The Top 5 Event Videographers in Berlin

26 June 2023
26 June 2023
The Top 5 Event Videographers in Berlin

Congratulations, event planners! All your hard work has paid off. You’ve planned a great event and are ready to execute you but wait! Don’t forget to capture all the great moments in action with some of the top event videographers in Berlin.

We’ve curated a list of talented professionals that have the skills, creativity, and most importantly, the passion to turn your event into a captivating film that will leave everyone in awe.

Whether you’re organising a corporate conference, an intimate meeting, or even a team offsite event, these event videographers for hire in Berlin will help you turn your event into a marketing success story!

So, let’s get the camera rolling and press play on our list of top event videographers in Berlin.

An Event Videographer for Hire in Berlin with Global Experience: Anne Preussel

An event videographer for hire in Berlin with global experience: Anne Preussel via.

Anne Preussel is a popular event videographer for hire in Berlin who has achieved global recognition for her exceptional skills. Before she set base in Belin, she was a highly-sought after event videographer in Dubai, where she worked with numerous international companies and clients.

But, her skills are not limited to just Berlin and Dubai. Anne has her own camera kit, global filming and production experience, and a strong global network that has helped her shoot corporate events all over the world.

Her USP lies in creating videos that help maximise the return on investment for events. While Anne and her team shoot for smaller events, she can cover bigger conferences, conventions, trade shows, panel discussions, business meetings, and company gatherings as well.

For more large-scale events, she teams up with other excellent video freelancers to create stunning event videos. Anne’s impressive list of global clientele includes brands such as Samsung, Hermès, Ferrari, and Cartier.

For All-Rounded Event Videography Services in Berlin: Basilicus Film

For all-rounded event videography service in Berlin: Basilicus Film via

Event videography in Berlin is more than just filming your event and Basilicus Film understands that. This creative film production company in Berlin specialises in capturing the mood of an event on its camera.

While they can film your entire event in its entirety, the team prefers to tell a story through their videography by filming the highlights of the event and capturing the mood by interviewing prominent guests and key partners before editing the footage to create an unforgettable reel of your event.

But this isn’t where their services stop. Basilicus Film can also film the entire segment of lectures and panel discussions, process them in post-production, and upload them online for absent attendees.

They can also live stream your event and post it on all your social channels to keep up with today’s digital trends. How’s that for being on top of things? Their client list includes prominent official German conferences such as The European Month of Photography in Berlin and The 17th German Children and Youth Welfare Day.

P.S.: While you’re picking your videographer for your event, you should also pick a good place to stay. After all,a good night’s sleep is essential for event planners. Check out some of the best hotels in Berlin for your stay in the city.

Tell Your Story Through Event Videography in Berlin: Marco Woldt

Tell your story through event videography in Berlin: Marco Woldt via.

If you’ve got a story to tell at your event in Berlin, we’ve got just the freelance videographer for you. Marco Woldt is an ex-journalist, videographer, and video editor who has an impressive portfolio.

He’s produced feature shows for CNN International and has worked across Africa, Asia, and Europe. His clientele includes Sendder Madrid, Just Music, and Evernote. His journalism background helps Marco create powerful stories in his videos and he brings creativity, technical expertise, and a multicultural perspective to the videos he shoots. He is fluent in German, English, and French.

That’s not all, depending on your idea and budget, Marco will either assemble a team to shoot your event or he will work on his own.

An Event Videographer in Berlin: Joffrey Umbdenstock

An event videographer in Berlin: Joffrey Umbdenstok via.

Joffrey Umbdenstock is an event videographer for hire in Berlin whose main focus is helping companies look good. He believes in the power of video marketing and goes all out to ensure that the corporate videos he shoots not only capture the memories of the event but can also be used as a marketing tool in the future.

His clients include EnviroSustain,, AERTiCKET, and Advisable.

Joffrey has a two-year technical degree in Video Editing and Special Effects from MJM Design School in Strausberg, France, and he can handle the entire production process from pre-production to post-production.

A Top Videography Crew in Berlin: SeeSaw

Screenshot-2021-08-20-at-11.44.14-copy-scaled (1).jpg
A top videography crew in Berlin: SeeSaw via.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for event videographers in Berlin who have a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, you’ll have to check out SeeSaw.

The team here is fluent in German, Italian, and English and specialises in shooting corporate and commercial events. So not only can you rest assured that there won’t be any communication barriers between your vision and the final product, but you’ll also be pleased to know that the team here goes to extra lengths to make your videos personal.

For example, the videographers at SeeSaw are trained to predict and identify key moments during your event that capture its true essence. They will then edit these moments to create a memorable video.

Their past clients include Google, NBA, Samsung, Mastercard, and Adidas.

Wrapping Up

Cut! We’ve hit the end of our list of top event videographers in Berlin. Shooting an event is a different ballgame and you need a videographer who knows how to capture the important parts of the event while still presenting an entire picture.

Luckily, these videographers can do just that!

We’re sure you’ve got a lot more planning to do for your event in Berlin so we’re going to let you go now. Don’t forget we have a ton of expert advice for event planning in Berlin including the best areas to host an event in Berlin.

But that’s not the only thing we have to give you! Check out Eventflare for everything you need to know about event planning and more.

Good luck!

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