6 Gorgeous Reception Venues in Amsterdam

08 April 2021
08 April 2021
6 Gorgeous Reception Venues in Amsterdam

Hello, event planners and party enthusiasts! Welcome to Amsterdam’s event-hosting scene, where timeless elegance meets modern allure. In a city renowned for its gorgeous canals, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, choosing the ideal reception venue is an art form in its own right.

Embark on a journey through the cobblestone streets and discover the crème de la crème of reception venues that are sure to elevate your celebrations to unparalleled heights. From historic establishments exuding Old-World charm to modern spaces exquisitely designed for the discerning taste, Amsterdam is filled with the finest reception venues.

With that, join us as we unveil top reception venues in the capital city of The Netherlands to make your event an unforgettable celebration.

1. Bright Reception Event Venue in Amsterdam with a Touch of Nature
Bright Reception Event Venues in Amsterdam with a Touch of Nature with Eventflare.webp
Bright Reception Event Venues in Amsterdam with a Touch of Nature with Eventflare

Bask in the warmth of natural sunlight at your next event within this chic venue boasting a stunning rooftop. Transforming the conventional event space, this expansive venue unfolds as a modern greenhouse located within the building—a sanctuary that provides both shelter and the illusion of being surrounded by the outdoors.

This versatile space, designed to seamlessly adapt to the essence of your envisioned event, promises a blank canvas for occasions ranging from art exhibitions to refined business dinners and illuminating conferences.

As for amenities, immerse yourself in the complimentary WiFi, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a team of friendly staff dedicated to ensuring your event runs without hiccups. Take it to the next level by indulging in scrumptious food and drinks, which can be tailored according to your preferences upon request.

2. Trendy Reception Space in Amsterdam with Vintage Vibe
Trendy Reception Spaces in Amsterdam with Vintage Vibe via Eventflare.webp
Trendy Reception Spaces in Amsterdam with Vintage Vibe via Eventflare

Embark on a quest for the extraordinary at this unique event space nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. The venue boasts a chic design and unparalleled aesthetics with its brick walls, wooden furnishings, and trendy lighting. Allow your guests to delight in the allure of a private bar and a terrace that lends itself seamlessly to sun-kissed summer affairs. In short, the venue exudes a vintage charm and an inviting ambience that promises to captivate every discerning eye.

The space is also the epitome of sophistication, tailor-made for corporate gatherings, elegant dinners, refined business discussions, and grand product launches. In terms of capacity, revel in the grandeur as this venue graciously accommodates up to 700 for receptions, 550 for walking dinners, and 130 for intimate sit-down events.

Facility-wise, the space serves top-notch amenities, including impeccable WiFi connectivity, premium sound equipment, and a team of affable staff ready to cater to your every whim. Intrigued? Contact us now to unravel the details of your next remarkable event!

3. UNESCO World Heritage Reception Location in Amsterdam
UNESCO World Heritage Reception Locations in Amsterdam via Eventflare.jpg
UNESCO World Heritage Reception Locations in Amsterdam via Eventflare

Imagine bringing your guests through a historic moment by setting your event at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s sure to be the talk of the town. This breathtaking venue is nestled within the meticulously preserved UNESCO World Heritage canal house that embodies the quintessence of 17th-century Dutch classicism. Immerse your guests into a realm where time stands still, where three resplendent golden-age period rooms adorned with authentic frescoes and Louis XIV-style details beckon. The charm continues with an enchanting garden, a decadent marble entrance hall, and a central staircase decorated with a symphony of ornaments and statues.

This rare gem is more than a space; it’s a living canvas that unfolds an exhilarating and immersive experience. Whether you envision a meeting infused with grandeur or a large-scale reception to fit up to 300 guests, this venue stands ready to be the perfect location for your next masterpiece.

If you strive to deliver extraordinary events, do not hesitate to reach out and unveil the secrets of this unmatched setting. Your journey into timeless elegance awaits—inquire now!

