Top Tips for Hosting an Epic Eco-Friendly Event in Amsterdam

by Akshayaa RaniM,  17 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 17 August 2023
Top Tips for Hosting an Epic Eco-Friendly Event in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam, where tulips, canals, and bicycles reign supreme. But did you know this vibrant city is also a sustainability superhero?

From windmills to zero-waste initiatives, Amsterdam is leading the eco-charge. So, if you're dreaming of hosting an eco-friendly event in Amsterdam, why not ride the green wave? We've got your back with these top-notch tips to make your shindig as sustainable as a Dutch cyclist.

So let’s dive in, shall we!?

1. Choosing a Sustainable Venue for Optimal Sustainable Event Planning

Quirky and Sustainable Space for a Green Event Amsterdam via Eventflare.webp
Quirky and Sustainable Space for a Green Event Amsterdam via Eventflare

Choosing a green event venue has to be your first consideration in building an eco-friendly Amsterdam. And we don’t want to waste your time here, so we’re just going to drop our guide to the coolest eco-friendly venues in Amsterdam.

That means the research has been done for you. All you need to do is have a look, choose your favourite, and book!

But before we move on, here’s a little tip. There is one marquee sign that signified a truly sustainable event space: the BREEAM badge of honour (methodology which sets the world standard for rating systems of buildings and works as an environmental assessment method).

  • Statistic Alert: Did you know that BREEAM-certified buildings have a 27% reduction in carbon emissions? That's like high-fiving the planet while sipping your soy latte.

2. Our Favourite Sustainable Caterers for Green Event Planning

Green Event Planning with Alma Catering via Facebook.jpg
Green Event Planning with Alma Catering via Facebook

Our second stop on our journey to a sustainable event in Amsterdam is about food. Food is your secret weapon. Score major sustainability points by going loco for local, choosing organic goodies from De Oogstmarkt, and giving plant-based options their rightful moment in the spotlight. Your event menu: making taste buds dance while saving the planet one bite at a time.

  • Scrumptious Stat: Amsterdam's Food Waste Fighters saved over 160,000 kilos of surplus food in 2022. That's more than a mountain of stroopwafels.

And, again, we’ve saved you some time and done the research for you. So, without further ado, here is our guide to the best vegan catering in Amsterdam!

3. Waste Reduction and Management for an Eco-Friendly Event

A big part of eco-friendly event planning is waste management. And if waste management were an Olympic sport, Amsterdam would be taking home the gold. Set up recycling and composting stations with the help of local waste management company EcoBins.

Collaborate with Circular Events for a zero-waste event execution that turns trash into treasure. Oh, and that "Trash Talk" booth? It's where conversations about waste reduction become as hip as discussing the latest Netflix binge.

  • Example Extravaganza: Remember that time Vondelpark turned discarded bike chains into stunning sculptures? Yep, trash-to-treasure is a thing here.

To give you a leg up on your quest, here are our top tips to start making a zero-waste event!

4. Eco-Friendly Event Ideas: Decor, Glitz and Green Glamour

Your quest for sustainable event planning should never, ever mean making concessions when it comes to event decor.

See it as a chance to bedazzle your event with sustainable sparkle. Snag locally-sourced decorations from The Upcycle Store, or give new life to old items with a coat of eco-friendly paint from Green Paint Company. Let your creative genius bloom, just like Keukenhof's tulip gardens in spring.

  • Fun Fact Fiesta: The Amsterdam Dance Event went all out with upcycled vinyl records as event signage. That's one way to drop the beat on waste.

Further Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Event Decor

5. Green Transportation for a Green Event in Amsterdam

Our next piece of green event planning combines a treasured part of Amsterdam culture with an integral part of eco-friendly travel: cycling.

Ah, the iconic Dutch bicycle – your event's trusty steed. Encourage attendees to pedal their way to your shindig. Collaborate with StarBikes Rental for bike rental services, and bonus points for providing bike parking – like a VIP section for two-wheel lovers.

  • Charming Comparison: Amsterdam's canals might be iconic, but its network of cycling lanes is the real superstar. Think of them as the red carpet for your event.

6. Power up Sustainable Event Ideas: Technology and Energy Efficiency

Increase Your Sustainability in Amsterdam With Solar Power via Parool.webp
Increase Your Sustainability in Amsterdam With Solar Power via Parool

You've got the power (literally) to make your event energy-efficient. Embrace LED lighting, go solar-powered, and ditch energy-guzzling gadgets. Partner with local solar energy providers like Zonnepanelen Fabriek to give your event the green energy it deserves. Your eco-friendly event will shine as bright as the sun setting over the Amstel River.

  • Statistical Spark: Every megawatt-hour of solar energy used is like planting 3,000 trees. Time to turn your event into a green forest of awesomeness.

7. Contribute to a Sustainable Amsterdam with Community Engagement and Inclusivity

Sustainability isn't a solo act. There are friends around you here to help create an eco-friendly Amsterdam. Team up with local green heroes and showcase their eco-friendly goodies.

Make your event as inclusive as Amsterdam's diverse neighbourhoods by embracing everyone's uniqueness. Partner with organisations like Green Amsterdam to engage the local community and spread green love.

  • Heartwarming Highlight: The "Green Market Extravaganza" brought together eco-warriors, artisans, and even urban farmers, celebrating Amsterdam's vibrant community spirit.

8. Contribute to an Eco-Friendly Amsterdam by Fine-Tuning Your Measuring and Reporting

Numbers speak louder than words, especially when they're about your event's sustainable awesomeness. Calculate your carbon footprint, tally the waste saved, and create a sustainability report that's as impressive as a Van Gogh masterpiece. Work with local sustainability experts from GreenMetrics to crunch the numbers and showcase your green success.

  • Statistical Snapshot: Events that report their sustainability efforts witness a 20% increase in attendee satisfaction. That's the sound of applause from both attendees and the planet.

Wrapping up

As you bid farewell to Amsterdam, know that your sustainable event has sowed seeds of change in this eco-friendly paradise. From green venues to waste warriors, you've shown the world that hosting an epic event can be both unforgettable and planet-friendly. So go forth, event warrior, and keep the green flame burning!

Our parting gift is our ultimate guide on how to host an eco-friendly event. There you’ll find even more awesome sustainable event ideas.

And finally, if you’re hungry for even more Event venues in Amsterdam, our entire collection is at your beck and call.


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