Our Top Boardrooms In Barcelona

by HarryPrince,  13 January 2021
by Harry Prince, 13 January 2021
Our Top Boardrooms In Barcelona

The odds are against us. Barcelona – you might have heard of it – is a stupendous place to be. So how do we convince you to attend a work do when the whole city is waiting for you?

Well, quite easily actually. Because finding the best event spaces is what we do. This guide to the top boardrooms in Barcelona makes work a little less painful.

Inspiring Boardroom With a Trendy Design
Inspiring Boardroom With a Trendy Design
Inspiring Boardroom With a Trendy Design Via eventflare

This boardroom in Barcelona is so that cool that it could be distracting. It’s chic, well lit, and the perfect setting to inspire creativity during a meeting or a brainstorming session. The furniture and the library are our favourite features.

It’s in Barcelona’s city centre, so be inspired by the city’s vibes and charms as you throw ideas about. And after you’ve blasted through the last bullet point, the city is yours to enjoy.

It’s well-fitted with audiovisual equipment such as flat-screen TV’s, a projector and wireless connector capabilities. The boardroom can hold up to 22 guests, 25 in their classroom, and 35 in their theatre. So why not go all out and turn it all into one great Barcelona conference centre?

And N.B. this venue is also a luxury hotel if you happen to be looking for accommodation.

Cosy and Trendy Boardroom in Barcelona
Cosy and Trendy Boardroom in Barcelona
Cosy and Trendy Boardroom in Barcelona via eventflare

This cosy boardroom has a unique quality about it; you’ll feel like you’re in an exclusive club. It is a compact and fancy feeling place. The service only enforces this aura.

The venue is in Barcelona’s hip Gothic Quarter. So after you’ve finished, join the rest of the world in a decidedly more social space and enjoy a Cava in the Mediterranean night.

You won’t need to hunt for food though, because they offer beautiful catering: experience Catalonian specialities and Spanish tapas in a boardroom for 14 guests. It’s one of the smallest boardrooms in Barcelona we’ve featured here. But boy does it pack a punch.

Boardroom with Character in Barcelona
Boardroom with Character in Barcelona
Boardroom with Character in Barcelona via eventflare

This trendy boardroom is the best of both worlds. Quintessentially old, and boldly new. The walls are castle-like, and the huge glass partitions are impressive. Once the candles are lit, it’s going to be hard to say no to an old-world glass of wine.

And besides, it’s near the Sagrada Família. Stretch your legs during a break and see one of the world’s greatest wonders while you do it. Barcelona events do have their perks!

This boardroom in Barcelona can accommodate up to 12 people for a meeting and 22 for a private dining event.

Glass Boardroom for Workshops
Glass Boardroom for Workshops
Glass Boardroom for Workshops via eventflare

The glass boardroom is seducing us with the same charms as our last venue: imposing castle-like walls with huge glass partitions. This novelty combination in interior design is not growing old with us. The building itself goes back to the 17th century.

What makes this place unique is its workshops. Try cooking classes where you can learn how to make chocolate or Catalan classics. Or, just laugh at your colleagues’ failures.

Meetings and events here are versatile and can host anywhere between 4 and 40 people.

Colourful Boardroom in Barcelona for Special Occasions
Colourful Boardroom for Special Occasions
Colourful Boardroom for Special Occasions via eventflare

This next piece of history might not be from the 18th century, but this colourful event space was the first co-working office in Barcelona.

We love the how bold and quirky it is. And, you will too. What’s not to love? The parquet flooring and honest ornaments like plants, books, cushions, and fun art.

They are in the co-working business, so they know how to take care of you. They put on great breakfasts and can arrange all kinds of workshops. You’ll be full of coffee, and have all the amenities you’ll need for business.

Their boardroom table can host up to 12 people. And you can give your guest the most sincere and quirky feeling of Barcelona events by booking this space now.

Luminous and Multi-Purpose Boardroom
Luminous and Multi-Purpose Boardroom
Luminous and Multi-Purpose Boardroom via eventflare

How cool would it be if you held a corporate meeting at an Andalusian townhouse? Very cool, is the answer. And you can at this boardroom in Barcelona.

To give your big brains a rest, why not let us arrange a team building session for you? Yoga, a cooking workshop in the kitchen? Or forget that, why not just go for a breath of fresh air in the garden?

You’ll find it in the prestigious Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighbourhood. In amongst high-end boutiques, nature, and tapas bars, there are great views over the city. And if you decide to plump for the cool party, you can bring up to 60 folk with you.

Bright and Focused Boardroom in Barcelona
Bright and Focused Boardroom in Barcelona
Bright and Focused Boardroom in Barcelona via eventflare

This bright boardroom is a no-nonsense space, and we’re into it. There are no distractions pieces. It’s a clean, bright, and efficient space. But don’t for a second equate that to being boring. It’s a room built from the 19th century giving it just the subtlest of vintage feels.

We love this place because it comes in at a very friendly hourly rate and has a projector screen, flip chart, and TV screen. It’s in Gràcia and found by its swanky boulevards. So after a vintage feel gathering, you can step outside to a boutique bar overlooking a decadently wide street lined with palm trees. Pretty cool, right?

The boardroom has seven seats, so who is your crack team going to be? Rooms in Barcelona have depth in style and substance, and this is undoubtedly one of them.

Tranquil and Bright Boardroom in Barcelona
Tranquil and Bright Boardroom
Tranquil and Bright Boardroom via eventflare

This boardroom in Barcelona is the epitome of tranquillity. Located in Gràcia, escape the city’s heat to make a breakthrough on what you’re working on.

The theme of this little room is a humble garden. The grass floors, flowers, delicate wooden touches, and natural light will give you the peace of mind. Office amenities like a TV, WiFi, HDMI capability will provide you with the tools to give your ideas the treatment they deserve.

This space holds up to 8 people and comes at an attractive hourly rate. Who knew tranquillity came cheap?

Gastronomic and Intimate Event Venue
Gastronomic and Intimate Event Venue
Gastronomic and Intimate Event Venue via eventflare

This intimate boardroom is near Plaça Reial, right by La Rambla. It’s just plain pretty to look at. As well as its chic qualities, we love it for its homeliness. You’re a world away from bland, archetypal boardrooms here.

This particular space is for ten people, so it’s an intimate venue. Why not bookend your event with gastronomic workshops or team-building exercises? The open kitchen is right there – don’t let it go unused! Or if you prefer to keep your hands clean, let the professional take care of the catering.

Rooms in Barcelona have grandeur right enough. And this is a flagship venue in that regard.

Cozy Venue with Wood Touches
Cozy Venue with Wood Touches
Cozy Venue with Wood Touches via eventflare

This cozy boardroom in Barcelona is in the vibrant El Raval neighbourhood and has a magical quality to it. It has the charm of a garden shed, full of plants and wooden features. It’s inspiring, and quite frankly, a breath of fresh air.

This Barcelona boardroom can accommodate 12 people. If you want to round up a successful meeting, they can accommodate 35 for dinner or 70 for a party.

Wrapping up

We hate to gloat, but we’re quite happy with this. We hope there’s a venue that speaks to you here. There’s a variety here, and even more so on our website. So if you would like to know more about boardrooms in Barcelona, we’d love to hear from you!

Featured image: Luminous Boardroom in Barcelona via eventflare

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