The Best Areas in Bogotá For Hosting Events

07 June 2022
07 June 2022
The Best Areas in Bogotá For Hosting Events

If you’re interested in learning about the different areas in Bogotá, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sure, this article might be from an event planner’s perspective, but this guide is for everyone interested in learning more about Columbia’s capital.

Each of the areas of Bogotá has its own unique voice, and you’re about to become well educated in just how and why.

And generally speaking about event planning, It’s not just the nature, content, and venue that make an event what it is. The area in which you host it also matters. So read on and find out which district in Bogotá is perfect for you!


The first district in Bogotá we’ll be looking at today is Chico. It’s an area that is affluent, and walkable, filled with green space. However, at the same time, it has its share of quality nightlife.

It’s famous for its sports bars on el Parque 93, as well as a bar and restaurant scene that is laid back, with an authentic local flavour.

The Park 93 is a magnificent outdoor location and is home to many of the city’s favourite celebrations, festivals, and art . And as affluent as this area is, it can be very affordable. So if you are looking for a real slice of local life in your event, then you’ll love Chico!

Distrito Financiero

The next area of Bogotá we’ll be covering is the Distrito Financiero – the finance district. This location isn’t popular with conventional tourists due to the lack of nightlife or attractions.

However, it’s perfect for business travellers and for members of the MICE industry. There is an abundance of quality and versatile corporate event spaces.

Plus, the hotels in this Bogotá neighbourhood are the pinnacle of luxury. The tall glass skyscrapers let you know you’re in a city that takes business seriously, and moreover, they offer stunning views of the city.

And as an added incentive to host your event here, it hosts one of the TransMilenio bus hubs here, making it easy to traverse the city. And with famed nightlife areas like La Zona Rosa just a few miles away, your luxury stay in the financial district will be convenient too.

La Zona Rosa

And speaking of La Zona Rosa, it just happens to be the next area in Bogotá we’re discussing!

Interestingly, it’s quite common for South American to name their nightlife neighbourhoods. This isn’t a tourist trap either, this is where the locals like to go and party too!

This area of Bogotá is perfect for hosting private dining events, after-work parties, and receptions.

As for the vibe here, there is certainly a consmopoloton feels to the place. Indeed, it’s one of the more cultural diverse areas in Bogotá, with local restaurants showcasing cuisine from France, Mexico, and more.

But more than just cosmopolitan, it caters to the well-heeled visitor too, with a burgeoning scene of upmarket designer stores and shopping malls. And finally, make sure to visit the highly manicured parks, and the Museo El Chicó.


This next area of Bogotá is one for the upstarts, start-ups, creatives, and the edgy. It’s Chaperino. So if that sounds like your company or your event, listen up.

Here you’ll see Bogotá’s bohemian side in full flow. It’s a diverse urban area, full of art, vegetarian and organic bistros, independent fashion boutiques, dive bars, casual gastro bars, and a thriving music scene.

Interestingly, Chaperino is one of the largest areas in Bogotá and is actually home to Zone de la Rosa and Chico. However, there is more to Chaperino

Take the iconic Zona G: the culinary heart of the cities fine dining scene for example. Or how about Quinta Camacho, the commercial and residential area, where you’ll find gorgeous English red brick houses and tree-filled streets.

La Candelaria

The next area in Bogotá you need to consider for your next corporate event isLa Candelaria.

This is the perfect location if you want to show your guests the most famous cultural and historical landmarks the city has to offer.

You have some of the most exciting cultural spots from Plaza Bolívar – Columbia’s national hero – to the fantastic Gold Museum. And if you want to see the rest of the city, take the charming cable cars to the iconic Monserrate for some panoramic views.

What’s more, this is a place where you can stay, eat, and host events on a budget. So if you’re a start-up looking to host a cool workshop, or a company looking to host an accessible event, then this is the right area of Bogotá for you!


To the north of La Candelaria, you have the Bogotá neighbourhood of Tuesaqiullo. This location is quieter than the other Bogotá districts we’ve shared with you so far. A traditional area, with a lovely blend of architectural heritage, beautiful green spaces, and first-class sports facilities.

Teusaquillo is generally a middle-class area, developed in the early 20th-century, featuring iconic tree-lined streets and Tudor-style homes.

If your event has a cultural tone to it then this could be the right area in Bogotá for you. It’s famed for its independent theatres, museums, and artistic hubs. The city’s main football stadium is here, as well as the largest swimming pool complex in South America, and a whole host of other sports complexes.

One of the area’s key fixtures is Simón Bolívar Park. It’s a superb place for festivals, outdoor events and a good old leisurely stroll. Plus, the rest of the city is easily accessible from Teusaquillo via bus or uber.


Our final of our Bogotá districts is Usaquén. If you’re looking for somewhere that is tranquil and picturesque for your next event in Colombia, then this is the place for you.

You’ll find it in the north of the city, sitting cosy in the foothill of the eastern mountains. It has a distinctive colonial look because it was formerly a village that got swallowed by the growth of the city. It has retained all its village and historical charm while incorporating the benefits of city life.

It’s worth hosting an event here just to live in amongst the historical Spanish architecture that fills the narrow cobblestones streets and hidden among the little hills of Usaquén you’ll find further gems like cosy plazas and centuries-old churches.

It’s not a museum though, there is still a rhythm and vibrancy to life here, from the flea markets to the gastronomic cafes and street performers.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to the coolest hackathon venues in Bogotá. We hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen.

If you’re hungry for more, we’ve got much more where these beauties came from! Just follow this link to see the rest of our venues in Bogotá.

And before you go, here’s one piece of expert advice you really need to read: Our 32 unique ideas for branded event merchandise. Because every great hackathon in Bogotá needs great event swag!

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