7 Recommended Areas in Amsterdam for Hosting Events

by HarryPrince,  18 February 2021
by Harry Prince, 18 February 2021
7 Recommended Areas in Amsterdam for Hosting Events

Amsterdam has a reputation for certain things. And, well, it’s all true. But more than that, it can be anything you want it to be: it can be the party city, and it can be the height of culture.

It’s a booming economic area too, being in the top three fastest-growing cities in Europe. In fact, it has been growing consistently since 2013!

So what we’re trying to say is, it’s a city that does it all. What makes it more charming is it’s not too big, and it’s beautiful. You could make someone’s day by telling them their next work trip will be in Amsterdam, that’s for sure.

We love this city here at Eventflare, and we especially love organising events here. This article is all about celebrating the best areas in Amsterdam hosting events.

1) De Pijp

Albert Cuyp Markt in Amsterdam Albert Cuyp Markt via okura

De Pijp is easy to get to from anywhere in the city, as it’s almost more central than the actual centre. You can get there on the new metro line, and via tram.

De Pijp has healthy measures of city buzz and urban chill. At its most northern edge, you’ll find the Heineken factory, which could be a good trip for a team-building exercise.

The Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the defining features of the area. It’s one of the biggest and most popular street markets in the city, with over 260 stands doing business six days a week. Amsterdams sense of humour and laid back view on life is perfectly encapsulated here. And hey, it’s a good place to be if you want a snack.

You’ll find cool cafes in our guide to Amsterdam’s best brunch spots in this area, such as The Scandanavian Embassy and Little Collins.

Where to Host an Event in De Pijp

Elegant Meeting Space amsterdamDe Pijp Meeting Space via Eventflare

This is a distinctive meeting space indeed, with ceiling to floor windows and a vintage feel from the ’50s and ‘’60s. Your guests will love the huge tinted glass partition, and snazzy hanging lights.

There is well thought out acoustic design for complete serenity and privacy. A large flat-screen TV and several other amenities ensure you host the perfect meeting session.

However, your meeting will be only for a lucky few with a boardroom capacity of 12 guests.

2) De Wallen

amsterdam canal with trees De Wallen via checkoutsam

You might know this area as The Red Light District. There are as many canals that traverse through it as streets. The buildings are tall, old, and lean out onto the tight streets. And, of course, there are bikes everywhere.

All of the buildings are old and beautiful, giving your event genuine gravitas. You can walk or cycle everywhere, and the central station is at the top of the town.

The streets are loud and proud, so you’ll know that you’re in a city. You’ll also get the best of Amsterdam’s traditional street foods like pickled herring, pancakes, and waffles.

Where to Host an Event in De Wallen

Theatre Space amsterdamGorgeous Theatre Space via Eventflare

When we say central location, we mean central location with this gorgeous theatre space.

There had been great thought put into the lighting, so while being a dark venue – it is a theatre after all – it doesn’t really feel dark.

It feels like a dream of a cosmopolitan hang out, and it’s just sitting there waiting for you to rent it out!

3) Nieuwmarkt en Lastage

traditional amsterdam building Nieuwmarkt en Lastage via mva

Nieuwmarkt en Lastage is a curious area. Despite being quite literally central, it is quite a residential area at its core.

Nieuwmarkt en Lastage is an excellent area to host events because you can walk there from the train station. It’s on the doorstep and neighbours De Wallen and the historical centre.

On its eastern border is the Botanics and the Zoo. On the south, you have the curve of the Amstel river as it slowly makes its way to the dam that gave the city its name. On its northern border is the IJmeer.

In terms of cultural institutions, this area punches above its weight. The NEMO dominates the skyline of much of central Amsterdam. You’ll also find Rembrandt House and the Zuiderkerk, which was the first Protestant church in Amsterdam.

Waterloopleinmarkt is a lovely market that sells second-hand goods, clothes, and good food to boot.

Where to Host an Event in Nieuwmarkt en Lastage

Unique Space for Creative Gatherings Unique Space for Creative Gatherings via Eventflare

This unique creative space for creative gatherings is a lovely example of the homely and welcoming venues you can find in Nieuwmarkt en Lastage.

It has a capacity of up to 30 people standing or 16 people for a seated event. Its asymmetrical layout and plant life make for a really chill and unique atmosphere.

