How to Host an Event in Amsterdam For Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam 2022

10 February 2022
10 February 2022
How to Host an Event in Amsterdam For Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam 2022

The thing that distinguishes the Ethereum community from the rest of the blockchain world is that single word: community. Case in point the collaborative Ethereum week brought to you by Devconnect and ETH Amsterdam. Mark it in your diary: 18th-25th of April.

It’s an exciting scene that’s growing and changing the world in our time. Now is the time to establish yourself as part of the Ethereum community as it grows from strength to strength.

This article takes you step by step by hosting an ETH event in Amsterdam for Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam 2022. From choosing a theme and event type to selecting a venue, then how to get sponsorship and how to market it. We hope you like it!

Why Host an ETH Event in Amsterdam at Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam

Hosting Ethereum and blockchain events as a whole are great ideas. They’re hugely popular. For example, take Paris Blockchain Week, expecting over 3,000 people in only its 3rd year.

What’s more, the Ethereum community is growing from strength to strength. From its blockchain applications becoming more and more valuable to society all the time to its crypto value proving strong for the future.

But why host an event at Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam specifically? That’s simple. It’s because this is a collaborative week that focuses on hands-on depth-first sessions, as opposed to focusing on size.

You’ll make more progress in collaboration, learning, and networking in these smaller groups. Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam is all about fostering the Ethereum community spirit. It’s about advancement, not just making money.

So for those looking to build an idea, a product, meeting exciting investors and talent who believe in the ecosystem, hosting an ETH event in Amsterdam is for you!

What Kind of Event Can I Host at Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam

The list of topics that are on the agenda for Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam is long and enticing, ranging from sustainability, advocacy, VDFS, ZKEVM, metaverse, staking, consensus layer, Wev3 UX, NFT’s, solidity, governance, developer infrastructure, executions layer, Web2 to Web3 Dev, ETHonomics, rollups, MEV, security.

It’s a hell of a lot to choose from. And once you’ve decided on a theme(s), you then need to determine what kind of event you’re going to host. The people at Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam have distinguished three main event types to focus on:

  • Talks and Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Hackathons

We would also suggest that hosting an after-work event for the Ethereum community as it descends on Amsterdam is a great idea too!

And not just because we love after-work events ourselves. It’s because they’re great value for attendees. It promises them the opportunity to meet new talents, scout investors, discover new startups, learn about new trends, and so much more.

Where Should I Host my ETH Event in Amsterdam?

The main hub for events at Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam is the iconic Beurs van Berlage. Built on the site of the worlds first stock exchange, it’s a stunning example of Neo-Romanesque brickwork and is widely considered one of the finest pieces of Dutch architecture.

So the bar is set high for the rest of the ETH events in Amsterdam. But don’t worry, you’re in safe hands because exciting corporate event spaces is our thing. Below, we’ve highlighted some fabulous examples that would be great for Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam.

Talks and Presentations

Inspiring and Funky Presentation Space for an ETH event in Amsterdam

Inspiring funky space for corporate gatherings in Amsterdam. Venue for conferences, product launches and private dining.
Inspiring and Funky Presentation Space For an ETH event in Amsterdam via Eventflare

Here’s a fabulous example of our presentation venues in Amsterdam. It’s an inspiring and funky location with a subtle, intimate feel, perfect for the Ethereum community.

It has a striking look, with blue velvet tiered seating arrangements, with rich, thick curtains, giving it a glamorous feel. What’s more, there are plenty of beautiful plants, elegant vases, and a great breakout room for networking and chill sessions. There are great city views on offer too, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Amenity-wise, you’ll have projectors, sound equipment, high-speed WiFi, and superb catering options. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 90 people.


Wooden Attic Space For a Hackathon During Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam

Wooden Attic Space For a Hackathon During Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam via Eventflare

Now we’re moving on to what we consider a fantastic hackathon space. You might now immediately think of a wooden attic space when you think of a hackathon, but here we are!

At its core, it’s still a nostalgic old attic space built from rich brown wood. But thanks to some loving refurbishment, it’s full of quirky fixtures and lively bursts of colour. There are swinging chairs, a tiered seating area, hammocks, concept cloud-like lighting fixtures, funky rugs, and more.

Plus, it comes with a kitchen and a superb fleet of technical amenities for a hackathon, such as projectors, a sound system, microphones, high-speed WiFi, and flip-charts. And finally, it has a total standing capacity of 130 people and a seated capacity of 70.


Truly Unique After-Work Venue For a Hackathon During Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam

Truly unique space with trendy design
Truly Unique After-Work Venue During Devconnect/ETH Amsterdamvia Eventflare

And here we are, our final selection for your ETH event in Amsterdam. It’s a truly unique after-work venue located in the charming area of Old West, on the fringe of the city centre.

Here you can treat the Ethereum community to a remarkable interior design display. You’ll see mesmerising neon arches, bespoke wooden furniture set pieces, exotic plant life, and more, all set in this old factory building.

You’ll have 750m2 to work with here, with excellent catering options, and a total standing capacity of 700, and a seated capacity of 130.

How to Get Sponsorship For Your ETH Event in Amsterdam

It’s crucial that you know how to get sponsors for your event. Thankfully, blockchain events are attractive prospects for sponsors.

For general event planning, the first stop on your quest should be to contact the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. This is your way of getting yourself immersed in a network of business people like you.

The next port of call has to be the Amsterdam Convention Bureau. Their job is to attract event planners to the city and will be able to point you in the right direction, looking for local sponsorship opportunities. Plus, if your event aligns with their objectives, you could even get a grant for your ETH event in Amsterdam!

Now, moving on to sponsorship more specific to the Ethereum community. We advise you to register your event with Gitcoin – effectively a crowdfunding system, streamlined to allow you to showcase your project to prospective funders.

For further information on how to raise money for your ETH event in Amsterdam, make sure to read our 4 tips for growing your event sponsorship revenue. Alternatively, just ask one of our local experts; their local knowledge of the Amsterdam scene will come in handy!

How to Market your Event at Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam

The most important way to let people know booty your ETH event in Amsterdam is to register it on the official schedule. It’s a straightforward process too.

The next most important way to let people know about your Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam event is by putting it on the calendars of all the major blockchain and crypto outlets such as:

After that, we recommend outsourcing to a specialist in blockchain marketing like BountyHive, who create unique content for you and ensure it makes its way to the biggest and best blockchain platforms for all to see.

Telegram marketing is also a crucial element to the Ethereum community. Simply use the Telegram filter system for ‘Ethereum’ or ‘Blockchain’ to get straight to the action.

To learn more about marketing events, check out these expert guides:

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide on hosting an event during Devconnect/ETH Amsterdam.

Check out this ultimate guide to learn more about hosting a blockchain conference. And to see more of our venues in Amsterdam, just follow this link.

Good luck, and we hope to see you in April!

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