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Brussels. The waffle-loving, comic-book-indulging, and chocolate-embracing capital of Belgium. Event planners love it for another reason, though. The event venues. So, welcome - one and all - to our guide to event venues in Brussels, where we’ll explore the architectural gems in Brussels with picturesque settings and venues that boast the city’s innovation and flair. Let’s get started.

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A Guide to Event Venues in Brussels

1. Navigate the Different Styles of Venues in Brussels

There’s no dearth of popular venues in Brussels, and no matter what your tastes are or what kind of event you’re planning, you can rest assured that Brussels will have an event venue for you. We’ve listed some of the different types of event venues you’ll find in Brussels below:

  • Grand Palaces, Serene Chapels, and Stately Mansions: If you love opulence you’ll find plenty of venues for your corporate event in Brussels. There are several majestic palaces, serene chapels, and stately mansions that have been restored to event venues in recent times. 
  • Modern and Contemporary Event Venues: For those seeking modernity with a touch of urban flair, you’ll find a selection of chic and contemporary venues for business events in Brussels. The modern venues in Brussels often boast cutting-edge facilities and versatility to suit any event concept.


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  • Regal Castle for Events in Brussels: The city has a fairytale charm, and it shows in its event venues! These historical castles offer a magical backdrop for events in Brussels. Not only do they look great, but they’re also usually surrounded by lush gardens and picturesque landscapes that will transport your event attendees to a bygone era full of romance and charm.
  • Artistic Galleries and Museums: We did tell you that the event spaces in Brussels are varied, didn’t we? You can add a creative edge to your event by choosing one of the city’s artistic galleries or museums for your venue. 
  • Unique Event Venues with a Twist: You’ll be absolutely delighted to know that you’ll find a collection of unique and quirky spaces for business events in Brussels. These are not only offbeat but will also add a distinctive charm to your events.
  • Outdoor Venues for Events in Brussels: If you prefer the great outdoors, you’ll love the event venues set in one of the city’s picturesque parks or gardens. These are ideal for picnics, workshops, and eco-friendly events since most of these event spaces offer a refreshing and tranquil ambience.


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  • Conference Centres and Convention Halls: Lastly, you’ll find venues for corporate events in Brussels which are also well-equipped with state-of-the-art conference centres and convention halls, perfect for large-scale events and international conferences. These modern facilities come with top-notch amenities, technology, and logistical support to ensure your event runs seamlessly.

2. The Types of Popular Venues in Brussels

Corporate events in Brussels can be so distinctly different but fret not. We’ve got an event venue for every kind of event you can imagine!

  • Meetings: Board meetings, creative meetings, kick-off meetings, sales meetings, client meetings, all-hands meetings, and just about every type of meeting you can think of.
  • Conferences: Brussels loves a good conference, and its venues can service conventions, trade shows, summits, panel discussions, and more.

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  • Workshops: There’s a venue in Brussels that can work for every kind of workshop. From hackathons to coaching sessions to seminars, training sessions, and focus groups. Just name it! 
  • Brainstorming: Gear up your team for some creative group discussions, fishbowl sessions, group thinking sessions, and more.
  • Photoshoots: Lights, cameras, action! Brussels has event venues for product shoots, brand launches, commercials, fashion shoots, and promotional photography. 

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  • Film shoots: And if you’d like to take your photo shoots to the next level, there are plenty of event spaces for film shoots in the city as well.
  • After-work: Work hard and party harder in Brussels. You’ll find many event venues for cocktail parties, happy hours, receptions, celebrations, and networking events.
  • Private Dining: Set the stage for a meal to remember with event venues for business lunches, banquets, galas, pop-up experiences, and group dining events in Brussels.
  • Outdoor: Terraces, rooftops, food festivals, garden parties, screenings, retreats, and more- you name it, and you’ll find it in Brussels.

3. The Size and Capacity of Business Event Venues in Brussels

You’ll find that spaces for business events in Brussels are extremely versatile. There are small event venues for intimate gatherings of just 4 guests, as well as large and spacious event venues that can host a gathering of well over 2000 guests. Here’s a broad outline to give you an idea of what’s out there:

  • Meeting Rooms: Approximately 4 to 550 pax
  • Conference Halls: Approximately 16 to 1500 attendees
  • Workshop Rooms: Approximately 4 to 500 pax
  • Brainstorming Rooms: Approximately 4 to 550 people
  • Outdoor Venues: Approximately 12 to 768  guests
  • Private Dining Venues: Approximately 10 to 2000  pax
  • After-Work Venues: Approximately 25 to 650  guests

All you need to do is let our local experts know what you’re looking for, and they’ll be able to find you something that suits your requirements.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Corporate Event Venue in Brussels?

There’s really no hard and fast rule on how much it costs to hire a venue for an event in Brussels. This can vary greatly depending on many factors.

