Networking Powerhouse: Strategies to Maximise Connections at Devcon Bangkok

by Akshayaa RaniM,  19 March 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 19 March 2024
Networking Powerhouse: Strategies to Maximise Connections at Devcon Bangkok

Greetings, Devcon Disruptors!

Devcon 7, or Devcon SEA, isn't just about the stellar talks and innovative ideas; it's about forging connections that propel the future of Web3. As we delve into strategies for maximising your networking at Devcon 7, from interactive icebreakers and breakout sessions to leveraging the latest in event apps and social media, our goal is to ensure your side-event is not only a meeting point but a launching pad for collaboration and growth in the Web3 space and the Ethereum ecosystem.

Bangkok is the perfect backdrop for like-minded individuals to connect, share ideas, and foster business relationships that transcend the conventional networking event. Choosing a side-event venue in Bangkok that resonates with the ethos of innovation and community is only the first step in setting the stage for meaningful exchanges and collaborative breakthroughs.

Moreover, embracing Bangkok's unique atmosphere—the Devcon SEA hub—can transform your event from a mere community gathering to an immersive experience. From leveraging the city's renowned hospitality and exotic locales for breakout sessions to integrating local culture into your event themes, every aspect of your side event can enhance attendee engagement and facilitate deeper connections.

Here's how to transform your Devcon side event into a networking powerhouse, a vibrant hub where people connect, collaborate, and spark the next wave of blockchain innovation.

Beyond the Obvious: Choose an Intriguing Event Theme

Don't settle for generic topics like "The Future of Blockchain." Choose a theme that sparks curiosity and ignites discussion. Is it the potential of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) to revolutionise financial inclusion? The rise of Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and their impact on organisational structures? A thought-provoking theme sets the stage for engaging conversations from the get-go.

Break the Ice: Interactive Activities to Spark Connections
  • Ditch the awkward silences and encourage attendee mingling.Incorporate interactive icebreakers that allow participants to learn about each other's backgrounds and interests. Here are some ideas:
  • Speed Networking Sessions: Facilitate rapid-fire introductions in a structured format. Attendees rotate between conversation partners for short durations, allowing them to meet a diverse range of people quickly.
  • Themed Trivia Nights: Create a trivia event focused on blockchain technology and the Web3 space. This playful approach encourages teamwork, friendly competition, and sparks conversations around key industry topics.
  • Gamified Activities with Incentives: Design interactive games that incentivise participation and connection. Consider a "Web3 Scavenger Hunt" where attendees collaborate to find hidden clues throughout the side-event venue in Bangkok or a "Blockchain Bingo" session with conversation starters as prompts on the bingo cards.
Pre-Event Buzz: Building Connections Before Devcon Kicks Off

Don't wait until the event starts to foster connections. Build anticipation and encourage attendees to introduce themselves even before Devcon kicks off. Create a dedicated online forum or a social media group specific to your side-event, such as:

  • Online Forum:Use platforms like Discord or a dedicated forum section on your event website. This allows attendees to introduce themselves, share their areas of expertise, post questions or discussion prompts, and start building connections virtually before arriving in Bangkok.
  • Social Media Group: Create a dedicated Facebook group or leverage a platform like Telegram. Encourage attendees to share their profiles, interests, and use the designated event hashtag to spark pre-event conversations.
  • Welcome Email with Networking Tips: Send a pre-event email to attendees that includes the event schedule, venue information, and a few icebreaker questions or conversation starters. This not only sets expectations but also encourages attendees to start thinking about who they want to connect with at the event.
Cultivate a Collaborative Atmosphere: Where Interaction Breeds Innovation

The physical layout of your event space plays a crucial role in fostering connections.Move beyond rows of rigid chairs! Opt for open floor plans that encourage movement and interaction.Consider incorporating these elements:

  • High-Top Tables and Lounge Areas: These casual seating arrangements provide a relaxed environment for attendees to gather, strike up conversations, and exchange ideas.
  • Comfortable Seating Arrangements: Ditch the uncomfortable conference chairs. Opt for a mix of comfy seating options like couches, ottomans, and beanbags to encourage attendees to linger and network in a relaxed setting.
  • Whiteboards and Collaboration Zones: Designate specific areas within your venue with whiteboards and markers, encouraging attendees to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, and visually capture their thoughts during discussions.
  • Dedicated Networking Zones: Don't leave networking to chance.Create designated areas within your venue solely for networking. Consider these elements:
  • Refreshment Stations: Offer complimentary refreshments like coffee, tea, and light snacks. This encourages attendees to linger in the networking zone, facilitating interaction and casual conversations.
  • Conversation Starters: Strategically display conversation starters on screens within the networking zone. These could be thought-provoking questions, current blockchain industry news, or polls related to your event theme.
  • "Connect Wall": Create a physical wall or an online platform where attendees can post their contact information, areas of expertise, and interests. This allows attendees to easily find and connect with people who share their interests.
Interactive Workshops and Breakout Sessions: Beyond Passive Listening

