6 Quirky and Unusual Event Venues in Barcelona

by Tejaswini,  30 May 2023
by Tejaswini , 30 May 2023
6 Quirky and Unusual Event Venues in Barcelona

Hello there, event planners! Welcome to our guide to unusual event venues in Barcelona. In this vibrant city, imagination really knows no bounds, and you can promise your guests an unforgettable event experience.

Are you set to embark on a quest to explore some of the most quirky and unusual venues in Barcelona that break free from convention and let you create an event like no other?

So, buckle your seat belts and get set for an adventure.

1. An Unusual Venue in Barcelona with a Glass Dome
An unusual venue in Barcelona with a glass dome via.Eventflare.webp
An unusual venue in Barcelona with a glass dome via. Eventflare

Our first unusual venue for hire in Barcelona is not a spaceship, although it certainly looks like one! This one-of-a-kind venue with a glass dome is located in L'Hospitalet, a quick drive from Bellvitge train station.

When it comes to unconventional spaces, this one definitely delivers. It’s not only its exterior that’s eye-catching but its interiors as well. Your guests will be able to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of relaxation with plush carpet flooring, deluxe furniture, and an abundance of lush decorative plants.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But, there’s more. The showstopper here is a breathtaking glass dome that replaces the walls and roof to offer a 360-degree panoramic view of Barcelona’s stunning skyline.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 180 guests in a standing setup and 80 guests in a dining setup, this quirky venue in Barcelona is perfect for after-work celebrations, cocktail parties, and informal dinners,

The venue also comes fully equipped with a bar, projector, catering, furniture, water, and a cutting-edge sound system.

2. Unusual Venues for Hire in Barcelona: A Monastery
Unusual venues for hire in Barcelona: a monastery via. Eventflare

A restored monastery definitely tops the list of quirky venues in Barcelona. Check out this cool venue that exudes exclusivity and timeless charm right in the heart of Barcelona. This meticulously restored event space offers your guests the rare opportunity to bask in the allure of Catalan Romanesque architecture without ever leaving the vibrant metropolis.

There’s so much to love about this venue (other than the quirky factor!) It has premium views of the sprawling cityscape and has several separate spaces within it that tell its own story. You can choose to book all or just one of its many event spaces including a quaint chapel, a serene cloister, a versatile hall, and a captivating sculpture garden.

That’s not all, the independent entrance adds an extra layer of exclusivity to your event, ensuring maximum privacy and loads of fun.

As for capacity, this venue can host up to 200 guests in a standing setup, 100 guests in a dining setup, and 70 guests in a theatre setup. It also provides water, staff, and a high-speed internet connection to ensure your event goes seamlessly from start to finish.

3. A Quirky Venue in Barcelona with Vintage Decor
A quirky venue in Barcelona with vintage decor via.Eventflare.webp
A quirky venue in Barcelona with vintage decor via. Eventflare

We’re almost halfway through on this list of unusual spaces in Barcelona to host your event and it’s only going to get better, such as this glamorous and theatrical bar with vintage decor located just a short stroll from the Jaume I subway station.

If you’re looking for a venue that can transport your guests back in time, this is it. You’ll love the vintage decor, high ceilings, retro light fixtures, vibrant walls, plush velvet seating, and beautiful wooden parquet flooring here. It exudes an irresistible charm and will definitely help you plan a throwback event.

And, you won’t have to worry about capacity at this venue either. It spans an expansive195m² and can easily host up to 120 guests in a standing setup and 60 guests in a dining setup. It also has a fast internet connection, a bar, catering, water, air-conditioning, and a stellar sound system.

4. A Unique Venue in Barcelona with Abstract Exhibits
A unique venue in Barcelona with abstract exhibits via.Eventflare.webp
A unique venue in Barcelona with abstract exhibits via. Eventflare

If you’re looking for a quirky venue in Barcelona that’s on the cutting edge of creativity, this unique venue with abstract exhibitsis for you. Located just minutes from the renowned Palau de la Musica Catalana in the vibrant Sant Pere neighbourhood, this lovely space is full of charm and elegance.

You (and your guests) will love the unique features of the interiors here. Abstract exhibits, glass entrances, tiled flooring, and high ceilings provide the perfect backdrop for a unique and creative event.

This venue is perfect for intimate events and can comfortably host up to 60 guests in a standing setup and 40 guests in a dining setup. And when it comes to amenities, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll have access to a high-speed WiFi connection, catering, and water.

And, of course, if there’s anything else you need, our local experts will help you out!

5. An Unusual Space in Barcelona with a Contemporary Vibe
An unusual space in Barcelona with a contemporary vibe via.Eventflare.webp
An unusual space in Barcelona with a contemporary vibe via. Eventflare

Next up in our hunt for unusual event venues in Barcelona, we’re going to take you to the vibrant district of L’Eixample where you’ll find this unusual space with a contemporary vibe. This modern and industrial venue is the perfect choice for corporate and private events that demand a touch of uniqueness and sophistication.

You’ll be interested in learning that this exceptional space is a testament to creativity and innovation. The venue was conceived with the belief that creating beauty is an art form in itself.

The interiors here definitely reflect that belief! When you step inside, you’ll be greeted with exposed brick walls and steel pillars that lend it a chic and underground ambience. But that’s not the only cool thing about this space. Its simple and open layout gives you the freedom to personalise the space to match your creative vision.

The venue can easily accommodate up to 100 guests, and the amenities can be discussed to suit your requirements.

6. An Unusual Event Venue in Barcelona in a Former Car Workshop
An unusual event venue in Barcelona in a former car workshop via. Eventflare).webp
An unusual event venue in Barcelona in a former car workshop via. Eventflare

We’ve now reached the end of our list of unusual venues in Barcelona, and we’re closing it with a bang. The last venue we have is an extraordinarily old former car workshop,that caters to productions of all kinds.

Whether you’re planning a photo shoot, film production, or a corporate event, this space is brimming with history and character and gives you the vibe of an abandoned factory. It’s located in the heart of Barcelona and also boasts a small courtyard and an array of props and elements that lend it an industrial air.

The capacity for this event depends on the type of event you’re planning and the setup. Our local experts can help you with the amenities and setup you need to make your event a grand success.

Wrapping Up

We hope this journey through some of the most quirky and unusual event venues in Barcelona was a fun ride. We can’t wait to see how you use your creativity and imagination to take your event to the next level at one of these stellar venues.

Just in case you need help with local translation while you’re in Barcelona to bring your creative vision to life, we recommend reading this guide to event translation services in Barcelona.

Happy planning!

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