for this possibility. Lastly, being considerate of local customs and traditions will help foster positive relationships and demonstrate respect for your Japanese guests. 

To learn more, check out our guide on cultural etiquette for corporate events in Tokyo.

What are some post-event activities or sightseeing options for guests in Tokyo?

Tokyo offers a plethora of post-event activities and sightseeing options for guests. They can explore the historic Asakusa district, home to the famous Senso-ji Temple, or enjoy panoramic city views from the Tokyo Skytree. For a taste of modern Tokyo, guests can visit the bustling Shibuya Crossing and the trendy shops of Harajuku. The serene Meiji Shrine provides a peaceful retreat, while a stroll through the vibrant streets of Akihabara offers a glimpse into the world of electronics and anime. Additionally, Tokyo's diverse culinary scene, featuring everything from sushi to ramen, ensures that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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