Don't just present information; create opportunities for active participation and collaborative problem-solving. Structure your workshops and breakout sessions to encourage discussions, group work, and collaborative problem-solving. Here are some ideas:

  • Case Study Analysis: Present real-world case studies related to your event theme and encourage participants to break into groups, analyse the case studies, and discuss potential solutions or applications. This fosters critical thinking, debate, and the exchange of diverse perspectives.
  • World Café Discussions: Implement the World Café format, a structured conversation method that encourages lively discussions around key topics. Participants rotate between tables with different discussion prompts, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute and learn from various viewpoints.
  • Hackathons with Networking Breaks: Organise hackathons that encourage collaboration and innovation. Schedule designated networking breaks throughout the hackathon, allowing participants to showcase their progress, exchange ideas, and potentially form new partnerships.
Embrace Technology as Your Wingman: Leverage Digital Tools for Seamless Connections

Technology is crucial in facilitating connections and enhancing the attendee experience at your Devcon side event. Here are some strategies to leverage digital tools:

  • Event Apps and Networking Platforms: Use dedicated event apps or online networking platforms.These tools allow attendees to create profiles, share their areas of expertise, and schedule one-on-one meetings before, during, and after the event.
  • Real-Time Polling and Feedback Features: Integrate real-time polling and feedback features into your presentations.These tools not only enhance audience engagement but also spark discussions around the presented topics. Use the poll results as conversation starters during networking breaks or breakout sessions.
  • Social Media Integration: Leverage the power of social media!Encourage attendees to share their experiences and connect online using a designated event hashtag. This fosters a sense of community and extends the networking opportunities beyond the physical event space. Consider creating a live tweet feed displayed at the venue, showcasing attendee tweets and fostering real-time online engagement.
  • Live-Streamed Content and Remote Participation: Open your event to a wider audience by live-streaming select presentations or panel discussions. This allows remote participants to engage with the content and potentially connect with on-site attendees through online chat features.
Post-Event Follow-Up: Keep the Momentum Going

Don't let the connections fade after the final presentation!Implement strategies to maintain the momentum and encourage ongoing collaboration:

  • Showcase Speaker Presentations and Workshop Materials Online:Make recordings of presentations, workshop materials, and key takeaways available online. This allows attendees to revisit the content, share it with their networks, and spark further discussions.
  • Maintain the Online Forum or Social Media Group: Don't abandon the online forum or social media group you created pre-event. Encourage attendees to keep using it to share insights, ask questions, and initiate new collaborations.
  • Host a Virtual Follow-Up Event:Consider hosting a virtual follow-up event a few weeks after Devcon. This could be a Q&A session with speakers, a panel discussion on emerging trends, or a virtual networking session to keep the connections alive.

Pro Tip! Networking goes beyond an event’s four walls. Here are the best areas where you can continue networking with a nice cocktail in your hands!

Extra Tips: Play the Linker Role!

As the event organiser, you play a crucial role in facilitating connections beyond chance encounters. Here's how you can be a connector:

  • Facilitate Introductions: Pay attention to attendee interactions and identify individuals who might share interests or complementary skillsets. Actively facilitate introductions between these attendees, potentially sparking valuable collaborations.
  • Mentorship Programs: Consider incorporating a mentorship program into your Devcon side-event. Pair experienced blockchain professionals with aspiring developers and entrepreneurs. This fosters knowledge exchange, the development of long-lasting relationships, and empowers the next generation of Web3 innovators.
  • Host "Meet the Speaker" Sessions: Organize casual meet-and-greet sessions where attendees can interact with event speakers. This allows attendees to ask questions, gain insights, and explore potential collaboration with the speakers.

By implementing these strategies, your Devcon Bangkok side-event will transform into a vibrant hub for networking, collaboration, and the forging of connections between thinkers and makers that will shape the future of Web3. Remember, successful networking isn't just about creating business cards; it's about fostering meaningful interactions, building relationships, and igniting the spark of innovation through collaboration.

Wrapping Up

Ready to energise Devcon Bangkok with your powerhouse networking event? Let Eventflare be your guide. We'll help you navigate the logistics, source the right venue that fosters interaction, and leverage technology to create an unforgettable experience that fosters meaningful connections for all attendees. Contact us today and let's unlock the power of the Devcon Bangkok network together!

We can also provide additional support with:

  • The entire event planning, from choosing the venue to catering to the host city's insider tips;
  • Marketing and promotion of your Devcon side-event;
  • Merchandising and 360° support on the event's setting up;

Don't miss this opportunity to make your Devcon Bangkok side-event a networking triumph! Visit our website or contact us directly to discuss your vision and get started today.

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