Water Sport Activities Close to Brussels

20 November 2020
20 November 2020
Water Sport Activities Close to Brussels

Brussels is a premier city for beer and chocolate. But if you feel like getting into nature, we’ve put together a guide to the best water sport activities close to Brussels. Just in case. 

Wake Up Cable

Men doing water skiing tricks
Wake-Up Cable via Facebook

Wake Up Cable is Belgium’s go-to place for wakeboarding. They have locations in Antwerp and Ghent, which are both only 50 minutes from Brussels. 

With fitting equipment, safety talks, and technique lessons, it can take a long time to get out and enjoy these activities. Not at Wake-Up Cable. The instructors have you wakeboarding within minutes

They have state of the art facilities and courses for beginners to daredevils. They have six masts and nine different obstacles. 

Now, is it appropriate to laugh at a colleague falling into water in a team-building activity? No. But will it happen when you go wakeboarding? Absolutely

Afterwards, their catering partner Regatta Club & Beach are on site so you’ll be well fed and watered. There’s a lovely terrace to sit by the lake while you eat. And they have very good toilets, changing rooms and showers, so you can leave fresher than you arrived. 

Nemo 33

Dinner on the bottom of an indoor diving pool
Nemo 33 via Lonely Planet

Nemo 33 was the world’s deepest indoor diving pool for ten years! It’s now a very respectable 2nd – pretty cool, hey?

It is the brainchild of John Beernaerts, who sketched the future Nemo 33 on a table mat for a friend over dinner. The idea was to build diving conditions that would recreate the water of Bora Bora. 

They do walk in diving sessions, diving lessons, and private parties. Want to give the water sport activities a break? Try dining at the world’s first permanent underwater restaurant at their Deep Dinner

Grill Island

People enjoying a special team building, having a barbecue in the middle of a lake
Grill Island via Facebook

Grill Island is a beautifully simple idea for outdoor team building activities: a floating BBQ in the middle of a lake. 

Out on Lake Robertville, Grill Islands offers a fantastic selection of local products. You can choose from three options: classical, for gentler appetites; premium for the BBQ king and queens; and deluxe, for a feast. Each offers a range of meat with salads, bread, potatoes.

The choice of either soft drinks or something a little stronger really depends on what kind of team building you’re going for. 

Dinant Evasion

Adventure bridge in the woods of Dinant for outdoor team building activities
Dinant Evasion via dinantevasion

Dinant Evasion is a corporate team-building activities dream. They offer five distinct activity groups: kayak, adventure, cruises, visits and event. 

Dinant is impossibly beautiful. It sits on the River Meuse, behind towering cliffs, with colourful and proud old buildings. 

Discover the untouched and rugged nature by kayaking down the Lesse on a 12 or 21 km tour. 

Dinant Adventure offers something rougher: rope bridges, nature walks, laser tag, cable car, and death ride.

Or, forget that. Have a lazy day. Discover the pleasures of the valley of the High Meuse. Get comfy on one of their cruise ships, or commandeer a whisper boat for yourselves. 

Knokke Boat

Girls on a speed boat on the sea
Knokke Boat via knokkeboat

Knokke Boat is located at the port town of Zeebrugge on Belgium’s north coast.

They allow you to indulge in a need for speed. Moreover, it’s safe and family-friendly. You can board a boat with or without a captain, and they offer boating lessons. 

They also have an exclusive seal spotting activity. In collaboration with the local nature reserve, seals come right up to the boats to interact with you. 

Wrapping up 

Whether it’s high energy or as lazy as lazy gets, we’d be happy with all of these corporate team-building activities. 

Besides, it’s nice to get out of the city. And what’s more, you’ll appreciate being in Brussels all the more when you’re coming back. 

Featured image: Kayaking via fleurdebretagne

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