Sustainable Event Initiatives in Barcelona

04 April 2022
04 April 2022
Sustainable Event Initiatives in Barcelona

So, you want to organise an eco-friendly event in Barcelona? Good, you’re in the right place. This piece on eco-friendly initiatives in Barcelona is the perfect place to start.

It’s a stunning city with a well-earned reputation for impressing guests and a history of hosting remarkable events.

Plus, we’re also going to be dropping tips on our favourite sustainable venues, caterers, and transport options for your eco-friendly event in Barcelona.

So we hope you can implement our actionable tips for your next sustainable event in Barcelona. Good luck, and enjoy!

Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Barcelona

The eco-friendly initiatives in Barcelona start at the top, with the city council. They have expressed comprehensive plans for optimised waste disposal, clothing exchanges, recycling, furniture re-purposing, organic waste initiatives, Green points, and a commitment to the UN 2030 Agenda.

The city also has exciting initiatives to tackle the carbon footprint of transport and catering. But we’re going to address them further down the page.

Semi-public and private organisations are getting in on the action too! (see, we told you sustainable events in Barcelona were a good idea). For starters, check out these cool sustainability startups thriving in the city.

Likewise, if you like maps and are curious about eco-friendly initiatives in Barcelona, we recommend you check out this sustainability map of the city. There’s a lot of cool stuff there to dig into!

And before we move on to venues and catering and other fun stuff, you need to make sure you read these 6 tips to start making a zero-waste event!

Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Barcelona via C40knowledgehub

Our Favourite Venues and Hotel For Your Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona 

2. Centrally Located Industrial Venue For an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona

 Odern Ndustrial Enue Entral Ocation &# Ahoot Oworking Arcelona
Centrally Located Industrial Venue For an Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona via Eventflare

If you like central locations with a sleek industrial aesthetic, then you’ll love this next venue.

Here you have urban charm crossed with a sustainable sensibility. It has high ceilings with bold steel roof trusses and large skylights glowing with natural light.

Its signature feature is the internal garden, enclosed in glass and steel, sitting underneath one of the impressive skylights. Plus, it has a blank canvas motif and a private bar, so it’s an event planner’s dream!

It comes stacked with an impressive array of services, such as sustainable catering, projectors, sound equipment, wheelchair access, TVs, high-speed WiFi, and much more. And finally, you’ll have a standing capacity of 220 people and a seated capacity of 140 people.

2. Cosy Hotel That Follows Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Barcelona

Cosy and eco-friendly hotel in Barcelona
Cosy Hotel That Follows Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Barcelona via Eventflare

Now that you’ve been sold on the eco-friendly initiatives and given two magnificent venue options for your sustainable event in Barcelona, where will you stay? We can think of only one option – this cosy and eco-friendly hotel in Barcelona.

You’ll find it centrally located, housed in a stunning building from the 19th-century. The interior, however, is entirely modern. The rooms are a charming blend of browns and burnt siennas, made from steel, wood, and rich tilework.

Sustainability is fundamental here, from the zero-waste policy of their renowned restaurant to their eco-friendly energy sources. And the perfect touch to your stay here? The views of the city from their premier rooftop terrace.

Our Favourite Caterers For Sustainable Events in Barcelona 

How about this for an eco-friendly initiative for Barcelona? It was awarded the world sustainable food capital for 2021.

In celebration, Barcelona City Council has developed a Seasons Menu concept that promotes healthy and seasonable gastronomy for the city. So, in short, you don’t have to fret about the catering for your sustainable event in Barcelona, that’s for sure!

Here are a couple of our favourites that we think you should check out:

  • 21deMarzo: 21deMarzo was the first catering service in Barcelona capable of offering 100% plant-based catering. They maintain the professional excellence for which they are known in their 21plantbased program. They have a remarkable versatility in their work, from curry to tartare and bourguignon to croquettes!
  • Nuclo: Nuclo is a contemporary Spanish catering company that experiments with different styles of cuisines around the world. Not only is their food quite remarkable, but their sustainable menu options are delicious, and plus, they commit to donating all of their surplus food to various NGOs around the city.

Getting to Your Eco-Friendly Event in Barcelona 

There are plenty of eco-friendly initiatives in Barcelona when it comes to transport. For starters, the city now has an operational low emissions zone.

One of our favourite things about travelling around Barcelona is the network of cycle paths. If you’re a visitor to the city, they have a public fleet of bikes that you can rent at a low cost! So not only is cycling to and from your event cheap, but it’s safe!

Plus, the public transport network – run by TMB – is in the process of electrifying its bus and tram network. This is an integral part of their fight to reduce the motorised pollution in the city. So if you’re in town and don’t feel like cycling, going with TMB is the second-best option for a sustainable event in Barcelona.

Wrapping up

There you have it, our guide to hosting a sustainable event in Barcelona. It’s a city rich in culture, history, and life. And plus – as you now know – there are plenty of excellent eco-friendly initiatives in Barcelona.

To help you on your journey even further, you might like to read this guide we made earlier on how to host an eco-friendly event.

And finally, if you’re still hungry for more venues in Barcelona, we have so much more waiting for you!

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