6 Cool Hackathon Spaces in Bogotá

07 June 2022
07 June 2022
6 Cool Hackathon Spaces in Bogotá

Welcome, friends, to our guide to cool hackathon spaces in Bogotá. No matter what kind of venue you’re looking for, we’ve put together a list of our favourites that offer something for everyone.

Hackathons are the hottest thing in the MICE industry right now. They’re corporate occasions that are all about software. They can be remarkably diverse, being comprised of all manner of people from computer programmers, software engineers and related professionals/students.

Plus, they can be competitive or collaborative. Whether you want to host a cool coding workshop for your team, or a dramatic main event with showcase prizes.

Have a look down below and we promise you’ll see some lovely location options for your hackathon in Bogotá. And plus, we’ll have some extra expert advice along the way to help with your event planning needs. Enjoy folks!

1. Maloka
Maloka via Maloka

So here we go, kicking off our guide to hackathon spaces in Bogotá is this interactive science museum.

Hackathons, of course, are modern tech events. So what could be more appropriate than an interactive science space?

The style is ideal, it’s a futuristic complex of spaces, that will thrill and inspire all of your software enthusiasts! The Dome room is the marquee event space, it’s a dramatic theatre space with a space-age domes roof that will create an incredible atmosphere for your hackathon.

Plus, it’s got loads of different spaces to give your hackathon in Bogotá real depth. You’ll have a digital room, a square for leisurely breaks, a restaurant, and multiple meeting rooms for intimate workshops, or for fun breakout sessions.

Your event here will have the benefit of free parking, first-class AV equipment, and rehearsal time. And finally, you’ll have a maximum capacity of 309 people for large events in the Dome Room. And for intimate workshop events, you have spaces for 10 people.

2. Ágora Bogotá
Ágora Bogotá via Estudioherreros

Ágora Bogotá is a built-for-purpose convention centre, so that means that you’ll have a smooth and professional experience.

It’s perfect for a hackathon venue in Bogotá too, it has huge open atrium spaces that are brilliant for spectators and an atmosphere enduring main-event hackathons.

It’s stylish too, designed by renowned Columbian architect Daniel Bermúdez, who has created a centre of transparency, luminosity, integration with the environment and respect for green and inclusive areas.

The design of the building itself creates a dynamic energy. For example, there are miles of LED strips integrated into the aluminium body of the building, illuminating the faces of the profiles and accentuating the depth of the facade.

The lighting is customisable to suit the tone of your event, making the sheer glass walls create art that brings your hackathon in Bogotá to life.

It’s a venue with real depth, allowing you to create huge occasions. with lots of micro-experiences and side events. There are large terraces, several lounges, support rooms, and more. Plus, it has 1,000 spaces available for vehicles and 300 for bicycles.

3. Bogotá Planetarium
Bogotá Planetarium via Planetariobogota

Our next hackathon venue in Bogotá is this wonderful planetarium. The scientific wonder and curiosity of space will be a fitting aesthetic for your hackathon in Bogotá.

It’s a beloved icon of the city. Highly renowned for its record of innovations, entertainment, and production of exciting ideas. It was designed by Columbian architecture firm Pizano, Pradilla, Caro and Restrepo in the 1960s.

What could be more of a spectacle for a hackathon that the panoramic planetarium screen that spreads over your attendee’s heads. You’ll be able to put stunning flashing displays that will be perfect for competitive main event hackathons.

Plus, there are meeting rooms, lovely catering services, and even a planetarium gift shop where you can take home some exciting gifts!

4. Teatro Faenza
Teatro Faenza via Ucentral

Now for a slight change of pace. For those who love historical spaces, take a look at this stunning university theatre venue. It comes with a real historical pedigree, being the oldest movie theatre in the city, and before that, it was originally built as a ceramic factory.

It’s might not be a typical location you’d imagine for a hackathon in Bogotá, but his nostalgic and grand hall will create a clash of worlds that will excite your guests for sure!

The style has a stunning Wes Anderson symmetry, with the stand out feature being the remarkable exterior facade, in the true Art Nouveau style, showcasing a large and complex set of windows encased in a circling brick frame.

It’s great for large scale competitive hackathons as it has raised viewing balconies. So if you’re planning an intense and drama thrilled hackathon in Bogotá, what are you waiting for?

5. Corferias
Corferias via Corferias

And now for something different again. How about a huge, built for purpose corporate event centre?

It’s a leading location for all MICE events in Columbia with 65 years of experience in this business and would be a marquee hackathon space in Bogotá, we can tell you that!

The large, iconic arch is reminiscent of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. It shepherds in guests and signifies a venue that has to be respected. There is a lovely outdoor square where your guests can take in the atmosphere, network, and enjoy the mini-games and exhibitor stalls you offer.

It’s a dynamic venue, with loads of different spaces for you to utilise, and is versatile to whichever size of a hackathon in Bogotá you want to host. And plus, they have catering services to suit your needs, from snacks and coffee to grand buffet services.

6. Cinematica de Bogotá
Cinematica de Bogotá via Cinematicadebogota

Our final hackathon space in Bogotá is a place for culture and iconic occasions: the Cinematica de Bogotá. If you’re looking to host a hackathon that has an impressive cultural pedigree, then this could be the place for you.

This group has been a staple of the Columbian cultural scene since 1971, formed to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage and to create an open and inclusive space for dialogue and creativity.

They moved into this beautiful new cultural centre in 2019. It’s an architectural landmark for the city, that has allowed them to pursue their goals with greater power. This sleek and colourful venue is versatile and designed to host training programmes, workshops, exhibitions, and more.

From theatre spaces to private meeting rooms, you can have it all here; you can have guest speakers from experts in the field, collaborative coding spaces, and intimate classes for your team. All in all, Perfect for a hackathon in Bogotá, with a total capacity of 270 people.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to the coolest hackathon venues in Bogotá. We hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen.

If you’re hungry for more, we’ve got much more where these beauties came from!

And before you go, here’s one piece of expert advice you really need to read: Our 32 unique ideas for branded event merchandise. Because every great hackathon in Bogotá needs great event swag!

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