The Ultimate Guide to Event Entertainment in Bogotá

19 July 2022
19 July 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Event Entertainment in Bogotá

Hello fellow event planners, and welcome to our guide to event entertainment ideas. It’s a booming part of the mice industry.

After all, the modern attendee won’t accept boring corporate events anymore, and why should they?

You need to give them a real experience. And today we’re going to outline our favourite tips for event entertainment in Bogotá. However, these are actionable tips for anywhere, not just in Colombia!

For starters, before you book a single thing, we have our three rules:

Know Your Audience

Decide if Your Corporate Entertainment Needs to Relate to Your Theme

Know Your Budget (And N.B. if you’re looking to save even more money while keeping people entertained, deploy some of these creative ice breakers for conference networking. They’re great fun!)

Live Event Entertainment Ideas for Bogotá

Music: So our first idea for live event entertainment is a simple one: music. Music has been making our lives better for millennia. It’s a powerful thing. It’s especially good to have at after-work events, receptions, and networking events.

And of course, hosting an event in Bogotá means you’ll have a rich musical culture for you to dive in. From traditional Latin music to contemporary DJs, whatever you like. If you’re not sure where to start, just speak to one of our local experts. Their knowledge of event entertainment in Bogotá will lead you to your perfect musical performers.

Comedy: Comedy is always a good choice for corporate entertainment, especially at receptions and fundraising events. A good stand-up comedian can turn even the driest occasion into a memorable one.

Dancing: One thing we would always recommend when it comes to event entertainment in Bogotá is that your attendees don’t have to be viewers, they can be participants. So why not book a traditional Latin dance class with Travel Raising?

Magic: Now for some live event entertainment that might be old-fashioned, but is always a crowd favourite: magic. It’s wholesome, and perfect for events that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Immersive Entertainment Ideas

Escape Rooms: One of the hottest team-building trends in the last decade has been escape rooms. We love them. Intricate plot lines, cinematic set designs, and cool problems solving puzzles, what’s not to like?

If this sounds like something your guests would like, then you can collaborate with Escape Room Colombia. They can take their work to your event in Barcelona – or offer their services virtually – and set up their challenges on-site for your guests’ pleasure!

VR: Another activity that has really taken off has been Virtual Reality technology. It’s great for gaming, training, and for connecting virtual and in-person attendees. And best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just reach out to Bogota Virtual Room.

Gaming: And on the point of VR, gaming is always a useful thing to have in your breakout rooms, especially during hackathons or intense workshop sessions.

It’s relatively inexpensive, and it’s highly accessible. Any two coworkers or strangers can pick up controllers and have a good time, network, and build solid relationships.

To learn more about why gaming team-building can improve your event in Barcelona, read this interview with our friends at Splitscreen.

Cooking and Eating; Drinking and Cocktail Making: As you might know, Colombia has a rich heritage of fantastic food. So make sure you give your guests a taste of local life by organising some stunning local food and coffee for them.

There are lots of different directions you can go with this, from authentic coffee tasting experiences to hands-on cooking workshops.

If this is the kind of event entertainment in Bogotá you’ve been looking for, then reach out to Colombia Cooking Experience. They do super fun cooking competitions for all skill levels.

Theme Related Corporate Entertainment

Quiz: A quiz is fantastic for engagement. They intrinsically demand attention, and moreover, they’re just fun!

And as well as being great for networking, they can be great for disseminating your core messages – or perhaps that of your sponsors.

Expert Talk: One thing that always raises attendee numbers is relevant and interesting expert talkers. People want to learn and experience something they can’t learn on google.

So if you can offer your guests actionable and inspirational advice, then your event in Bogotá will always pull in more numbers.

Choosing the right people is easier said than done, of course. But a solid place to start is by contacting conference speakers agencies like AEE Speakers, who operate in Barcelona, or simply ask one of our local experts!

Workshop: In a similar vein, a workshop is an excellent side event that will have attendees flocking in. Hands-on experience is something that your attendees can’t readily google, it’s something unique to your event.

So whatever your field or your theme – and this is where knowing your audience comes in really handy – if you can offer something that will be meaningful for their life, you’re onto a winner.

For example, if you’re running a tech event, you could run an ethical hacking course with The Knowledge Academy. The possibilities and the fun is truly endless.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap for our guide to event entertainment ideas. This edition had a particular nod towards event entertainment in Bogotá, sure. But you’ll have to agree, the advice above can be actioned anywhere in the world!

But before you go booking your corporate entertainment, have you booked your venue? If not, just check out our selection of venues in Bogotá. We’ve got a stunning selection that covers any event type.

And while we’re here, if you want to take your planning to the next level, look at why you should hire a production company for your virtual events.

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