10 Fun Ideas For Team Activities in Brussels

03 November 2021
03 November 2021
10 Fun Ideas For Team Activities in Brussels

The very fact that you’ve searched for and found this article leads us to believe your colleagues are in for a treat! 1 of these 10 fun ideas for team activities in Brussels is destined to be a pleasant surprise for your hard workers!

There are many different reasons for organising a team-building activity. From building stronger relationships between colleagues to developing essential skills. Or, just because you’ve decided your team deserves to have some fun!

We’ve made a list of our favourite team activities in Brussels here, with something for everyone. For fun, developing skills, fostering team spirit, making the world a better place, and more.

So enjoy, and remember, there’s nothing to say you can’t try more than one, right? And as Brussels is our home town, if you need any further advice on making the most of your time here, don’t be afraid to ask. Now get to it!

1. Chocolate Workshop

If you’ve heard of Belgium, then you’ve heard of their mastery of all things chocolate. And her capital, Brussels, is also the leader in the nations chocolate culture heritage.

So much so, we’ve already written a definitive guide to the best Chocolate making classes in Brussels.

You can have tasting tours, tasting classes, and you can have workshops where you learn essential chocolate making techniques. You can even have all three experiences rolled into one.

2. Beer Tasting Workshop

Brussels Beer Project – Danseart via Facebook

Another fundamental part of Belgium’s cultural heritage is its extraordinary beer. Brussels itself not only has a plethora of bars in which to discover it, but it’s a hot spot for brewing too.

You can go on tours, and you can learn how to taste, and you can even learn how to make your own beer or even all of the above! Considering its importance, we have compiled a definitive guide to Beer tasting workshops in Brussels as well as for chocolate.

3. Koezio

Koezio via Discovery

The saddest thing about growing up is you don’t get to run around in play areas anymore. But in Brussels, you can still cling on to the madness of your youth.

Introducing, Koezio. It’s a brooding and imposing atmosphere. It’s a dark motif dramatically lit by subtle neon lighting, finished with funky industrial and nuclear-themed decor. There’s even ball pits, people! This obstacle course is an exhilarating ride for teams with four districts to master!

Their bar and restaurant is a treasure trove of deep-fried snacks and grilled treats. There is also tapas, antipasti, dinner, lunch, and all the aperitifs you could want!

They also have lounge spaces where you can host brainstorming sessions, workshops, or breakout sessions in between the fun, eating and drinking.

4. Wannapplay

Wannapplay via VisitBrussels

Wannapplay is a charming expansion experience to make your meetings, workshops, seminars and brainstorming sessions in Brussels more exciting.

It’s a concept that makes a lot of sense. Kill two birds with one stone by combining work time with playtime. In short, conducting a productive work session with effective team building really is the dream.

Wannapplay offers you about 20 innovative concepts dedicated to improving team communication. From urban rallies to escape games, they can accommodate up to 150 people! They can come as stand-alone events or as part of your daily work activities. It’s a customisable and effective service that helps you get to know the city.

But don’t just take our word for it. Wannapplay won an award from the Brussels Enterprise Agency (HUB.brussels) in 2019 for its high-quality product.

5. Splitscreen

 Plitcreen X
Splitscreen via Splitscreen

A great way to blow of steam and connect during long hard-working days is through social gaming. That’s why we love working with Splitscreen.

Splitscreen is the social and wholesome face of team building gaming activities. They don’t want to blow you away with new VR stuff. They offer you nostalgic games and honest experiences. They provide a personal experience and customise your gaming set up to your needs at your place.

If you want to learn more about the story of three young entrepreneurs, their story, and how their team building worlds are, you can read our Splitscreen here.

6. Ecco La Luna

Chocolade Atomium
Ecco La Luna via Eccolaluna

Ecco La Luna is an excellent choice for a team-building activity because their workshops are Brussels specific. They want you to get to know the city. These aren’t generic games you can find anywhere else. For example, take a look at what they have to offer:

Uncrack the Code: Obtain the key to open the safe via various challenges spread throughout the city.

City Explorer: Knew-whats via an interactive city game.

Spy School: Bring out the spy in you and sharpen your detective skills.

Forest Explorer: Discover beautiful forest areas such as the Ter Kamerenbos in a fun way.

Metro Explorer: Go on a treasure hunt in the underground network of Brussels.

Sablon & Marolles: Discover these two different and diverse neighbourhoods playfully.

Thousand ‘Ketjes’ & Comics: Get to know Brussels through comics.

Chocolate workshop: Make your very own Atomium in chocolate.

So if you’re looking for originality and a feel for local life, this is a slice of fun your team will love! There’s no pretence about skill-building or anything like that. It’s just a pleasant experience for the sake of it!

7. Green Cottage

Green Cottage via Booking

Nature is soothing. There’s something about the idyllic experience of nature that soothes the cynicism that city life causes us.

With Green Cottage, you and your team can escape the city and revel in nature together. Surrounded by majestic landscapes, you can indulge in archery, clay pigeon shooting, sheep walking, fire walking, bespoke picnic experiences, horse-drawn carriage riding, and much more!

Plus, they have residential options to make it a long weekend, not just a flying visit!

8. Urban Farming

Le Champignon de Bruxelles via lechampignondebruxelles

In the same vein as Green Cottage, how about the joy of nature but in the heart of the city?

There is an array of hands-on farming workshops in Brussels where you can learn practical techniques and make a lasting impact. There are some incredibly unique opportunities from learning how to make mushrooms from food waste to indoor vertical farming!

For a more comprehensive overview, read out guide on Urban farming: a unique team-building activity in Brussels.

9. Les Balades De Bruxelles

Do you want to get to know the city like the locals know it? Best of all, do you want to do it for free, all the while getting your daily amount of steps in? Then we can’t recommend Les Balades De Bruxelles enough.

Balades is the project of three friends, who all love a good walk. They’ve made superb routes, with stunning illustrated maps, then each shows a unique side of the city. What’s more, their tours are designed to be downloaded for free and easy to use.

The maps themselves are beautiful works of art and highlight points of interest and cool bars to stop by so you can break up the journey with treasured bars and eateries the locals love.

If you want to learn more about this group of friends journey and why they’re so passionate about it, you can read our interview with Charlotte – Balades de Bruxelles co-founder – right here.

10. Brussels Virtual Room

Brussels Virtual Room via Virtual-room

Alas, this is our final team-building activity in Brussels. But we’re leaving you with a beauty, Brussels Virtual Room!

What they’ve done is combine virtual gaming, escape gaming, and cinema. It’s a unique virtual adventure that inspires reflection, communication, and team spirit!

Their missions include wide-ranging themes such as time travel and the zombie apocalypse. What’s more, if you don’t want to go to them, they can bring the experience right to you!

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap from us today – our favourite ideas for team activities in Brussels. We hope you like what you’ve seen.

If you have found the perfect idea but do not need the venue, you can check out our workshop rooms in Brussels here. We have every style and size, all unique in their own right!

And one final bit of advice is food. Make sure you check out these food trucks for hire in Brussels for your next event.

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