32 Unique Ideas for Branded Event Merchandise

21 March 2022
21 March 2022
32 Unique Ideas for Branded Event Merchandise

Branded merchandise is a regular fixture at corporate events. This much we all know. And sadly, we also all know that branded merch can be pretty generic.

But the event industry is going through radical changes, from the advent of hybrid events to gamification and more. So why should your event merchandise efforts remain stagnant?

This handy little guide will introduce some cool and exciting branded merchandise to suit every kind. From reliable classics to some unique ideas your attendees won’t have seen before!

So get reading and enjoy. We hope you see some stuff you love!

Why is Branded Merchandise Important?

But why, firstly, why go to the bother of producing event merchandise? It’s not compulsory after all, and you shouldn’t just do it for the sake of it. However, there are some seriously good rewards if you implement it right in your event marketing strategy:

  • Event revenue: To speak plain and simple, you can make money selling merchandise.
  • Marketing: Branded merchandise is also an effective marketing technique. Firstly, it leaves your attendees with pleasant memories and associations with your brand and event. Secondly, they’re billboards; it leads to an increase in brand exposure.
  • Improves attendee experience: If you get your branded merch right, you can enhance your attendees’ experience. Whether it’s a nice keep-sake to remember their time or something practical that will improve their lives.

Branded Merchandise Infographic via Talentyft

Classic Event Merchandise Ideas that Work

  1. T-Shirts: The humble t-shirt is the workhorse of branded merchandise. They’re cheap to make, can have very trendy designs and generally affordable to buy. Attendees love them because they tell fellow people something about themselves.
  2. Hoodies: In terms of branded merch, hoodies serve the same function as t-shirts, only they tend to be more expensive.
  3. Mugs: Mugs are crucial event merchandise because some people just like collecting them. Don’t disappoint the mug collectors, please!
  4. Notebooks: Notebooks are a really strong branded merchandise idea because they’re helpful for business travellers on the move.
  5. Umbrellas: Unlike the previous entries, umbrellas don’t make sense at every event. It wouldn’t make sense to sell branded umbrellas at an event where it rains once every two years. But say you’re hosting an event in our home of Belgium, it could be a handy piece of event merchandise.
  6. Caps: Caps are another cheap piece of clothing to make and are easy to sell. It’s a classic of the branded merchandise scene for a reason!
  7. Bags: The tote bag has been a mainstay of the event industry for some time, and for good reason. They’re cheap to make, and they’re stylish. So make sure you’ve got some to offer your guests.
  8. Memory Sticks: Although most of us use some cloud service providers to store our files, memory sticks are still precious items to have. Safety first, as they say. People on the move should always have their work backed up, so having some branded memory sticks is always smart. istockphoto-1427998975-612x612.jpg

Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise Ideas

  1. Reusable Water Bottles: Reusable water bottles are great because everyone needs them. They save a lot of plastic, and they are very effective branding. Your attendees will be advertising your brand everywhere they go and protecting the environment!
  2. Branded Plant Pots: Branded plant pots might be pretty clunky for international guests. However, your local attendees could be pleasantly surprised by this addition!
  3. Seeds: The nuance with seeds is that plants can’t really be branded, can they? However, the packet in which the seeds come in can be. And when the plant grows healthy and strong, they might just be reminded of your brand.
  4. Snacks: Having eco-friendly snacks will endear your brand to vegan guests or those who are trying to lower their carbon footprint. Sustainable snacks just aren’t as common, so offer a branded lifeline to hungry guests and they’ll be fans forever!
  5. Lunch Box: Like mugs, some people like collecting lunch boxes. Plus, they’re just really useful items to have – which always go missing. Therefore everyone constantly needs them – so they could be hot sellers!
  6. Recycled Stationery: Stationery is at every event. Distinguish yourself from the crows by sourcing yours from recyclable material.

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Unique Branded Merch Ideas

  1. Webcam Cover: Here’s one for your tech conferences. Webcam covers are essential items, especially in an age where we spend all of our working days moving between zoom meetings.
  2. Desk Toys: Desk toys are a curious event merchandise opportunity. Because nobody leaves their house with the intention of coming home with one, but here’s the thing, when you see them, you kind of want one.
  3. Snacks: Branded merchandise doesn’t have to be things that last forever. Everyone gets hungry. So put a smile on someone’s face and offer some excellent snacks!
  4. PPE Wear: Hopefully, PPE wear will be a thing of the past sometime soon. However, for the time being, we need to protect ourselves from covid. So make sure your branded merch includes some face masks, at the very least!
  5. Stickers: Stickers are fun. However, this is event merchandise that only works for particular events. Think of tech-related stuff, like hackathons and crypto conferences. Stickers will go down a treat at events like that!
  6. Board Games: Board games are very unique because they will take a lot of hard work to produce. However, if you can pull it off, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind product to offer your guests.
  7. Treasure Trail: A treasure trail is a great idea if you’re hosting international guests. They might be strangers in your city looking for fun or getting to know the place better.
  8. Visitors Map/Walking Tour Map: Here is another variation of the treasure trail. It’s an excellent way of looking after your guests outside of the event.
  9. Sunscreen: This one is quite a funny but handy one. Like before, we mentioned selling umbrellas if you’re hosting an event in a rainy city. Conversely, if you’re hosting in a hot location, perhaps your guests might appreciate the reminder to look after their skin!

Luxury Event Merchandise Ideas

Here we have our luxury branded merchandise ideas. Because after all, what’s life without the finer things? Aside from raising the prestige of your brand, luxury items are great for boosting your event revenue!

  1. Alcohol: The funny thing about alcohol is that it can be very classy, and it can also be the complete opposite. If you get the collaboration right, you could be able to offer some serious luxury branded merchandise in the form of some sophisticated alcohol.
  2. Bluetooth Speakers: Bluetooth speakers have taken over the world. We all have them. And they’re ideal for event merchandise solutions because they’re small. Back in the day, speakers were huge clunky things. Nowadays you can hide them inside your jacket without causing alarm!
  3. Wireless Headphones: As well as being a luxury item, branded headphones is also practical. What if your guest lost theirs on the plane or left them at the hotel? You could really save their bacon with this one!
  4. Designer Sunglasses: Here is another location-specific idea, like the umbrellas and suntan lotion ideas before.
  5. Crystal Drinking Glasses: Again, alcohol can be classy, and you can guarantee it is with cool drinking glasses. This is branded merch that will go great with branded alcohol.

Virtual Branded Merchandise Ideas

Of course, we said that we have cool branded merch ideas for every occasion. And as we also said, hybrid and virtual events have become an integral part of the event industry. So here, have some virtual branded merchandise ideas!

  1. Software Trials: If you don’t offer software products personally, that doesn’t stop you from offering software trials as branded merchandise. Simply reach out to a provider you’re a fan of and offer them the chance to team up offering software products at your event!
  2. Premium Content/Virtual Workshops:: If you’re an expert in your field, share your expertise – for a fee. This could also be an area where you can collaborate with an influencer, guest speaker, or sponsor to provide some really valuable content and experiences to your attendees.
  3. VR Experiences: With the advent of the Metaverse, VR tech and experience are getting more impressive all the time. And it’s just a friendly reminder that event merchandise can stretch to an experience.


Wrapping up

So there you have it, 32 cool branded event merchandise ideas. We hope we’ve inspired you. We hope your next event will be stacked with some of these fantastic ideas.

But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Have you booked your venue already? Because that’s our thing of course – sourcing the most exciting venues possible. So makes sure to browse our incredible selection at Eventflare today.

And now that you’re motivated, why stop learning? Read up on these cool ways to monetise your hybrid conference!

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