A Guide to Eco-Friendly Event Suppliers in Barcelona

17 May 2022
17 May 2022
A Guide to Eco-Friendly Event Suppliers in Barcelona

If finding eco-friendly event suppliers in Barcelona is a priority for you, then you’ve found the article you were looking for!

Hosting a sustainable event in Barcelona is now easier than ever. It’s a city that is pursuing more eco-friendly initiatives than ever; from the government level to private business, and amongst the citizenry.

And being a top destination for the MICE industry, we know the city very well. So today we’re going to be sharing with you all our top tips for arranging an eco-friendly event in Barcelona.

We’re glad you are on board with going green, and we hope this article fills you with great ideas. Make sure to join us in the concussion for some bonus expert advice!

Our Favourite Venues For an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona

When it comes to corporate events, the venue is the life and soul of your activities. So if you have any ambitions to host a sustainable event in Barcelona, you need to start with an eco-friendly venue as a base. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some candidates here to help you on your way!

1. Centrally Located Industrial Venue For an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona

Centrally Located Industrial Venue For an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona via Eventflare

Up next, we have this sleek industrial aesthetic in a fabulous central location. You’ll see the charming marriage of urban charm and eco-friendly sensibility underneath its high ceilings. It’s a venue with a bold look, from the large steel roof trusses and large skylights to the gleaming concrete floor.

The standout fixture of this industrial venue is the interior garden space. It’s enclosed in glass and steel and sits directly underneath one of the skylights. What’s more, it has a blank canvas motif, meaning you can arrange the floor plan and stage design however you like. Plus, it has a private bar, meaning you can make it a social occasion!

Capacity-wise, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 220 people in a standing event and 140 people in a seated event. And finally, you’ll have a load of cool services and amenities like projectors, sound equipment, wheelchair access, TVs, high-speed WiFi, and much more.

2. Cosy Hotel That Follows Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Barcelona

Cosy Hotel That Follows Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Barcelona via Eventflare

Our last venue location isn’t a venue at all, it’s a cosy and eco-friendly hotel. Because, while you’re in Barcelona, your carbon footprint is at stake the whole time, not just during your events.

This hotel is a real beauty, located in a magnificent 19th-century building. The inside however is decidedly modern. The colour motif is a marvellous collection of browns and burnt siennas. And the materials are a splendid mixture of steel, wood, and mesmerising tilework.

You’ll be happy to know that there are several eco-friendly practices here, such as the zero-waste policy of their highly celebrated restaurant and their eco-friendly energy sources. And perhaps the stand out feature of the restaurant? The stunning panoramic views from their rooftop terrace.

Caterers For an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona

You don’t have to worry about eco-friendly event suppliers in Barcelona when it comes to catering. Because did you know it was awarded the world sustainable food capital for 2021!

One example of the city’s innovative eco-friendly initiatives is the Seasons Menu. It’s a concept created by the city council to promote healthy and seasonable gastronomy for the city.

There are a lot of excellent catering companies in Barcelona. But if you really want to be sustainable while giving your guests the best possible flavours, then we really think you’ll love what these companies are doing:

21deMarzo: 21deMarzo is a groundbreaking group. They were the first catering service in Barcelona to make a 100% plant-based operation. Their 21plantbased program has extended their gastronomic excellence and, as ever, demonstrates the diversity in their menus, showcasing magical dishes ranging from curry to tartare and bourguignon to croquettes!

Nuclo: Nuclo is a shining example of Catalonia’s contemporary culinary scene. They offer menus with dishes from all around the world. And not only is their food modern, striking, and straight delicious, it’s highly sustainable. Plus, all the excess food at their events is donated to charities around the city.

Some of Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Event Suppliers in Barcelona

Crimons: Crimons is a company that rents decor and furniture as well as stage designers and builders. They have a huge 5,000m2 hanger full of vintage goods, customisable furniture, themed carts and even food trucks. And perhaps most significantly, their event stage design is focused on sustainability.

Clean Beach: Clean Beach Initiative was founded in 2019. They do open clean-ups on the weekends, Saturday at 11 AM. However, they also do really fun team-building sessions centred on sustainability, which will be a great addition to your event!

Green Events Barcelona: Green Events Barcelona design and organise sustainable experiences. They focus on promoting skills such as team engagement and cohesion, communication, leadership, and motivation.

PCG Barcelona: PCG is a digital printing company from Barcelona that specialises in digital, offset printing, large-format and “last-minute” printing and the design and production of ecological recycled high-strength cardboard furniture.

Raima: Raima is one of the biggest stationery stores in Europe. Their selection is exciting to browse, stylish, and most importantly, they have a fantastic eco-friendly range of products!

Cool Initiatives For Sustainable Events in Barcelona

It’s not just event planners and conscientious citizens that are driving Barcelona’s eco-friendly drive. The city council itself is also part of the movement. From improvement in public transport and cycling options to clean recycling and rubbish operations and more, there are a whole load of Sustainable event initiatives in Barcelona that will assist you in hosting an eco-friendly event.

Event Production Company for an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona

So, by now, you might be thinking… event planning is a lot! It is. But it’s a competitive market, and if you want to be the best, you either need to put in the work or hire the best.

There is a whole load of benefits from outsourcing your event planning duties. But let’s not get into that right now. Just read this article on why you should hire a production company for your events.

All we’ll say right now is that our event production services are perfect for those looking to host a sustainable event in Barcelona. Because we’ve done it before. We know the right places and people to collaborate with, and we’re offering our network of eco-friendly event suppliers in Barcelona to you!

Wrapping up

That’s it, folks. You’re now well-versed in sourcing eco-friendly event suppliers in Barcelona. We hope you’re more inspired than ever!

Make sure to check out the rest of our fantastic venues in Barcelona. And to make your event even better, you also need to read our ultimate guide to event entertainment in Barcelona.

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