Cool Areas in Berlin For Hosting Events

24 February 2021
24 February 2021
Cool Areas in Berlin For Hosting Events

Have you ever met someone that has visited Berlin and didn’t enjoy it? Well, us neither.

That’s because there is something for everyone in Berlin. From tourists to the hippest of hipsters, business people, engineering geeks, sports fans, religious pilgrims. It’s a city that has it all.

Its unique and cool energy will rub off on you, your events, and your guests. Ah, your guests. They’ll be so excited to receive the invite when they find out where they’re going!

This article is a humble introduction to the world of corporate events in Berlin. You’ll leave with more wonder, more ideas, and more inspiration than when you started. But at least you’ll know one thing; it has to be Berlin.


If you want to throw an event with an alternative and edgy theme, Friedrichshain could be the place for you.

Historically, it has been the beginning, middle and end of Berlin’s counter-culture movements.

Even today, it’s the home of all things strange, alternative and cool. Like the world-famous techno club Berghain.

Where to Host an Event in Friedrichshain

Colourful Loft Space
Colourful Loft Space via Eventflare

This colourful loft space lives underneath a renovated train arch.

Everything about this place expels warmth. They’ve been bold with the colours, and it works. The core theme is a bright white, accentuated and enriched with pastel colours.

The large open windows will give proceedings a shot of joy. And to finish it off, you’re sitting right on the Spree River.

This venue is perfect for a small creative workshop or a casual meeting.


Kreuzberg was once a battleground between West Berlin Punks and the authority. It was the sight of huge anti squats such as Kopi and SO36, which are now nightclubs despite their rebellious past.

Today, Kreuzberg is still a place for non-conformists. But it embraces being part of society now. As one of the centres for hipsters, it’s also a booming start-up and digital media scene.

This means it’s a great place for your like-minded company to visit and thrive in during a glorious working holiday.

While you’re there, make sure to dive into the fantastic bar scene that stays open late to later. And if you’re out drinking, you might as well enjoy the famous fast food scene too! Because what’s a trip to Berlin without a döner kebab?

Where to Host an Event in Kreuzberg

Flexible Event Space

Flexible Event Space via Eventflare

This flexible event space is specially designed for hosting corporate events.

It’s in an expansive loft area that you can customise according to your needs. The modern and upscale furniture look effortlessly cool alongside the authentic exposed brickwork.

The whole 350m2 of it is yours to do what you want with. You can invite 100 to 200 people for any event, from a pop-up event to a conference. It’s a dream for event planning.


You’ll find Grasefekiez within Kreuzberg. It deserves a special mention for being Berlin’s tech centre.

Its particular niche is its blockchain scene. This is evident in some of its bars, where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment.

Despite its futuristic credentials, it’s actually a very laid back part of town. An Art Nouveau aesthetic and lively music culture are very welcome companions.

Where to Host an Event in Graefekiez

Modern Exhibition Space
Modern Exhibition Space via Eventflare

This flexible event space is specially designed for hosting corporate events.

It’s in an expansive loft area that you can customise according to your needs. The modern and upscale furniture look effortlessly cool alongside the authentic exposed brickwork.

The whole 350m2 of it is yours to do what you want with. You can invite 100 to 200 people for any event, from a pop-up event to a conference. It’s a dream for event planning.


Do you dream of hosting an event that is the pinnacle of cosmopolitan life? Well, dreams are for sleep. But reality is a place called earth, and the height of cosmopolitanism is Neukölln.

It’s an area that many of Berlin’s artists and immigrants call home. You could choose to host your next product launch or creative workshop in one of the many independent galleries. Or shortlist one of the great bars and cafes for an afterwork or private dining experience.

Where to Host an Event in Neukölln

Spacious Meeting Room in cool areas in berlin
Chic and Spacious Meeting Room via Eventflare

Now what could be more cosmopolitan than this chic and spacious meeting room? It’s impossibly bright, and we love it.

