Why You Should Hire a Production Company for Your Virtual Events

21 March 2022
21 March 2022
Why You Should Hire a Production Company for Your Virtual Events

It’s an age-old question: to in-house, or not in-house. Today we’re posing this question in regard to virtual event production. And what a relevant question it is. Everyone in the event industry is attuned to the fact that virtual events have risen dramatically; moreover, they’re going to continue to be part of the industry going forward.

However, there’s a glaring issue facing event planners. Virtual event productions are largely unfulfilling for virtual attendees. So that brings us back to our original question, should you carry your virtual event production in-house?

Well, the answer is no, as it happens. Today we’re making a case for why you should hire a virtual event production company. So just sit back, relax, and read on to find out why!

How Virtual Event Companies Can Help Your Event Planning

So straight off the bat, a virtual event production company can assist your general event planning goals. Experience matters. If you get in professionals who have done it before and know what works and what doesn’t, they can build an event tailored to your needs and wishes.

This can range from content to sponsorship matters, sourcing guest speakers, scheduling, etc. Because to get down to brass tax, event planning is not easy. But it’s a wonderful challenge to invest yourself in.

To get the full rundown on how this process works, check out our ultimate guide to event planning.

Why a Virtual Event Production Company Can Boost Your Event Promotion

As you know, a crucial part of event planning is effective promotion. Not all virtual event production companies include event promotion as part of their package, but the best will. And that includes ourselves at Eventflare.

It’s a lot to take on. From building a social media campaign to an event website and cold email marketing. Although, if you think you have what it takes to take on promotion yourself, we have an ultimate guide for event marketing too!

1. High-Quality Content Development

High-quality content is necessary for your virtual event production and your brand as a whole. A virtual event production company can do two crucial things for you:

  • Create unique content for your event
  • Create unique content from your event

Exclusive content built for your event will increase the engagement of your attendees; it will also be bait just to get more attendees logging on. And using footage captured from your event, your virtual event production company will be able to flesh out multiple pieces of content that can then be sent to fans and customers to celebrate and promote your events and your brand.

Creating content from event footage and experience could be the key to achieving elusive evergreen content.For example, you could have lots of user-generated content from your event, and with the right virtual event production company, it could yield dividends.

If you’re not familiar – or convinced – just read up on these 5 benefits of using user-generated content for events.

2. Increased Engagement

Engagement is a word that event planners are obsessed with. And for good reason. Engagement leads to greater retention rate, sales conversions, and fulfilment, and that’s just for starters.

The best virtual event production companies built engaging and immersive event platforms for their clients. This starts with engaging content, alluring visuals, bespoke dashboards, and more.

3. Great Visual Spectacles For Your Event Platform

Sadly, virtual attendees are left to watch events unfold from a Zoom screen. This is why virtual events’ no-show rates are as high as 35%. They’re just not memorable.

However, with the help of professionals, you can make your virtual event production a real experience again. You can have your pick of custom made branded dashboards to unique content, virtual breakout rooms, exhibition halls, and more.

The power to elevate your event platform from an alienating Zoom experience to something exciting is within your grasp!

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4. Virtual Event Production Companies Provide Equipment

Another excellent reason for bringing in a virtual event production company is the equipment they can provide. Because good virtual event productions require tech equipment, and it’s not all that likely that you’ll have some of the following gear lying around:

  • Cameras
  • Mics
  • Switchers
  • Lighting
  • Event platform software
  • Editing software

And remember, it’s not just the physical equipment itself they provide. It’s also the expertise that comes with it!

To learn more about the tools of the trade, make sure to read our ultimate guide to event technology.

5. Live Broadcasting as Part of The Attendee Experience

Here’s the thing, anyone can do a live broadcast. You can live broadcast your grocery shopping thorugh HEVC videos if you have a social media app on your phone. However, broadcasting your event from your business phone system or a webcam will not cut it.

As well as having better image and sound quality for your attendees, you’ll have a broadcast that is well-orchestrated and edited. Think of seamless transitions with branded filler segments for you or your sponsors too. With a better quality virtual event production comes the chance to increase your sponsorship revenue!

6. Virtual Event Production Companies Can Provide Training and Rehearsals

As the old saying goes, if you give someone a fish, they’ll be hungry tomorrow. But if you teach them to fish, they’ll be richer all their life. We’re not quoting the bible for fun here. Our point is that a virtual event production company can teach you and your team how to run your own virtual event production.

If your team is working with a new platform, there might be a steep learning curve for using and hosting from it. So an expert walkthrough should be most welcome for all of you going through the event planning process!

One of the critical elements of this is rehearsals. Rehearsal is an integral part of event planning for live and virtual event productions.

7. Live Tech Support For Your Event Platform

This seems like a very much comes-as-standard vibe, but don’t be too quick to overlook it. Think of your virtual event production company as your safety net, your life raft, the stabilisers on your event. If there’s a problem with your tech, your event platform, or anything else at all, they’ll be on-site to make it better.

In short, hiring professionals gives you peace of mind for your virtual event production. What this does is free your time and energy to do other things. Important things include mingling with guests, networking, hosting, or just enjoying the event like any other attendee!

8. Event Analysis

Services of a virtual event production company don’t just end when the last attendee has left the event platform. Event analysis is also an extremely useful service that service providers should offer.

Your event planning is made stronger when you learn from your last one. So read our guide on measuring the success of an event to fine hone your event analyses skills.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, why you should hire professionals for your virtual event production. We hope we’ve made a strong case, what do you think? As well as event planning, our first love at Eventflare is unique event venues. So if you’re looking for a cool location for your virtual or hybrid event, we’d love to hear from you.

Just use our intuitive filter system to find what you want. Alternatively, just tell one of our experts what you’re looking for, and they’ll come back to you with a hand-picked list of incredible venues for you!

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