4. Vibrant Afterwork Space in Amsterdam with Moroccan décor
Vibrant Afterwork Spaces in Amsterdam with Moroccan décor via Eventflare.webp
Vibrant Afterwork Spaces in Amsterdam with Moroccan décor via Eventflare

Elevate your upcoming event at this modern space located within the heart of the dynamic Leidseplein district. Inspired by the mystique of the Marrakesh Express, this exclusive space is filled with opulent Moroccan design. Adorned with flamboyant carpets, maroon velvet armchairs, and exquisite wooden furnishing, the after-work spot is a sensory feast that transcends to astonishing heights. Get your guests to indulge in intimate lighting, casting a spell of charm and cosiness upon your gatherings.

More than a mere venue, this unique after-work spot can be tailored for a variety of occasions, including board meetings, thought-provoking brainstorming sessions, and compelling presentations. Yet, the versatility extends to private dinners, cocktail receptions, and networking soirees, each embraced by the seductive ambience.

Discover a world where state-of-the-art meets aesthetic excellence, as world-class AV equipment and seamless internet connection grace this venue. If culinary delights are part of your agenda, a catering service awaits to tantalise your palate.

5. Stunning Afterwork Venue in Amsterdam with Glass Greenhouse
Stunning Afterwork Venues in Amsterdam with Glass Greenhouse via Eventflare.webp
Stunning Afterwork Venues in Amsterdam with Glass Greenhouse via Eventflare

Dazzle your esteemed guests by securing this exquisite glass greenhouse nestled in the beating heart of Amsterdam for your next event. Enveloped within an 18th-century architectural masterpiece, this stunning after-work location in Amsterdam effortlessly marries contemporary elegance with a versatile layout, promising an atmosphere of unrivalled refinement.

Embrace the soft glow of natural light that streams through its expansive glass roof, giving this event space a picturesque panorama of celestial beauty. To elevate the experience further, a dedicated bar area stands ready to cater to cocktail desires, seamlessly intertwining with gastronomy heaven.

The greenhouse is a canvas for various occasions, from inspiring workshops and transformative training sessions to intimate private dinners and chic cocktail receptions. With a capacious capacity of up to 120 attendees, this location beckons for events that demand class and distinction.

Amenities-wise, the space thoughtfully includes audiovisual equipment, ensuring a seamless fusion of form and function. For a deeper dive into the possibilities, connect with us and let the magic of this breathtaking space unfold.

6. Cosy Afterwork Spot in Amsterdam Adorned with Greenery
Cosy Afterwork Spots in Amsterdam Adorned with Greenery via Eventflare.webp
Cosy Afterwork Spots in Amsterdam Adorned with Greenery via Eventflare

Mesmerise your discerning guests with the allure of a hidden garden venue, a verdant oasis nestled in nature’s embrace. Featuring expansive traditional Dutch-style windows, this attractive room basks in abundant natural light, casting a luminous charm upon the surroundings. As the gentle rustle of leaves and the presence of flourishing trees and plants envelop the space, your event is infused with a breath of fresh air, giving your guests the much-needed touch of nature.

From conferences and seminars to intimate private dinners and chic cocktail receptions, this space effortlessly caters for a wide range of celebrations. The wide room can accommodate up to 150 for receptions and up to 108 in a theatre-style arrangement, ensuring a grand space for your envisioned event.

Beyond the splendid grandeur, the venue offers a curated experience with decoration, state-of-the-art equipment, and a catering service; each element is carefully tailored for the success of your event.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for accompanying us on this virtual tour of gorgeous reception venues in Amsterdam that exude sophistication and charm. We trust that the beauty of these spaces has ignited a spark of excitement within you, inspiring visions of memorable gatherings and unique events.

If the enchantment lingers and you yearn for more experiences, uncover a plethora of reception venues in Amsterdam on our platform, each a canvas for astounding celebrations.

As your reception draws to a close, there’s no need for the festivities to cease. Extend the magic by venturing into one of the best bars in Amsterdam. Here’s to wishing your future events are nothing short of spectacular!

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