The Ultimate Guide to Event Entertainment in Barcelona

14 April 2022
14 April 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Event Entertainment in Barcelona

The modern event attendee isn’t interested in generic corporate events; they want unique experiences. And every good event planner knows that the key to this is brilliant event entertainment ideas.

This article will give you an overview of the best event entertainment Barcelona has to offer. From live event entertainment to immersive activities, event theme-related fun and more.

This isn’t just a guide to event entertainment ideas in Barcelona. This article is useful for corporate entertainment ideas everywhere. So wherever you are, dig in and enjoy!

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a fundamental component of event planning and business in general. And so it is for your corporate entertainment.

So when you’re planning your event in Barcelona. You need to know who’s coming. How old are they? What is their profession? What are their hobbies and interests?

You might already know this information. Your sales and marketing team has probably already done the hard work for you.

You can find out more through a simple registration questionnaire if you don’t already have sufficient knowledge of your target audience. Don’t overcomplicate it, of course – you’ll turn hesitant attendees away – stay away from intense questions.

If you want to learn more, we can help. Just read our piece on 10 ways to understand your target audience.

2. Decide if Your Corporate Entertainment Needs to Relate to Your Theme

The nature of your theme can do your brainstorming for you when it comes to choosing your event entertainment in Barcelona.

Making your corporate entertainment relevant to the theme of your event can make it more meaningful for your attendees.

Although, then again, who’s to say your event entertainment ideas have to be related to your theme? There’s no rule saying it has to be. You can do things just because they’re fun.

Maybe what’s better for your event in Barcelona is to have something completely different. A fresh break before diving back into business.

Our event entertainment ideas below will offer you a selection of both options, so don’t feel you need to make a decision yet!

3. Live Entertainment

Music: Everyone loves music. It’s a powerful thing, and more importantly, it’s an entertaining memory for your event in Barcelona!

Music is particularly appropriate at after-work events. However, music is a genre of live event entertainment that can also go down a treat at things like receptions, private dinings, and even conferences.

And being in Barcelona, a cultural capital of the world, you’re spoilt for choice. From DJs to rock bands and traditional folk music. If you’re not sure where to start, just speak to one of our local experts. Their knowledge of event entertainment in Barcelona will lead you to your perfect musical performers.

Comedy: Comic relief is a beautiful thing, especially corporate entertainment. A good stand up comedian can turn even the driest occasion into a memorable one.

Dancing: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when hosting an event in Barcelona, host a traditional Spanish workshop or performance.

We recommend Scarlett Entertainment for booking traditional dancing performers and classes. Whether it’s just for fun live event entertainment or you want to offer your guests hands-on dance coaching from professionals, they have a package that will suit you.

Magic: Here’s an old fashioned idea, but a classic all the same. Why not hire a magician? It’s tongue-in-cheek live event entertainment that is just a wholesome bit of fun.

4. Immersive Entertainment Ideas

Escape Rooms: Escape rooms are magnificent fun. They’ve boomed in every city in every part of the world.

People love them for their cinematic set designs, compelling storylines, and challenging brain solving puzzles.

Well, you’ll be excited to learn that this is an immersive entertainment idea that will come to you! Yes, groups like Lock Clock will come to your event in Barcelona – or offer their services virtually – and set up their challenges on-site for your guests’ pleasure!

If this is the kind of thing you’re into, we highly recommend checking out these 5 fun team building activities in Barcelona.

VR: Virtual reality has boomed too. Partly because the technology has caught up with the concept, and it’s just a fun idea. And secondly, because of the growth of the Metaverse (the Metaverse, of course, is possible because of VR technology).

VR is an excellent idea for immersive entertainment because it’s relatively inexpensive. You can rent them from various tech firms if you don’t have sets yourself. Case in point: while you’re in Barcelona, just get in touch with Virtual Barcelona.

Plus, there’s more diversity than you think. You can, of course, do gaming, but you can also do hands-on workshop experience, and you can even use it as a chance for live attendees to network and collaborate with virtual guests more effectively!

Gaming: Gaming is a great corporate entertainment idea because you can easily install a gaming system in breakout areas. They’re a great way to blow off steam in between sessions.

And plus, there’s no pressure to pick up a controller. They can just be pleasant distractions for those who fancy them.

Imagine your guests getting to know each over an intense game of Mario Kart? Your event could be where two strangers turn into competitors and then become business partners and friends?

To learn more about why gaming team-building can improve your event in Barcelona, read this interview with our friends at Splitscreen.

Cooking and Eating: Drinking and Cocktail Making: As you know, Spain and Catalonia have a remarkable tradition of food and drink. From gorgeous Paella to a cold glass of Cava, from crispy calamari to a smooth Rioja.

There are a lot of different event entertainment avenues to explore here. You could have a sommelier come in and give your guests a crash course in tasting Spanish wine. You could have a local chef teach your attendees how to layout a tapas spread.

You could notch up the intensity and hold a Master Chef style competition where the winner gets a glamorous prize donated by one of your sponsors? If this is the kind of event entertainment you’ve been looking for in Barcelona, then reach out to Espai Boisà. They do super fun cooking competitions for all skill levels.

5. Theme Related Corporate Entertainment

Quizzes: Everyone loves a good quiz, from loud and drunken pub quizzes to intense zoom sessions between colleagues.

As well as giving your attendees a fun activity to indulge in, it could be a great way to induce some networking; disseminate useful information, and give away some cool branded merchandise to well-deserving winners!

Expert Talks: People don’t just attend events to get out of the office for a while. People want to participate in events because they want to learn something they can’t google. They want to learn from people they wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to hear.

Your event in Barcelona will draw in more guests if you can provide a quality expert presenter who can give your attendees actionable advice and inspiration.

Choosing the right people is easier said than done, of course. But a solid place to start is by contacting conference speakers agencies like Pro Motivate, who operate in Barcelona, or simply ask one of our local experts!

Workshops: A growing trend in the MICE industry is the need for more hands-on and engaging activities. Attendees are less content to be passive observers these days, and nor should they. They want to be part of the event.

So, the more hands-on your event entertainment ideas are, the better. And the more relevant you can make that to your theme and their careers, the better still. For example, if you’re running a tech event, you could run an ethical hacking course with The Knowledge Academy.

The possibilities are endless. And choosing your workshops is made all the easier when you understand your audience. What skills would they like to learn? What trends should they be getting involved in? What workshop can you put on a poster that your target audience just can’t miss?

Influencers: Our final event entertainment idea for you today is collaborating with an influencer. Sure, you might think an influencer is a young person on Tiktok or Instagram who advertises a product you’ve never heard of and don’t care about.

However, this isn’t the whole story. An influencer is an individual in any given field – from gaming to cooking, SEO, and any product or topic that has an audience.

An influencer collaboration works intrinsically as corporate entertainment because their trade relies on making content that people like. Not only do people just enjoy consuming their content, but they also trust them for consumer and career advice.

It’s not hype either. Just look at the statistics: 49% of consumers consider influencer recommendations, and as many as 70% of millennials trust influencers over traditional celebrity endorsements.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this guide on how influencers can grow your event attendance organically.

Wrapping up

So that will do it for today. You’ve read our ultimate guide, and now you’re teeming with exciting event entertainment ideas for your event in Barcelona!

Your next question might be about choosing a venue. Well, don’t wonder a second more. Exciting event venues are our thing. Just check out our selection of Conference rooms in Barcelona to see why we love what we do!

And while we’re here, if you want to take your planning to the next level, look at why you should hire a production company for your virtual events.

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