Cool Health and Fitness Activities in Brussels

02 December 2020
02 December 2020
Cool Health and Fitness Activities in Brussels

Trying to keep fit can be a chore. We know it, you know it, we all know it. But, I guess that means we’re all in it together.

So it doesn’t all have to be drudgery. There’s folk out there who are inventing new, fun and unique ways to stay fit and healthy.

Nowhere more so than in Brussels! If you feel like you want to explore what’s out there, we’ve put together a guide to cool health and fitness activities in Brussels. We hope you find something that’s right for you!


Fitness runner with special lights
Squad via squad

Squad is an intensive fitness club dedicated to cardio and the development of strength. Their 50min HIIT & RUN classes cater to people of all levels of fitness, and their core principles include team spirit and good leadership.

The squad gym is a minimal take on the traditional gym. You’ll get a boutique gym experience with the highest quality of machines and amenities there.

Don’t forget to check out their in-house café for pre and post-workouts. You’ll find handcrafted smoothies, healthy snacks, and refreshments plus goodies from the likes of Buddy Buddy, La Main Noire and Kriket.

CrossFit Dansaert 

Resting people after an intense crossfit
CrossFit Dansaert via facebook

CrossFit Dansaert is about doing things at your pace. No matter your level, this is a top choice if you want to look and feel great, and want a challenge.

CrossFit training will make you stronger, fitter, tougher, toned, and build muscle across a wide range of different exercises. It uses varying degrees of intensity and timing to test your body in different ways.

Pierre-Yves and his team are leading a community of CrossFitters where you’ll learn new things, and stimulate your brain and your body.

Yyoga Brussels

Yoga studio with natural elements
Yyoga Brussels via yyoga

Yyoga Brussels is the first studio of its kind in Belgium. They are moulding the ancient methods of yoga to fit the rhythms of modern life better. They offer more than 40 classes a week in a variety of styles, with a top international team of teachers.

They have a beautiful space that they’ve built to create an urban sanctuary. Yyoga Brussels believe in the principles of community, and their studio reflects that. As yoga studios go, you’ll struggle to find better. Their Urban Sanctuary even received the 2015 Brussels Retail Design Award.

The studio is a contemporary wonder, creating an environment that reflects the modernity of their urban location. They have a massive reclaimed wooden desk building on their warm and modern vibe. You can enjoy the pleasures of their zen garden from the very spacious lounge — the perfect spot to enjoy the complimentary organic tea.

Animo Studios

Interior of one of many boutique gyms in Brussels
Animo via animostudios

ANIMO Studios is the first premium, multi-studio boutique fitness space in Brussels. They strive to deliver fitness with a high-end level of hospitality service.

They’ve thought of everything you could possibly want: state of the art showers, locker rooms with full amenities, high-quality towels, organic shower products and much more.

Their classes are pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for the activities you actually do. Classes – Move, Train and Ride – include indoor cycling, strength conditioning, flow, floor pilates and barre.

You can also experience Amino from home with Alive. Alive is a digital fitness platform offering a wide range of on-demand classes across different disciplines. The classes, produced by elite trainers, work in combination with each other and are designed to require little to no equipment.

La Salle Terres Neuves 

La Salle Terres Neuves testifies that it is quite probably the first climbing gym in the world, founded in 1987 in the heart of Brussels.

Today Terres Neuves remains an institution when it comes to climbing centres. Known and much appreciated for their team, the beautiful routes, and… the bar!

Conditions are varied, from slopes, roof, slab and walls with a maximum height of 18m. The range in technical difficulty and strength varies to suit everyone who walks through the door.

Their instructors are all very passionate about what they do, and the amenities are great. With indoor parking for bikes and motorbikes, as well as good changing rooms. Did we mention the bar?


Man boxing
MANONUDA via manonuda

MANONUDA is a martial arts identity created by Gianfranco Lanucara, which provides high-quality training and lifestyle. The school offers training in different areas to cover all the aspects of combat and its various formats: self-defence for the street, kickboxing, standing and ground grappling, impact and edge weapons defence and mastery.

The school has three aims for its pupils: getting skilled, being healthy, and having fun. You only need to choose the classes you are interested in, and you’ll always be very welcome to come in for a trial class!

Apollo Swing

Couple dancing in one of many lindy hop classes in Brussels
Apollo Swing via facebook

Apollo Swing was founded in 1996 by Geneviève Vermylen and Didier Loiseau, two lovers of music and fashion of the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. It wasn’t long before Lindy Hop classes had spread across the country. From being one of the first schools to offer Lindy Hop classes, they’ve remained pioneers on the Belgian swing dancing scene.

Apollo has continued to evolve, always keeping up with the trends and goings-on of the international Lindy Hop community. They believe that one way of doing things doesn’t inspire or work for everyone; diversity, creativity and community are at the heart of what dancing is all about.

Friskis & Svettis

Trainer teaching a fitness class
Friskis & Svettis via friskissvettis

Friskis & Svettis is a sports organisation entirely run by volunteers, from the members to the instructors and everyone in between. Their energy, time, passion and skill makes Friskis & Svettis what it is today.

People enjoy volunteering because they get so much back: fun, a sense of satisfaction, social events, the friends made from all sorts of countries and backgrounds, and of course, free membership! It’s no wonder they have over 12,000 active volunteers in Europe!

Friskis offer indoor and outdoor activities, each with that unique Friskis character. For example, they have Jympa workouts at basic, medium and intense levels. It’s all the easier with the help of good music and a good instructor. Outdoor training sessions could be something as simple as a group workout or a run.

Train Dirty London

Boot camp session in Brussels
Train Dirty London via classpass

Train Dirty London is going for a purer form of exercise. If you’re not impressed by boutique gyms, this boot camp is for you.

There is no fancy equipment. Only you and the open environment. It’s designed to push your limits. Whether you’re training for something serious, or just looking to stay in shape, each session is tailored to your needs.

Regardless, the HIIT/Boot Camp sessions will leave you with a stronger, leaner and more balanced body. They are now offering their sessions in Brussels, where elite trainers will guide you through their sessions while you enjoy the beautiful city around you.

Muse of Greens

Woman posing with healthy snacks outdoor
Muse of Greens via facebook

Muse of Greens is the world of Marie de Burbure. Originally from Ghent, Marie now resides in Brussels where she leads a life dedicated to healthy food, sport & exercise, and exploring the world.

You can catch her exercise classes in Brussels every Tuesday evening. If you can’t make it to Brussels, Marie does a live work out on her Instagram every Wednesday at 6 pm. This is a fab choice for those of you looking for home workouts.

While you wait for her next class, we recommend sifting through her fantastic vegan and vegetarian dishes. We can’t get enough of these vegan chocolate cookies!

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve seen some health and fitness activities that speak to you on our list.

But remember, life is about balance. If you want a post-workout treat, why not hit one of these Brussels cocktail bars?

Featured image: La Salle Terres Neuves via terresneuves

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