6 Best Alternative Venues in Brussels

by Akshayaa RaniM,  18 January 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 18 January 2024
6 Best Alternative Venues in Brussels

Hello, event planners! Ready to plan a truly distinctive event in the heart of Brussels? Brace yourself for a journey into a realm where the conventional takes a back seat and innovation reigns supreme. As the bustling capital of Belgium, Brussels isn’t just a city—it’s a mosaic of alternative venues, each more unique than the last, allowing you to break free from the ordinary.

As a city with an undeniably international flair, Brussels is the ideal host for large volume of diverse events due to its accommodating atmosphere. Nestled in the nexus of European diplomacy, this dynamic metropolis doesn’t merely host events; it stages experiences that linger in attendees' minds long after the curtains close.

Dive into a cityscape where traditional event spaces are reimagined into extraordinary settings. From repurposed buildings adorned with contemporary furnishings to stunning vessels transformed into a modern space with a twist, Brussels offers an eclectic array of alternative venues that cater to the avant-garde spirit of event planning.

The charm of these alternative venues lies not only in their aesthetics but in the stories they tell. Brussels, with its rich cultural history, cutting-edge transportation system, and epicurean landscape to tantalise one’s taste buds, allows you to curate experiences that leave your guests mesmerised. Whether it’s an intimate soiree in a hidden gem tucked away in the city centre or a grand affair in a cultural institution, Brussels’ alternative venues are as diverse as the events they host.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into our guide to the top six alternative venues in Brussels to host your next event. We promise you will step beyond the expected and into the extraordinary as you explore our thoughtfully curated list. Welcome to Brussels, where the unconventional is not just embraced—it’s celebrated.

1. Unique Alternative Event Space in Brussels with Excellent Accessibility

Unique Alternative Event Spaces Brussels with Excellent Accessibility via Eventflare.jpg
Unique Alternative Event Spaces Brussels with Excellent Accessibility via Eventflare

Discover one of the prime alternative venues in Brussels, offering a unique blend of central location and stunning furnishings that exude chic elegance. Nestled adjacent to the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Parlamentarium, this unique event venue is easily accessible through excellent transport connections.

Conceived by the acclaimed Belgian architect Lionel Jadot, the perfect event venue sparks creativity and is equipped to foster collective intelligence, promising the utmost comfort and well-being for your guests.

Capacity-wise, this unique event venue can gracefully fit up to 200 standing guests and 105 in a theatre-style arrangement. To ensure your occasion runs smoothly, the event venue provides state-of-the-art amenities, including air conditioning, WiFi, video equipment, screen, and projector.

Ready to host your next event at this bright, modern, and versatile venue? Get in touch with us now!

2. Stunning Alternative Event Location in Brussels with an Oceanic Theme

Stunning Alternative Event Locations Brussels with an Oceanic Theme via Eventflare.webp
Stunning Alternative Event Locations Brussels with an Oceanic Theme via Eventflare

Dive into a sea of creativity at this innovative Oceanic-Themed Venue in Brussels via Eventflare. Situated conveniently near Le Châtelain, this unique event spot sets the stage with its eclectic interiors and posh furniture. We guarantee that your guests will be nothing short of amazed!

With the capacity to host up to 100 attendees, the suitable venue is ideal for mid-sized conferences, informative presentations, and seminars.

In terms of facilities, the space offers essential amenities such as a flipchart, a stable WiFi connection, a projector, and solid video conferencing systems. To ensure your event runs with no hiccups, a fully-equipped kitchen and IT support are readily available.

If you’re organising a full-day event, catering services are available upon request to provide the perfect gastronomic complement to your occasion. Intrigued by the sound of waves in the heart of Brussels? Reach out to us for further details.

3. Special Alternative Event Spot in Brussels Housed in a Barbershop

Special Alternative Event Spots Brussels Housed in a Barbershop via Eventflare.webp
Special Alternative Event Spots Brussels Housed in a Barbershop via Eventflare

Looking for a venue that truly stands out? Step into the unconventional charm of this stylish venue - an exclusive barbershop nestled in the heart of Brussels to host your occasion.

