How to Choose an Event Videographer in Bogotá

07 June 2022
07 June 2022
How to Choose an Event Videographer in Bogotá

If you’re not sure who to choose as your event videographer in Bogotá then don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

It’s an important decision. Because nowadays, event video content is essential. Content as a whole has become an integral part of modern brand identity.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect collaborator for your next product launch, or an experienced set of hands to carry out the live streaming at your next conference, we’ve got the solutions down below.

So get reading and discover the best videographers in Bogotá. Oh, and if you need help scouting cool venues, then we can help with that too. We are event space specialists after all!

1. Conboy Creativo

Walter Silva Conboy Creativo
Conboy Creativo via Conboycreativo

The first event videographer in Bogotá we’ll be focussing on is Conboy Creativo. They take their inspiration from the inspiring words of Stanley Kubrick, “if it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.”

They’re a team of audiovisual experts who are united by their passion for the art of cinema and have been together since 2012.

Conboy Creativo’s portfolio ranges from short video clips to commercial spots, and corporate videos, for different brands locally and internationally.

Their services encompass everything from pre-production, and filming to post-production brilliance.

2. Intelygente

Intelygente via Facebook

Our next videographer in Bogotá is Intelygente. They’re a team that focuses on creating and nurturing brand identities.

They see themselves as a branding agency as much as an audiovisual production company. It’s for this reason that they’re a great choice for your event video content in Bogotá. In other words, they recognise that a modern brand needs content to compete.

They’re trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world too, such as Google, Intel, Chevrolet, and Exxon Mobil.And to put that in numbers, so far they’ve created 989 videos and 26,376 photos for their clients. So you can count on experience with Intelygente.

3. Coyote Rojo Films

Coyote Rojo Films via Facebook

Up next, we have Coyote Rojo, an event videographer in Bogotá. They’re a hard-working band of young creatives, who are renowned for their ingenuity and especially their expert drone work. They can cover everything, from advertising to product launches, and fashion shoots.

What we like about their services is the range, from low-cost short videos, through to full-scale movies with all the bells and whistles. Whatever your price range and needs are, they’ll make a customised service just for you.

4. Cabod Productions

Cabod Productions via Facebook

Our next event videographer in Bogotá is Caboda Productions, a tightly knit team with over 20 years of experience in the business. They build their crew carefully, with an emphasis on human interaction and cultural fit.

Their videos are sleek and will have been seen by everyone in Columbia, and many more internationally. They have a huge portfolio covering huge brands and they do events too.

And after they’ve sculpted you the perfect event video content in Bogotá, your relationship with Cabod Productions doesn’t have to end there. They also offer digital marketing, web design, and graphic design services as well!

5. Juanda Films

Juanda Films via Facebook

The final videographer in Bogotá we’ll be focussing on today is Juanda Films. From dramatic Film Noir pictures to vibrant music videos and live event coverage, it’s a complete service from pre-production, where Juan uses his art to tell your brand’s story.

Juanda is an interesting choice for your event video content in Bogotá for those who want to utilise nostalgia and the vintage aesthetic for their brand. Juanda has an expertise in traditional film cameras, so say so you have a retro-styled product launch, this could the perfect videographer in Bogotá for you!

And as well as romantic film techniques of the past, Juanda can give you the best of the modern world too, with the likes of exciting drone productions at your service.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap, folks. We hope you’ve found your perfect event videographer in Bogotá. But before you go, take a second to learn why you should hire a production company for your events. The best way to take your events to the next level!

And as we said, we’re corporate event space experts. So if you’re looking for a cool venue in Bogotá, then make sure to have a look at our amazing selection. Alternatively, just tell one of our local experts what you’re looking for and they’ll come back to you with a personalised selection for you to choose from.

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