From Snapshots to Stories: Celebrated Photographers in Bangkok

by Akshayaa RaniM,  05 April 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 05 April 2024
From Snapshots to Stories: Celebrated Photographers in Bangkok

Often referred to as the City of Angels, Bangkok is a place that buzzes with an energy that's hard to ignore. It's a city where the busy streets, peaceful temples, and vibrant markets have attracted artists for many years. In recent decades, however, Bangkok has become a hotspot for some of Southeast Asia's most celebrated photographers.

As an event planner, you know photography's crucial role in the success of any visual event. It captures the essence and atmosphere of the occasion. It's more than just a way of documenting what has happened; it's an art form that can convey the emotions, energy, and unique moments that make each event special.

A skilled photographer can tell the event's story through their lens, creating a visual narrative that attendees can treasure. These photographs also serve as valuable marketing tools for future events, showcasing the experience and attracting potential attendees.

So, if you're planning an event in Bangkok, here are some celebrated photographers to have on your speed dial!

1. Nathalie Jamois: A Humanitarian Event Photographer in Bangkok
Nathalie Jamois - a humanitarian event photographer in Bangkok via Instagram.jpg
Nathalie Jamois: a humanitarian event photographer in Bangkok via Instagram

Nathalie Jamois is a talented French humanitarian freelance photographer based in Bangkok. She specialises in various photographic styles, including photojournalism, editorial, documentary, NGO, event, sports, and commercial photography. Nathalie's distinctive approach to photography adds depth and meaning to the stories she captures, giving her clients the confidence to share their content on a global scale.

Many prestigious publications like Forbes, The Guardian, Le Figaro, HuffPost, and Europa Press have featured her work. Nathalie's photography has also appeared in exhibitions, most notably at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT), where her compelling images captured the attention of audiences and critics alike.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Nathalie Jamois brings a unique perspective to her photography, making her a sought-after photographer in Bangkok and beyond. Her ability to connect with her subjects and convey their stories through her lens has earned her a reputation as a skilled and compassionate photographer.

2. Mike Towers: For All-Rounded Corporate Photography in Bangkok
Mike Towers - For corporate photography in Bangkok via Cherrydeck.webp
Mike Towers: For corporate photography in Bangkok via Cherrydeck)

Originally from the UK, Mike Towers is an English-speaking professional photographer specialising in corporate events. He has made a name for himself in Bangkok since moving to the Thai capital in 2011.

His photography journey began in the 90s while attending art school, where he initially intended to study interior design. However, Mike quickly fell in love with photography and was fascinated by the act of taking photographs as well as the whole process of developing and printing the pictures.

Over the years, Mike has had a varied career in the industry, working as a commercial photographer, photo printer/retoucher (before the advent of Photoshop), picture editor, graphic designer, and digital marketer.

In recent years, Mike has been involved with Lanna Films, a film production company, shooting a documentary series on Thai food entitled 'Made In Thailand'. The series explores how local ingredients and traditional recipes influence leading Thai chefs. Two episodes have already aired on Media Central Thailand, featuring chefs Tam and Prin from Central Thailand and chefs Charlee and Num from Esan.

With his expertise and experience, Mike Towers is a sought-after corporate event photographer in Bangkok, known for his ability to capture the essence and energy of any occasion through his lens.

3. Jarek Pajewski: A Specialised Corporate Photographer for Hire in Bangkok
Jarek Pajewski - A specialised corporate photographer for hire in Bangkok via YarexPhotography.webp
Jarek Pajewski: A specialised corporate photographer for hire in Bangkok via YarexPhotography

Jarek Pajewski is a talented photographer from Lublin, Poland, whose fascinating journey has taken him to the vibrant streets of Bangkok. Born during communist rule, Jarek's early life was marked by his country's struggle for independence. As the political climate became increasingly tense, his parents sought a safer environment, which led them to move to Calgary, Canada.

In the serene environment of Canada, Jarek embraced a new language and culture. His passion for photography led him to the Alberta College of Art, where he honed his skills and graduated with a degree in photography. However, Jarek's adventurous spirit craved more than just peace; he longed for warmth.

Bangkok, one of the warmest capitals in the world, became Jarek's chosen paradise. Jarek has settled in Bangkok and spent over a decade capturing the essence of this incredible city and its warm, friendly people.

Jarek's favourite subjects are people and buildings, making Bangkok an ideal canvas for his work. The city's bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and vibrant culture inspire his photography. Specialising in portraits, interior, fashion, and event photography, Jarek captures the many facets of Bangkok through his lens.

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4. Rathanont Mankeswit: Capturing Events Through Photography in Bangkok
Rathanont Mankeswit - Capturing events through photography in Bangkok via Cherrydeck.webp
Rathanont Mankeswit: Capturing events through photography in Bangkok via Cherrydeck

Rathanont Mankeswit is a highly skilled professional videographer and photographer based in Bangkok with over two years of cumulative experience in the industry. Throughout his career, Rathanont has honed his craft as a full-time professional and freelancer, working with prestigious clients such as SCG, SONY Thailand, and EPS.

His expertise in capturing stunning visuals and his ability to tell compelling stories through his work has made him a sought-after talent in the industry. Whether working on commercial projects or creative projects, Rathanont's dedication to his craft and a keen eye for detail are evident in every photo he takes.

As a photographer and videographer, Rathanont uniquely combines technical skills with artistic vision, resulting in captivating images and videos that leave a lasting impression. His work demonstrates his versatility and adaptability, making him a valuable asset to any event he photographs.

5. Colin Dunjohn: A Journey to Becoming a Bangkok Photographer
Colin Dunjohn - A journey to becoming a Bangkok photographer via Cherrydeck.webp
Colin Dunjohn: A journey to becoming a Bangkok photographer via Cherrydeck

Colin Dunjohn, a seasoned professional originally from London, has built an impressive career with some of the world's leading companies in a variety of industries. His career began in the hospitality industry, working with the prestigious Peninsula Group in Hong Kong, China, and South Korea. It was here that Colin learnt the importance of providing excellent service, a principle that has guided him throughout his career.

His next venture took him into the world of club management, where he worked with one of the leading groups, CCA, in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore. This experience taught him how to build repeat business by maintaining a fresh and innovative approach.

Colin's career then took a significant turn towards sports management, where he spent many years with WME IMG. It was in this role that he learnt the importance of achieving goals and objectives with the client's brand and business interests always at the forefront.

In 2004, Colin began a new chapter in his career by turning his lifelong photography hobby into a professional endeavour. With a background in service, management and branding, event and sports photography came naturally. His mission is to provide his clients the highest level of service, with a strong focus on brand and corporate exposure. He aims to capture key moments and achieve pre-defined goals and objectives, ensuring that his clients' events are memorable and strategically beneficial.

Wrapping Up

As you search for the perfect event photographer inBangkok, we hope this curated list of top photographers has helped you narrow down your list. But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to read our tips on how to hire a corporate event photographer.

Each photographer, with their unique lens and perspective, holds the key to transforming your event into a beautifully captured story, and we’re sure you’ll find the best fit for you. Good luck!

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