4) Buiksloterham (Amsterdam Noord)

EYE Filmmuseum amsterdamEYE Filmmuseum via culturetrip

Amsterdam Central Station was once the city’s most northern point, right on the IJ river bank. That was until the city incorporated Buiksloterham, known as Amsterdam Noord, just across the water.

You can get there by shuttle ferry from the central station. It takes around 3 minutes, and the ferries go back and forth from each pier all day.

You can’t miss the EYE filmmuseum and Amsterdam Tower. It’s an island that is about rejuvenation. It has two faces, one of urban renewal, and the other, welcoming back nature.

The Noord is a great place for ambitions and modern young companies eager to change the world!

Where to Host an Event in Buiksloterham (Amsterdam Noord)

Eco-Friendly Meeting Space Alluring Eco-Friendly Meeting Space via Eventflare

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, so why not give your guests the real Amsterdam experience: book them an event in this alluring eco-friendly meeting space on a houseboat!

First of all, it’s big, sturdy, and well moored, so you wouldn’t know you’re on a boat unless you looked out the window.

Secondly, it’s an original idea for a corporate event, especially for something small scale and intimate.

And that is the only downside; you can only bring 15 people!

5) Westerpark

WesterparkWesterpark via iamsterdam

Not to sound condescending but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Westerpark is named after a park. And what a park it is folks!

This area is famous for its concentration of Amsterdamse School architecture. Recognisable for its impressive brick and masonry work, there are natural curves and symmetrical features everywhere.

Westerpark is further out from the city, but you can easily reach the centre or the airport. It’s well connected with trams, trains and metro’s regularly flying in and out.

But do you need the centre when you’re in Westerpark? The honest answer is, not really. This area has its own thing going on. Everything you could need or want for an event is right here. And the vibe of the area is pretty special too!

6) Oud-West 

canal in amsterdam from bridge Oud-West via goodmigrations

Oud-West is a super area to host an event because you are spoilt for choice with food options.

De Hallen on the Kinkerkstraat is a darling of the Amsterdam food scene. It’s a big hall housing some fascinating cuisine from all over the world.

Oud-West has all the joys of the centre, like the canals and bars, but it’s just that bit more relaxed. The streets are wider, and the pace is more chill. And besides, if you want to crank it up a notch, the centre is only a couple of blocks away!

Vondelpark is a model for all parks to follow. It’s long, wide, has beautiful water features, long open fields of grass, secluded paths and nooks, and even an old city mansion with an in-house restaurant in the middle.

Where to Host an Event in Oud-West

Creative Pool Space Creative Pool Space via Eventflare

The creativity of some people is really remarkable. How someone came to think putting a creative pool space on the upper floor of an old factory was a good idea, we don’t know. But they were right, and we’re loving the creativity of it.

The cartoon-video style and colour of the decor plays against the ageing core of the buildings industrial past. The bright white roof with lengthy skylights bright joy to the plant life and wooden furniture.

This venue has a capacity of 120 for a standing event, and 30 for a dining event. You can host anything from afterworks, conferences, a private dining, receptions, or a workshop.

7) Oud-Zuid
 Ijksmuseum amsterdam
Rijksmuseum via iamsterdam

Oud-Zuid is Dutch for Old South. And you know the phrase, old is gold. This is the area for those looking to put on a classy event.

This area suffers from an embarrassment of riches when it comes to culture. Museumplein has three of the greatest museums in Europe in the same park: The Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum.

It’s a shopaholic’s dream too, with big names like Chanel, Louboutin and Dior residing there.

Where to Host an Event in Oud-Zuid

Elegant Theatre
Elegant Theatre via Eventflare

This elegant theatre for performances and conferences is grandeur and then some. If you have a conference or a speaker you want to showcase, can you envision a more special venue than this?

The regal wall carvings, red velvet set, and chandelier are glam to the max. Need more convincing? The adjacent foyers can be set-up to host drinks receptions or private dining events so your event will be the perfect all-rounder!

Wrapping up 

What an inviting place! As we said, they can do it all. So if you want to experience the nightlife, maybe you’d like to check out our guide to the best bars in Amsterdam?

Or if you would prefer something a bit more cultured, maybe you’d like to read up on photography museums to visit while you’re in Amsterdam?

If you would like to find out more about what kind of event spaces are available in this city, we can certainly help you with that too!

Featured image: Creative Pool Space via Eventflare

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