5 Cool Hackathon Venues in Brussels

12 March 2021
12 March 2021
5 Cool Hackathon Venues in Brussels

We’re big fans of events with activities. And no corporate event has such an intrinsically competitive activity as the hackathon.

A hackathon is a competitive event that can take the form of a marathon or sprint. It involves computer programmers, software engineers and related professionals/students collaborating and/or competing on software projects.

It’s one of the hottest event trends of the new computer age and can help make a name for up and coming tech companies.

We’re about to embark on a guide to the coolest hackathon venues in Brussels. Now let’s go!

1) Old Brewery Space for Events 
Old Brewery Space for Events
Old Brewery Space for Events via Eventflare

Our first stop on our hacking journey is this old brewery space.

The red brick walls lend the room a feeling of warmth. Three large holes across the floor add character by marking where brewing vats once worked.

It’s staged over three floors, giving you over 950m of space! That means you can invite up to 850 participants for a standing event, 130 in a theatre seating layout, and 80 in a classroom layout.

Additionally, services for your technical crew, hostesses, security, and specific furniture are available if needed.

2) Conference Room in Former Textile Factory 
Conference Room in Former Textile Factory
Conference Room in Former Textile Factory via Eventflare

Let’s continue with the theme of repurposing industrial buildings into modern event venues. Our next hackathon venue in Brussels is this former textile factory.

Overwhelm your guests with the venue’s extremely tall atrium, where all its many floors look out onto. It’s topped with a glass roof too.

Within a monumental architectural space, there’s a standing capacity of 250, four screening areas, a stage, a speaker booth, and a sound system.

3) Old Industrial Laundry Factory 
Old Industrial Laundry Factory via Eventflare

This old laundry factory may not seem like a bustling tech centre for a hackathon in Brussels. But on the contrary, it’s well-prepared to play host to any event you could think of.

We love the old-fashioned and rustic aesthetic. It’s pure industrial authenticity, and that’s not something you can always rely on.

It has a capacity for 500 participants, and they’ll love exploring the venue’s nooks and crannies. Once you add your flair to it, well, that’s the cherry.

4) Spacious Venue 
Spacious Venue
Spacious Venue via Eventflare

Our penultimate hackathon venue in Brussels is this spacious venue that invokes the magic of space.

The sophisticated lighting fixtures are designed to look like stars and planets. The balcony and wall trusses are of the brutalist school and remind us of retro-futurism.

The seating can be removed for an open space, or you can add table settings; it’s customizable according to your preferences.

With a standing capacity of 800, a theatre capacity of 450, and a classroom capacity of 250, it’s quite a big place, wouldn’t you say?

What’s more, you’ll have advanced audiovisual technology, several options for catering, WiFi, and a beautifully designed VIP (or nap) room.

5) Sophisticated Reception Room 

Sophisticated Reception RoomSophisticated Reception Room via Eventflare

Like a DJ playing their last song, we’ve saved something special for our final venue. It’s a sophisticated reception room that works great as a hackathon venue.

But what makes it so sophisticated, you ask? Well, the black and white granite floor, the spectacular glass ceiling, and neon light fixtures. The lights can even change to create the perfect vibe for your event.

The reception room has up to 500m2 of space. It has a standing capacity of 980 participants and a classroom capacity of 148.

The venue can be extended with the 100m2 VIP room. Facilities and amenities also include a kitchen, flipchart, wheelchair access, WiFi, and music equipment.

Wrapping up 

So, which is your favourite hackathon venue in Brussels? If you like what you see, we’re only a click away.

Maybe you’re incentivised to turn your team into expert hackers at this point? If so, you might want to book one of our workshop venues in Brussels for a training session?

All this hacking is hard work. Keep your hackers well-nourished with some good food. Maybe bringing in one of Brussels finest catering trucks could be a good idea?

Featured image: Raw Site in an Industrial Superstructure via Eventflare

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