However, to help you plan your budget when looking for an event space in Brussels, keep in mind that the general ballpark for our event venues starts between 35 Euros an hour but can go up to even 460 Euros an hour based on the above factors. Here’s a rough estimate of how the numbers vary by venue type:

  • Meeting Rooms: Approximately €30 - €547 per hour
  • Conference Halls: Approximately €18 - €547 per hour
  • Workshop Rooms: Approximately €18 - €547  per hour
  • Brainstorming Rooms: Approximately €18 - €547 per hour
  • Outdoor Venues: Approximately €70 - €547 per hour
  • Private Dining Venues: €35 - €547 per hour
  • After-Works Venues: €50 - €3125 per hour

5. The Best Areas to Find Spaces for Business Events in Brussels

Brussels is a fantastic city to host events, and you’ll be spoilt for choices in the areas with venues for corporate events in Brussels. Each neighbourhood in Brussels has its own unique charm and advantages that work for different preferences and event requirements. Here are a few we think are worth checking out:

  1. European Quarter: This area is a natural choice for business events due to its proximity to EU institutions and major international organisations. Here, you'll find a plethora of conference centres, hotels with meeting facilities, and modern event spaces. The area's strategic location and excellent transportation connections make it a convenient choice for hosting events that involve government or EU-related activities.
  2. Dansaert District: For a more contemporary and artistic vibe, the Dansaert District is an excellent option. This trendy area is home to modern event spaces, art galleries, and design-focused venues. If you're looking to infuse creativity and innovation into your event, this neighbourhood's urban flair will be perfect for you.
  3. Avenue Louise: This chic area is known for its upscale shopping, dining, and elegant architecture. Also known as Louise Avenue, this neighbourhood offers a mix of luxury hotels with top-notch event facilities and stylish event spaces suitable for medium to large-scale business events. The trendy atmosphere and proximity to some of the city's best amenities make it an appealing choice for hosting conferences and corporate functions.
  4. Sablon: If you’re looking for another sophisticated and upscale area, Sablon should be on your radar. It’s the ideal choice for more exclusive and high-end business events. It boasts a variety of chic venues, including art galleries, historic mansions, and elegant event spaces. Sablon's charming cobblestone streets and luxurious ambience create a refined backdrop for networking receptions, product launches, and upscale corporate gatherings.
  5. Ixelles (Elsene): For more budget-friendly venues, the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of Ixelles is just the place to look at. From small and intimate meeting rooms to larger conference venues, you'll find a variety of options here. The neighbourhood's multicultural atmosphere and accessibility make it a popular choice for a wide range of business events.

6. Bonus Reading to Elevate Your Event in Brussels

There’s a lot you can do to give your event attendees an unforgettable experience during their time in the city. Here are some of our suggestions.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we’ve reached the end of our Brussels city guide. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tiny tour through the event venues in Brussels with us.

We’ve covered the styles of corporate venues in Brussels, their sizes, the types of venues, and more. So what’s next, you ask? 

Well, the next step is to start getting your event in gear by making your bookings. You can do this solo by choosing a venue and using our intuitive booking system to put your event together. Alternatively, you can go the easier way and piece your entire event together in one place with Eventflare.

Now, let’s get this show on the road and start booking. Cheers!

A Guide to Event Venues in Brussels
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FAQ for Venues in Brussels

What is the best time of year to host an event in Brussels?

To be honest, every season in Brussels has its own charm, and it can be hard to pick just one season to host your event here. When you choose to host your event would depend on several factors, such as the nature of your event and the type of experience you want your attendees to have.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, we would suggest either Spring or Summer - March to May or June to August - this is when the weather is at its best behaviour, and you can take complete advantage of it.

For indoor events, any time of the year works well since the city in winter also has its own charm!

What are the cancellation policies for corporate venues for hire in Brussels?

This really depends from venue to venue since different event venues have their own cancellation policies, but it’s good to remember that the closer to your event date you cancel, the less money you’re likely to get as a refund. In fact, most venues are non-refundable if you cancel at the last minute (this is usually 48 hours before your booking date).

What languages are spoken in Brussels?

Dutch and French are the official languages of Brussels, although you’ll find many locals speaking a unique dialect called Brusseleir which is a mix of both Dutch and French.

If you speak neither of these languages, don’t worry. English is also widely spoken throughout the city, especially in tourist areas and at event venues and corporate spaces in Brussels.

What permits and regulations do I need to consider for hosting an event in Brussels?

There are several permits you need to obtain from local authorities before your event to ensure a smooth-sailing experience for you and your guests. These include an event authorisation permit that permits you to host your event in the city.

The other permits you require include a public assembly permit, a noise and sound permit, a food and beverage permit, an alcohol permit (if you’re planning to serve alcohol), a parking and traffic permit, and insurance.

The number of permits you need will also depend on the nature of your event and the number of guests that will be attending. If you’re in doubt, it’s best to check with the local authorities well before your event date.

Are there any cultural etiquettes or customs to be mindful of when hosting a corporate event in Brussels?

When hosting a corporate event in Brussels, cultural etiquette and customs play a crucial role in creating a positive and respectful atmosphere. As a bilingual city, it's essential to acknowledge and show respect for both French and Dutch languages in your event materials and interactions.

Punctuality is also highly valued in Belgian culture, so starting and ending the event on time is essential. Dressing in business attire, especially for formal events, is expected. While gift-giving is not mandatory, if you choose to present gifts, it's thoughtful to consider local Belgian products.

Where can I hire event photographers for my event in Brussels?

Like most European countries, Brussels has an excellent variety of event photographers that can capture the memorable moments from your event. If you’re unsure where to start, you can check out the portfolios of popular event photographers online or hire them through local directories or even event planning agencies.

Some venues will also be able to recommend event photographers to you. To get a headstart, we recommend checking out these top photographers working in Brussels.

Is tipping part of the culture in Brussels?

Yes, tipping is part of the culture in Brussels, as it is in the rest of Belgium. However, it is not as common or expected as it might be in some other countries. In Belgium, a service charge is often included in the bill at restaurants and bars, and this fee is intended to cover tips for the staff.

If you receive excellent service and want to show appreciation, leaving a small tip is always a nice gesture, but it is not obligatory. In general, Belgians tend to round up the bill or leave a few extra euros as a tip. For example, if the bill is €48, it is common to leave €50 and consider the extra €2 as a tip.

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