Centrally located, this event venue offers an exciting backdrop for varied events, from captivating product launches to creative meetings and intimate gatherings.

Accommodating up to 50 standing guests, the space exudes a classic vibe with its brick walls, wooden flooring, and avant-garde portraits adorning the walls, which will impress your guests.

Bonus perks include on-site staff support, WiFi, and a bar that adds to the uniqueness of your event. Should you desire bespoke services such as gourmet catering or on-the-spot haircuts, simply let us know, and we’ll curate an experience like never before. Kickstart your event planning today with us!

4. Unique Venue in Brussels with Tropical Look

Unique Venues Brussels With Tropical Look via Eventflare.webp
Unique Venues Brussels With Tropical Look via Eventflare

Embark on an extraordinary event journey at this unique passenger ship, a truly standout alternative venue. Available via Eventflare, the event venue boasts a spacious downstairs area and an enchanting tropical-themed upstairs parlour, offering a refreshing divergence from traditional event locales. The double outer deck also allows guests to bask in awe-inspiring sunsets and city views during the summer months.

Perfect for private product launches, elegant cocktail receptions, and grand festive celebrations, this versatile event venue comfortably accommodates up to 170 guests at one time.

Amenities-wise, the ship comes equipped with a bar, sound equipment, and furniture, ensuring your event planning runs in a breeze. Need catering services? Fret not; just let us know, and we will make it happen. Ready to elevate your event in Brussels to new heights? Contact us today for more information!

5. Radiant Unique Event Space in Brussels with a Glass Wall

Radiant Unique Unique Event Spaces Brussels with a Glass Wall via Eventflare.webp
Radiant Unique Unique Event Spaces Brussels with a Glass Wall via Eventflare

Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Brussels - an event venue that cleverly marries 18th-century charm with modern sophistication. Housed within a luxuriously restored former hotel, this elegant venue is a testament to the grandeur of its past while providing all the present facilities.

But what sets this remarkable space apart is its expansive glass wall, seamlessly blending the allure of the outdoors with the luxurious comfort of an indoor setting, providing your guests with an unmatched experience.

Imagine hosting your event beneath the grandeur of its majestic glass atrium, offering your guests unparalleled views of the Royal Palace and its idyllic gardens.

Whether it's an intimate seated dinner for 100, a lively cocktail reception for 200, or an empowering conference, this venue seamlessly adapts to your different needs.

As for the facilities offered, enjoy top-tier AV equipment and super-fast WiFi, all designed to create an event that's as engaging as it is unforgettable. Don't just host an event - create enduring memories with Eventflare. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

6. Bright Unique Event Location in Brussels with Vibrant Interiors

Bright Unique Event Locations Brussels with Vibrant Interiors via Eventflare.webp
Bright Unique Event Locations Brussels with Vibrant Interiors via Eventflare

Step into an inspiring realm of creativity and innovation at this one-of-a-kind event venue in Brussels, just a stone's throw from the North Station. Its unconventional and vibrant interiors, coupled with an inviting atmosphere, are designed to stir the imagination and spur dynamic engagement among attendees.

Capable of accommodating 70 guests, this avant-garde space is the perfect setting for after-work gatherings, conferences, creative workshops, and receptions.

A plethora of amenities, including high-speed WiFi, cutting-edge video conferencing systems, a fully-equipped kitchen, and on-demand IT support, are at your disposal to ensure a seamless event experience. With bespoke catering services, every aspect of your event is covered.

This chic and contemporary venue is not just a place but a remarkable backdrop where ideas thrive, and memories are forged. Fancy this venue as much as we do? Reach out to us today to learn more.

Wrapping Up

And just like that, we have come to the end of our list of alternative venues in Brussels to host your event. It’s time to step out of the conventional venue and try hosting your event at one of these spaces instead.

Thinking of exploring other venues in Brussels? Check them out on our platform.

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