How to Choose the Right Event Florist in Barcelona

18 May 2022
18 May 2022
How to Choose the Right Event Florist in Barcelona

If you’re wondering where to find the perfect event florist in Barcelona, let out a sigh of relief, you’ve found the right place.

Being corporate event experts, we know how crucial flower arrangements can be for your motif. Moreover, we’re well tuned in to the network of florists in Barcelona.

Today, we’re not only going to share with you our favourite floral design services, but we’ll be sharing key event planning ideas that can assist you on your way.

We’ve done all the hard work, now all you need to do is pick and choose the choicest flowers as you please. Happy hunting!

Pick a Venue With Flower Arrangements

Choosing the right venue will absolutely help your floral design service. For starters, you can pick a venue that already has flower arrangements as part of its decor, nullifying the need to find an event florist in Barcelona in the first place. Or alternatively, you can pick a venue that is more becoming to flower arrangements than others.

We’re experts when it comes to corporate event venues, so we’ve picked out a couple of locations in Barcelona to show you how the venue can be an essential part of your floral design service.

Centrally Located Industrial Venue For an Exciting Floral Arrangement

Centrally Located Industrial Venue For an Exciting Floral Arrangement via Eventflare

In a change of pace, we have this sleek industrial aesthetic in a fabulous central location. The standout fixture of this industrial venue is the interior garden space. It’s enclosed in glass and steel and sits directly underneath one of the skylights. It’s a dream space for those looking for a conceptual and bespoke floral design service.

And, like the previous selection, it’s a blank canvas venue, meaning you can bring in a professional event florist in Barcelona here to further build on the interior garden concept!

Collaborate With an Event Production Team

Another way to avoid the responsibility of finding a florist in Barcelona is to team up with an event production team. From the floral design service to assembly and deconstruction, professionals can take care of it.

And what’s more, our event production services can offer a complete event planning service, including catering, live streaming, marketing, post-event analysis, and more. Or, have it your way and pick and choose which services you want!

To learn more about why you should hire an event production company check out this article to read up on a whole load of cool advantages!

Our Favourite Event Florists in Barcelona

Agrimònia: Agrimònia is the story of Gemma discovering that she had been refining her skill in flower arrangement in her personal life for years before a lightbulb moment when she discovered it was her calling in life.

Her favourite flowers are daisies, cornflowers, gypsophila, mimosa, and field poppies. Since then, her floral design service has been defined by small, soft, and delicate arrangements, with a particular experience for wildflowers and spring flowers.

Flors i Plantes Bertran: Flors i Plantes Bertran was created in 1936 by Antoni Bertran Marti and Ramona Coll Padrós. Since then, they’ve been one of Barcelona’s most prominent event florists, and their legacy has been going strong over three generations. As well as their innovative and tailored corporate services – particularly in private dining events –  they’re also well known for their shop and expert blog.

Flowers by Bornay: Flowers by Bornay are the florist in Barcelona you go to if you want to be unconventional. Bornay was founded in 2009 to create flower arrangements that are unrepeatable. They take their inspiration from cinema culture, science fiction, pop culture, art, and dance. They’re particularly known for their obscure use of materials.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to event florists in Barcelona. We hope you’re more inspired than ever.

Next, you’ll need to decide on a location. So make sure to check out our fantastic venues in Barcelona.

And finally, perhaps you’ll find this ultimate guide to corporate event planning quite handy?

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