The huge windows are gems. The leather sofas and precious rugs offer just enough nuance. And the plant life adds that human touch, perfect for a laid back and stylish meeting for you and your guests.


On Neukölln’s western border, you’ll find the micro-kiez (micro neighbourhood) of Schillerkiez.

It’s on the verge of being gentrified, but it’s an area that retains a sense of authenticity. Impress your guests by going there before it gets too popular. But you better act quickly.

There are lots of really nice kneipes, which are traditional German pubs. You’re also on the doorstep of the Tempelhofer Feld, an abandoned airport. It’s now a community garden.

Where to Stay in Schillerkiez

Fashion-themed Trendy Hotel
Fashion-themed Trendy Hotel via Eventflare

It makes sense that a city so dedicated to fashion would have a trendy, fashioned-themed hotel.

Picking a place to stay on corporate trips is too often overlooked. And we’re here to say enough is enough. You deserve to stay at this flamboyant and over the top hotel!

The dulcet tones and the bold theme is what Schillerkiez is all about and is absolutely worth your attention.


Treptow is noisy Neukölln’s quiet little neighbour. It is teeming with nature and is home to both Planterwald and Treptower Park.

But it’s not all peace and love. If you want something exciting, they’ve got some fascinating war memorials and a booming club scene.

Where to Stay in Treptow

Avant-garde Futuristic Hotel in cool areas in berlin
Avant-garde Futuristic Hotel via Eventflare

New York designer Karim Rashid was given a clear mandate to go big or go home. And what we have is just that; an avant-garde, futuristic hotel right in the heart of Treptow.

Fearless pink hues are proudly on show. You have river views, underfloor heating, and Nespresso machines. They even have in-house music studios!

Choosing here will make your hotel an integral part of your event plan.


Berlin has several centres or hubs. But Mitte is the centre of the centre, the one centre to rule them all.

It’s the area most associated with tourism. But don’t for a second think that it’s jaded or overdone. Tourists frequent Mitte for good reasons. All the most prominent sights are here, like the Berlin tower and the Brandenburg Gate.

It goes without saying, but practically it’s logical to host your events in the city centre. And having the most impressive sights of the city on hand is just a lovely perk.

Where to Host an Event in Mitte

Creative Workshop Space in cool areas in berlin
Creative Workshop Space via Eventflare

Your time in Mitte might just be complete by booking this creative workshop space. 

It’s as charming as it is simple. It’s perfectly set-up, so you can turn up and get straight to work. Perfect for an international corporate event. Its rosy and bright design shields you from fatigue and allows you to be the most creative version of yourself. 


Psst. Wedding is projected to be the next big place for artists and creatives. So you’re in the know already.

It’s a quiet area, with lots of secrets waiting to be discovered. You and your guests could be some of the last to see it with fresh eyes before it’s known to the world.

So if you want an event away from the city’s noise and cynicism, why not book in Wedding?

While you’re there, the underground museum could be a good plan? It’s a sprawling underground history tour that is a rare opportunity.

Where to Host an Event in Wedding

Cool Afterwork Space with stylish forniture in cool areas in berlin
Cool Afterwork Space via Eventflare

Do you ever watch sitcoms and think that the characters’ trendy loft apartments are entirely unrealistic? Well, this cool afterwork space might seem too good to be true, too. But it’s real!

Throwing a formal meeting or a casual party here will make you everyone’s hero.

The mish-mash of furniture and styles are distinctive. Its greatest trick is making you forget you’re in a corporate event environment. And that feels pretty magical to us.

Wrapping Up

We hope you’re set on this wonderful city for your next corporate event.

It’s a heavy hitter for culture, business, and fun. So if you’d like to know more about it or to talk over some of your ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to find out more about what Berlin can offer you and your company, maybe you’d like to check out our guide to creative workshop spaces in the city?

Featured image: Wonderful meeting space via Eventflare

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